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Yield Per Acre

Can anyone help by telling me how many tons of raw material can be harvested from one acre of industrial hemp?

Thank you, Shrestha

Hemp Grain and Fiber Yields?

What’s a reasonable expectation for industrial hemp yields?

Comparing Biofuel Costs

I would like to know the yield and cost comparison of industrial hemp vs crude oil if used as a biofuel. I would imagine you would look at a cost/acre for hemp and a cost/gal of biofuel as compared to cost/bbl of oil and the cost/gal of gasoline?

Hemp Oil Yields?

How much hemp oil is produced from one acre of industrial hemp?  Walter

How much hempseed oil is produced  per tonne of seed? How much seed per acre? Thanks, Beatrice & Ray Rankin

Hemp Fiber Yields vs. Trees

I was wondering if you could give me some numbers on how much fiber hemp produces per acre, compared to trees. Any information you could get back to me would be great.