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Plans to Grow Hemp in Zambia & Turkey

My company is looking to grow Industrial Hemp in Zambia as well as Turkey. We own farms now in both countries and we would like to switch our crops to Industrial Hemp for fiber production as well as seeds for the food markets. We are trying to get permission to grow this crop in both these countries. If anyone has any helpful knowledge regarding this, please contact me at: Robert Kimes

Hemp in Tuscany

Margaret Baravalle, founder of Assocanapa and Felice Giraudo, historic president, explain how important it is to revive Tuscany’s long tradition of industrial hemp cultivation and the Italian variety called “Carmagnola.”

Since the sixteenth century, Italian hemp was considered the best in the world and the most valuable seed was the” Carmagnola,” which was grown in the Turin area. The shipbuilding industry relied heavily on hemp. Hemp was also used in the military as a versatile and durable material.

In the twentieth century, hemp production almost disappeared around the world.  But Italy maintained its commitment to hemp. Carmagnola was produced for seed and Caserta was grown mainly for fiber. Since 1990 Italy has managed to change the law for the cultivation of hemp and the market is reopening. Important germplasm has been preserved for the “Carmagnola”, the “CS” and “Fibranova.” Hemp is being used today in the textile industry, in the pharmaceutical industry, in the food sector (oil, flour, etc..), and in the construction sector. 

For more information (in Italian), please visit:

Work-related Drug Testing

Is there any danger in work-related drug testing coming up with a positive drug result when routinely consuming Hemp seed daily in the diet. Thank you! Connie

False Positives Possible?

Will ingestion of hemp-based products, (such as seeds, hemp milk, hemp oil, hemp ice cream, hemp cereal, etc.) cause a false positive on a urinalysis test intended to determine if a person has cannibis alkaloids in their body? I have a commercial driver’s license in the USA and the DOT requires random UA’s. Richard

Oxalate Content of Hemp Seeds and Hemp Seed Milk

Can you tell me the oxalate content of hemp seeds and hemp seed milk?Thanks, Susan Owens

‘Ultimate Raw Vegan Hemp Recipes’ Cookbook

My name is Kristen Suzanne Makuch. I’m a Raw Vegan chef and author of recipe ebooks. I am sponsored by Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils, and it’s my goal to promote hemp foods as much as possible. As a result, I have just released my latest ebook, Kristen Suzanne’s Ultimate Raw Vegan Hemp Recipes.
I am a fan of your NAIHC website and I wondered if you would be interested in adding the link to my new hemp recipe ebook on your website? If so, it’s
Best Regards, Kristen Suzanne, Owner, Kristen’s Raw,

Nutritional Profile?

Hello : I see there is a big difference between hemp and marijuana in reference to THC and CBD content. Are you aware of any differences as to the nutritional profile ie, omega 3, 6, GLA etc. in comparing hemp and cannabis? Thanks, Richard of Mother Hubbard’s

Formula for Hemp Plastic Production?

We are in the hemp food manufacturing business in Canada and wish to diversify into hemp plastic production. We are looking for a formula to produce the plastic and examples of some equipment applications. As a by-product of our food production we have excess oil and would like to know if we could apply the oil to form the plastic.

Raw Hemp Seeds Edible?

Do people eat raw hemp seeds? Are they healthy to eat? 

#2.  Hi there, Yes indeed, raw hemp seeds are edible. In fact, hempseeds are the most complete source of protein and nutrition in the entire plant kingdom – offering not only the best profile of Essential Fatty Acids but also vitamins, minerals, iron, magnesium and calcium to name a few. If you have a look at this link you will find out more: Best wishes, Bobby Pugh  The Hemp Shop Ltd

#1. Yes. Yes. Very healthy. Kenyon Gibson

Buds for Brewing?

I am a commercial brewer in Rhode Island. I was wondering if there are any manufactures of THC-free buds? I know that it is a distant cousin of hops, and I am trying to find a viable producer to supply enough to use in batches of legal beer!

Searching for Hemp meal

I have read that hemp meal has an interesting nutritional profile. I was looking for a source and was wondering if you could give me a crusher to contact regarding a source of meal to do some experimentation with as a food ingredient. Thank you for you assistance.