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Legal in Costa Rica?

Is industrial hemp growing legal in Costa Rica? Joan

House Bill 1866

Isn’t the US House bill HR 1866 in support of industrial hemp good news? Why is it not highlighted here? I’m writing a letter to all my US reps to support it.  salemguy

Legal in How Many Countries?

How many countries have legalized hemp growing? Henry

Info on Growing IH in Spain, Bolivia

Have initially 100 acres of land available to grow industrial hemp in Spain , more in Bolivia. Already working with biomass- recycling olive cuttings, olive seeds, almond seeds. Would like to know if it’s legal to grow hemp in Bolivia. Also interested everything about the market overseas. katalin Oszlanczi

Industrial Hemp Benefits – and Questions

Hemp has several undeniable benefits. The profitability of industrial hemp is somewhat up for debate considering it is not competitively priced with any of it’s alternatives (ie cotton, tree paper, plastic, etc). They say it’s because it’s all imported and in a small niche market. The argument goes that if hemp were legal, farmers would grow it, factories would flourish, and hemp products would become cheaper than their unsustainable alternatives through economy of scale.

However, Industrial Hemp is already legal in much of the developed world- Europe, China, Australia, Canada, just to name a few. These countries grow hemp and can legally conduct as much research as they want.

So, why do these developed countries have such primitive hemp industries? If hemp has so much potential for profit, why has China not produced Hemp like they produce any other product? Some countries have never banned hemp- yet the industry suffered as if it were banned. Why do these countries not pursue hemp to its full potential?

Thanks – Ben

Where’s Oregon with Industrial Hemp?

Where is Oregon in the line of states to grow hemp, and how do I get started? John Glidewell

Industrial Hemp Brochure Published

Industrial Hemp Brochure Published
Printed on hemp paper, this NAIHC brochure explains the many econonic and environmental reasons for once again allowing U.S. farmers to grow industrial hemp — a crop grown and valued by both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Includes comments and photos of NAIHC directors. (PDF file, requires Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®, available free.

Where is Industrial Hemp Legal?

Do you have a complete and current list of which countries have legalized industrial hemp growing/production? Is Ecuador one of those countries? What about Nicaragua? Can you give me contact info on Growers/Producers/Suppliers in Ecuador and/or Nicaragua? Or anywhere is Central and/or South America? Please send complete Global (Legal) Growing Countries list and info asap. Thanks! Regards and Rewards, Steve Kelley