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Help with Hemp Skateboards

How can I contact someone who can make strong hemp veneers or carbon sheeting for a reasonable price to make Eco friendly skateboards and bring the real deal into the world?  Thanks, Paul

Where to Buy Hemp Body Lotion?

I had used hemp body lotion in the past and would like to purchase some for myself and other products for resale. Can anyone help me? Thanks, Linda

Hemp Toilet Paper

I am an Ontario College student, in an environmental program. I am working on a term report involving reducing the stress we put on our Wastewater treatment systems. I have been trying to find Toilet Paper made from Hemp, to conduct experiments on, but it is proving very difficult. I am not even sure if such a product is actually produced! If it is and anyone reading this knows where I can acquire a roll please let me know! Chris

Fiberglass Manufacturers?

Are there any manufacturers of hemp fiberglass? If so are they located in the US or abroad? Wes

Hemp Bag for Mulch?

Does anyone know if a tight weave hemp bag could be used for the retail distribution of mulch? Fran F.

Hemp Net for Heliport?

Looking for hemp net producers. I want to order a heliport hemp net. Daniel

Hemp Glue for Silk Thread

Can you use a hemp glue on silk thread and if so will it keep the knot and not change the color of the silk? Also, how fast will it dry? Nicole

Hemp Materials Needed

We are a German textiles company based in Franfurt and we need hemp twin 200gm ball for one of our UAE buyers. kindly quote your offer urgently. Shivani

IH for Food, Paper Bags, & Rope

I would like to produce non THC hemp for food, paper bags and rope. I feel the bag market would be huge. I have access to hundreds of acres of previously used pulled and vacated apple orchards which are in a climate ideal for hemp production. Is there a place in the Continental US that can process hemp for this application and what, if any, federal laws would I have to comply with to take on a venture such as this? It seems that the powers that control paper, cotton, plastic by product would fight a venture such as this solely on a base fear drug platform as they always have. Please, anyone with any information please contact me. thanks.   DC Broughton

Industrial Hemp for Biofuels

I just don’t understand why we aren’t using such a beneficial plant, both to our economy and our society, in times of such great need. I may not be an expert but every time I google “Industrial Hemp” I come across countless web sites that confirm that virtually everything that we derive from petroleum-based oil we can derive from Industrial Hemp and then some.

I think it’s ridiculous that we allow the paranoia of comparing Hemp to Marijuana to impede its use. Hemp is not marijuana, it has virtually no THC ( the active ingredient in marijuana which produces artificial highs). It’s only likeliness to marijuana is that the leaves have the same shape. It has been argued by the DEA that legalizing Hemp is only a covert way to eventually legalize marijuana. It’s absurd. People were growing Hemp in the states before they even knew what marijuana was to begin with. It has also been argued that if we legalize Hemp, people could plant marijuana in the middle of a Hemp field and that it would be indistinguishable so drug dealers could get away with it. Countries were Hemp is legal don’t have this problem. As a matter of fact, if someone did happen to plant marijuana in the middle of a Hemp farm the Hemp would cross-pollinate the marijuana plants rendering them a useless street value. It would be all seeds and no bud. We should stop the hypocrisy and legalize Industrial Hemp, it would seriously stimulate our own economy. If we are importing Hemp products (not just from China but from Canada and Europe as well) then we will forever be dependent on foreign fuels. I strongly believe that Hemp fuels could be the way of the future as an alternate fuel source. We are wasting time investing in crops such as corn, soy, wheat and others for use in bio-fuels. Hemp, from what I understand, can produce hundreds of more gallons of oil per acre than the crops mentioned before. It’s cheap to grow, can adjust to virtually any climate and it grows fast (the positive attributes inherited from its cousin plant instead of the negative). We must stop being so thick-headed and get our legislators to stop being the same way. Hemp for Bio-fuels!!!  Sergio

Hemp Structural Panel Questions

How would a Hemp structural panel, similar to an external house door or car body panel compare in cost and performance with GRP panel? What are its strengths and fire resistant properties ? What thickness panel would be suitable as a skin for a composite domestic door? We would be obliged if you could provide a link to technical information on Hemp.  jhinch

How to Make Hemp Plastic Bottles?

Hi, I am trying to find out how to trurn hemp into plastic bottles. If anyone knows or has any information on this post it here. John Tolle-Barlow

Hemp Webbing Source?

Can anyone please tell me where to get hemp webbing?
Thanks, Kathy

‘Ultimate Raw Vegan Hemp Recipes’ Cookbook

My name is Kristen Suzanne Makuch. I’m a Raw Vegan chef and author of recipe ebooks. I am sponsored by Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils, and it’s my goal to promote hemp foods as much as possible. As a result, I have just released my latest ebook, Kristen Suzanne’s Ultimate Raw Vegan Hemp Recipes.
I am a fan of your NAIHC website and I wondered if you would be interested in adding the link to my new hemp recipe ebook on your website? If so, it’s
Best Regards, Kristen Suzanne, Owner, Kristen’s Raw,

Thin Thread Needed

I am looking for very thin hemp thread under .50 mm. Marcia Fentress

How to Clean Hemp Bell Ringing Rope?

Bell ringers have dirty hands and the ropes get soiled. I need to clean the ropes as the soiling destroys the natural plyability of the rope. How? Dry clean? Wash? Or buy new rope? Reply please to my email. Thanks, Eugene

Hemp Tarp or Sail?

I am looking for a distributor or manufacturer who can produce a tarp or sail made out of hemp. Any information would be great. Thank you,

Hemp Stalks Needed in NH !

I need to buy hemp stalks cut up or whole. I live in New Hampshire and need it for composting in my sun mar toilet system. I am trying to contact a with no results. Where can I get this raw material? Thanks Paula

Hemp Insulation?

Where can I purchase hemp insulation for my home? I am curious about cost compared to fiberglass and availability in the U.S.?

#1. We are looking for insulation material for a timberframe house. We are located in Saskatchewan, Canada. -Lynne Driedger-Enns

Hemp Mat for Diving Board?

I have an old swimming pool diving board that was manufactured in 1937. I am attempting to restore it for display at our municipal swimming pool. When the board was new, it had a covering that looked like woven hemp. One small bit of the covering is still attached to the board. It appears to be thin hemp ropes woven together. The purpose of the covering was to prevent slipping. I’m in a desperate hurry. Our pool improvement dedications is coming up very soon. Where can I find a similar product? Judy Goeringer