Info on Growing IH in Spain, Bolivia

Have initially 100 acres of land available to grow industrial hemp in Spain , more in Bolivia. Already working with biomass- recycling olive cuttings, olive seeds, almond seeds. Would like to know if it’s legal to grow hemp in Bolivia. Also interested everything about the market overseas. katalin Oszlanczi

17 responses to “Info on Growing IH in Spain, Bolivia

  1. Hallo i need Help i have a ground in spain and want plant industial-hanf …how it works in spain? and what i have to know ? where i can geth the confirmation from the local authorities? Can me help someone my e-mail is

  2. I too am interested in Hemp Farming and product production.

  3. Hi i have a plan to start growing industrial hemp in Spain, Malaga area. I am very grateful for any information in this field, from growing to processing.

  4. Hello Katalin, I am interested how far your plans of growing hemp both in Spain and Bolivia have materialised? I am planning to dedicate time to learning how to grow hemp by volunteering at a farm and, later on, grow hemp myself. I’d be thankful for feedback in case you’re still in this track. Best, Katharina

  5. My future plans are to feed children with hemp seeds. I plan to start growing hemp in Spain. I searched for farms and could not find any. Im very interested and want to learn more. I will be in Spain next summer. Please send me information so I can visit your farm and help a sustainable cause.


  7. I would like any info on growing hemp in Bolivia please

  8. is the premier food grade seed.

  9. I have just been contacted by someone in SE Bolivia who wants to grow hemp, and am in the process of finding which varieties are best, talking to officials for permits etc., if anyone has any interest in hemp in Bolivia please contact me at

  10. we are looking for industrial hemp ovc plastic granuals manufacturers. we want to import. please help with e-mail address and oblige. best wishes.

  11. we are looking for hemp plastic pvc granuals manufacturers to import. please help and oblige. best wishes.

  12. we are much interested in industrial hemp products. we have noted that hemp plastic pvc granuals are produced. we want to buy. please help, guide and assist. we are interested to get in touch with institutes, organisations who could supply literature about scientific usages of hemp. best wishes.

  13. Francis Corr

    Katalin, I am also interested to talk to you regarding growing hemp in spain, can you contact me please.
    Best Wishes,


  14. Katalin, I am interested to talk to you about how to produce and get started in Spain. Malaga area.

    Best Wishes


  15. Hemp is classified as an oilseed depending on its variety and intended use. Various varieties are more suitable for fiber. The premiere Hemp Oil Seed is Finola that is grown in Finland and Canada.

    Although there are other varieties, Finola yields a superior seed for human consumption.

    Ref: with and

  16. Talk to me about Bolivia, I may be able to help.

  17. thats a great idea.will be 1st to buy any product you make with it.i believe in order to save the planet.and live a happy life.with no world hunger and a boosted econmony for ever country world wide.with much less polution

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