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Planning to Grow IH in Ethiopia

I have over 1000 acres of very fertile green land in Ethiopia, I would like to grow and process hemp for local use and to export to USA.

1: What Climate Is Needed For Cultivation Of Industrial Hemp?

2: Where Can One Get Seeds To Grow Industrial Hemp From?

3: An Area Of About 100 Acres Would Grow How Many Industrial Hemp Trees?

4: How Is The Fiber Taken Out From Industrial Hemp and What Is The Process Of Taking Out Oil From Industrial Hemp?

5: How Much Time Does It Take For A Tree To grow?

6: Which Part Of Industrial Hemp Tree Is Used For Medicinal Use?

7: Have These Big Names Like Georgio Armani, Mercedes Benz Really Entered Into Producing Products From Industrial Hemp?

8: Can I Know The Whole Process From Sowing The Seeds – Cutting Of The Tree For Industrial Hemp?

9: How do I find growing and manufacturing business investor?

Genet Kefetew

Industrial Hemp Investing Question

I am interested in supporting the industrial aspect of the hemp industry – production of paper, car interiors, upholstery stuffing, carpeting, work clothing, fuel, etc. – by investing in companies which manufacture these things from hemp. I am a  horticulturist who cares deeply about our earth’s health and see this as an opportunity to help. Could you please steer me in this direction? Robert Bourne