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Hemp in China?

Does China offer, grow or supply hemp yarns and or fabric? Thank you, Heidi Cohen

China does all three. Most hemp fabric now comes from China, and U.S. hemp businesses such as Minawear of California must buy hemp grown and manufactured in China. Of course, Minawear does make the garments in the USA. Many firms do this last bit in China as well. Kenyon Gibson

Advice for Trinidad & Tobago

Greetings, I am presently trying to get my business , Mystic Hemp Creations, off the ground and educate my island (Trinidad & Tobago) and the Caribbean about the hemp revolution. Currently I work from home and only sell hand-crafted hemp products, however very soon I will be opening a full-blown hemp store. I am writing for two reason. Firstly I would like to know where I can buy wholesale quality hemp twine and products (besides American Hemp). More importantly I would like to know if there are any ‘hemp trade shows’ and where and when would the next one will be. I anxiously await your reply. please e-mail Thank you, eternal love & blessings.