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Hemp Stalks Needed

I am trying to buy hemp stalks in bulk. Please let me know if anyone knows a place to get this. Bernardus

Where to Buy Hemp Body Lotion?

I had used hemp body lotion in the past and would like to purchase some for myself and other products for resale. Can anyone help me? Thanks, Linda

Fiberglass Manufacturers?

Are there any manufacturers of hemp fiberglass? If so are they located in the US or abroad? Wes

Seeking Hemp Tarp

I am looking for a 20×20 hemp tarp or larger for my condominium project. Any input is greatly appreciated.  Randy

Hemp Materials Needed

We are a German textiles company based in Franfurt and we need hemp twin 200gm ball for one of our UAE buyers. kindly quote your offer urgently. Shivani

Hemp Paper Rolls Needed

Where could I buy huge rolls of hemp paper? Please let me know, I’m bouncing some ideas around with some people. Nice vision. John Vescovi

Hemp Rope Needed

I am looking for a supplier of 1/4 inch or 4mm hemp rope. Can anyone give me any suggestions? Ecolutions has been out for months and doesn’t even have the product to produce it at this time. Thanks,  Lynne Gaither

Hemp Tarps Needed

I would be interested in a number of sizes of hemp tarps to sell in our retail store if I can find them. Alan Creasey

Hemp Structural Panel Questions

How would a Hemp structural panel, similar to an external house door or car body panel compare in cost and performance with GRP panel? What are its strengths and fire resistant properties ? What thickness panel would be suitable as a skin for a composite domestic door? We would be obliged if you could provide a link to technical information on Hemp.  jhinch

Hemp Pellets for Animal Bedding Needed

We are searching a company in east of Europe that can send us hemp pellet for animal bedding. Best regards Elena D’Angelo

Seeking Hemp Paper in Canada

Hi. I’m part of my school’s environment club. We are trying to make the school less wasteful. Are there any companies in western Canada that produce and sell bulk hemp paper? Because we are trying to find out if the paper used in our shool can be replaced by something more environmental like hemp paper. Yvonne du Plessis

Thin Thread Needed

I am looking for very thin hemp thread under .50 mm. Marcia Fentress

Seeking Suppliers in India

I live in British Columbia,  Canada. I am very interested in finding a hemp supplier in India, preferably one that produces and is a wholesaler of T -shirts. Do you  know how I might go about finding such a contact? Any ideas or  suggestions you might have would be much appreciated. Thanks. Andrew Gibbs


Where can I buy hemp in bales (like straw type bales). I want to use with plaster for casting in model making. I need a bale to make sure that to cover a large model. Dave, David Burtle,

Hemp Tarp or Sail?

I am looking for a distributor or manufacturer who can produce a tarp or sail made out of hemp. Any information would be great. Thank you,

24″ Rolls Hemp Paper?

24″ Rolls of Hemp Paper? Do you have, can you do, or know where? Thanks, Spencer Gaudie

Hemp Stalks Needed in NH !

I need to buy hemp stalks cut up or whole. I live in New Hampshire and need it for composting in my sun mar toilet system. I am trying to contact a with no results. Where can I get this raw material? Thanks Paula

Hemp Insulation?

Where can I purchase hemp insulation for my home? I am curious about cost compared to fiberglass and availability in the U.S.?

#1. We are looking for insulation material for a timberframe house. We are located in Saskatchewan, Canada. -Lynne Driedger-Enns

Surfboard Blank from Hemp?

Is it possible to make a surfboard blank from hemp? Does it have the qualities of strength and lightness? Thanks  James DeMaio

Hemp for Soft Furnishings

I am a designer of soft furnishings and have been using antique hemp sheets to make my products from. I need a supplier of hemp fabric which closely resembles the antique hemp that I use. I mainly use  French antique hemp sheets to make curtains and accessories but I am finding less time to go out searching for good quality antique sheets around the antique markets in France where I live.  I would like to find a manufacturer of hemp fabric that mirrors as closely as possible to the colour and texture of antique hemp, preferably hand-made on old looms. Many thanks, Lynette Clarke, Confolens, France.