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Plans to Grow Hemp in Zambia & Turkey

My company is looking to grow Industrial Hemp in Zambia as well as Turkey. We own farms now in both countries and we would like to switch our crops to Industrial Hemp for fiber production as well as seeds for the food markets. We are trying to get permission to grow this crop in both these countries. If anyone has any helpful knowledge regarding this, please contact me at: Robert Kimes

Hemp Paper Factory in South America

I need a company which can establish a hemp paper factory. We have 10,000 people (with land) who can plant cañamo, and we can have a market with the government already, for all production. Any company interested? Write to me at: Carlos Ugarte

Hemp Degree Needed?

Is there a degree you have to have to grow hemp?


Yield Per Acre

Can anyone help by telling me how many tons of raw material can be harvested from one acre of industrial hemp?

Thank you, Shrestha

Hemp from Belize

I have acquired land in Belize and will be growing copious amounts of organic industrial hemp in the next few months. We will also have eco-friendly shipping via sail-cargo, and bio/hemp fuel.

Legal in Costa Rica?

Is industrial hemp growing legal in Costa Rica? Joan

Hemp in Tuscany

Margaret Baravalle, founder of Assocanapa and Felice Giraudo, historic president, explain how important it is to revive Tuscany’s long tradition of industrial hemp cultivation and the Italian variety called “Carmagnola.”

Since the sixteenth century, Italian hemp was considered the best in the world and the most valuable seed was the” Carmagnola,” which was grown in the Turin area. The shipbuilding industry relied heavily on hemp. Hemp was also used in the military as a versatile and durable material.

In the twentieth century, hemp production almost disappeared around the world.  But Italy maintained its commitment to hemp. Carmagnola was produced for seed and Caserta was grown mainly for fiber. Since 1990 Italy has managed to change the law for the cultivation of hemp and the market is reopening. Important germplasm has been preserved for the “Carmagnola”, the “CS” and “Fibranova.” Hemp is being used today in the textile industry, in the pharmaceutical industry, in the food sector (oil, flour, etc..), and in the construction sector. 

For more information (in Italian), please visit:

Growing Industrial Hemp in Spain

Hi, I have a plan to start growing industrial hemp in Spain, in the Malaga area. I am very grateful for any information in this field, from growing to processing. Regards, Kaspar

Info on Growing IH in Spain, Bolivia

Have initially 100 acres of land available to grow industrial hemp in Spain , more in Bolivia. Already working with biomass- recycling olive cuttings, olive seeds, almond seeds. Would like to know if it’s legal to grow hemp in Bolivia. Also interested everything about the market overseas. katalin Oszlanczi

Planning to Grow IH in Ethiopia

I have over 1000 acres of very fertile green land in Ethiopia, I would like to grow and process hemp for local use and to export to USA.

1: What Climate Is Needed For Cultivation Of Industrial Hemp?

2: Where Can One Get Seeds To Grow Industrial Hemp From?

3: An Area Of About 100 Acres Would Grow How Many Industrial Hemp Trees?

4: How Is The Fiber Taken Out From Industrial Hemp and What Is The Process Of Taking Out Oil From Industrial Hemp?

5: How Much Time Does It Take For A Tree To grow?

6: Which Part Of Industrial Hemp Tree Is Used For Medicinal Use?

7: Have These Big Names Like Georgio Armani, Mercedes Benz Really Entered Into Producing Products From Industrial Hemp?

8: Can I Know The Whole Process From Sowing The Seeds – Cutting Of The Tree For Industrial Hemp?

9: How do I find growing and manufacturing business investor?

Genet Kefetew

Growing Industrial Hemp in Southern Africa

I am interested in growing hemp in Southern Africa, namely in Botswana and was wondering if I can find a market for unprocessed hemp and how to go about it. There is currently no hemp processing plant in Botswana therefore to make any profit on the crop I will need to export. Is that feasible, considering transport costs?

How does one go about setting up a small processing plant and what machinery is essential for that?

Lastly, what is the minimum size of land needed to grow hemp on a commercial scale in a place like Botswana?  Thanks, Sean

How to Harvest and Process?

My father is a farmer in North Eastern Europe and he’s interested in industrial hemp but no one knows much about harvesting or processing the crop. Where is the best place to find information for that, including ways of harvesting and machinery for further processing? Are there any farmers I could ask questions regarding aspects of growing industrial hemp? Indrek Mandmets

Comment: For answers, try clicking the “Equipment,” “Processing” and “Growing” links in the list of Categories in the right-hand column. You will find items such as this comment below:

Our company, Ecofibre Industries Limited of Australia, has all of the information required to kick off the hemp industry in the US. We have a germplasm of over 250 hemp strains, mill and processing information and plans for turnkey operations. Please get in touch with me at my e-mail address for further info. Nick Veltre, Chief Financial Officer, Ecofibre Industries Limited, +61 7 3366 0889, +61 0421 38 55 31,

Where’s Oregon with Industrial Hemp?

Where is Oregon in the line of states to grow hemp, and how do I get started? John Glidewell

Kenyon Gibson’s New Book on Hemp?

Where can I buy  the new “Hemp for Victory” book?

#1.  Kenyon Gibson’s new book is titled: Hemp for Victory: History and Qualities of the World’s Most Useful Plant. Paperback, printed on treefree hemp paper. Mina Hegaard of Minawear Hemp Clothing is one US distributor. U.S. retail price is $29.95. Bulk orders can be made via Kenyon Gibson, or from the publisher’s site,  More information is available from Kenyon Gibson or from his web site which includes a link to a recent Guardian article about hemp and the book.

Kansas Questions?

Would the wild hemp left over from WW II era in Kansas be considered industrial hemp? Are there different varieties for seed or fiber? What would the dollar value per acre for a hemp crop be and where would a grower sell the crop grown in Kansas? Bill Marr

DEA Plans for Hemp?

Dear Folks, I commend you on the work you’re doing to reintroduce hemp to American farms. I have recently heard both exciting and frightening news. The exciting news is that California and North Dakota may be the first two states to grow hemp again. The frightening news is that the DEA may be planning to only allow genetically morphed varieties of the species that don’t look like hemp. Is there any truth to this? If so, does the NAIHC have any plans to prevent this from happening? One of the best things about hemp is that it is currently a non-GMO crop. What a disgrace this would be if it was America that screwed it up! THC content will vary depending on UV exposure. If the DEA manipulates a new hybrid to not only look different from hemp, but to produce zero THC, couldn’t this compromise fiber and seed yields and quality? What are ramifications for the cannabis species as a whole if this strain “jumps the fence”? Thanks for your time. I look forward to a response. Perry Boero

Industrial Hemp in India?

Kindly update and advise me regarding industrial hemp cultivation in India.

#1. Yes I would like to know that too!! I am going to return to India in late Sept to start an orphanage and am looking into manufacturing garments from hemp that has been FINELY milled ( as most hemp available is really too thick as I do high end frocks from antique silk saris but would love to branch into hemp as cotton, well it just takes too much water). So I know there is a lot of organic land in Utturanchal ( a state in the north eastish of India ) and I would be interested in growing and or milling and buying finely milled hemp. Any comments suggestions further contacts greatly appreciated.Yours sincerely, Jayney Galbraith,

Pollination Problems?

Would fields of industrial hemp be at risk from pollen from common ditch-weed or from other varieties of hemp?

Industrial Hemp in Alberta?

Where is industrial hemp grown in Alberta?

Police Officer Urges Caution

For what it is worth, I am a police officer in the southeast U.S. conducting research on growing hemp on a family farm. I am just suggesting to use caution when dealing with any company from South Africa. You should use caution with any company that does not supply a web site or telephone number.