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Hemp from Belize

I have acquired land in Belize and will be growing copious amounts of organic industrial hemp in the next few months. We will also have eco-friendly shipping via sail-cargo, and bio/hemp fuel.

Hemp in Tuscany

Margaret Baravalle, founder of Assocanapa and Felice Giraudo, historic president, explain how important it is to revive Tuscany’s long tradition of industrial hemp cultivation and the Italian variety called “Carmagnola.”

Since the sixteenth century, Italian hemp was considered the best in the world and the most valuable seed was the” Carmagnola,” which was grown in the Turin area. The shipbuilding industry relied heavily on hemp. Hemp was also used in the military as a versatile and durable material.

In the twentieth century, hemp production almost disappeared around the world.  But Italy maintained its commitment to hemp. Carmagnola was produced for seed and Caserta was grown mainly for fiber. Since 1990 Italy has managed to change the law for the cultivation of hemp and the market is reopening. Important germplasm has been preserved for the “Carmagnola”, the “CS” and “Fibranova.” Hemp is being used today in the textile industry, in the pharmaceutical industry, in the food sector (oil, flour, etc..), and in the construction sector. 

For more information (in Italian), please visit:

Hemp as Building Material

Is hemp as a building material (called Isochanvre) available in the U.S.?  Tommy Larson

Hemp Yarn from High Himalayas

Nest Creation is collecting hemp yarn from high Himalayan range of Nepal and selling all over the world. If you need hemp yarn for any kind of purpose please mail me at

Ram Sharan Neupane <>

Animal Feed for Sale in Thailand

Animal Feed for Sale in Thailand
I am looking for potential customer / buyer for animal feed from natural fiber material ( hemp and kenaf) . Please contact me if interested:

Waxed Hemp Twine Needed

I need 90,000 feet of three mm three-strand waxed hemp twine.  Can you help?

#3.  Hello there, We are the UK’s largest retailer of hemp products and have been manufacturing for some nine years now. We can have this type of twine made up for you from scratch and if you are interested and e-mail me back, I can get that price and time line for you. Best wishes, Bobby Pugh  The Hemp Shop Ltd

#2.  Hello, Please contact us for all your hemp twine needs. Best regards, Peter Nyari, TMI Co.

#1.  If you figure out where to get that amount please… PLEASE let me know… I can’t get that much anywhere, let alone a smaller amount. Thanks, Ariel Coshun

Hemp Yarns Questions

#1. Are there domestic suppliers of hemp yarn in both natural and dyed? If so, could you supply such?
#2. Is there an abbreviation that is used for hemp yarns that is acceptable for description purposes?

Here are some companies which provide hemp yarn:
For more information, send an e-mail to Ed or visit our web site at

Hemp Cloth Needed

I would be very interested to find a supplier in Canada (BC preferably) in order to purchase hemp cloth suitable for manufacturing flags, banners, pennants, etc.  We do not wish to use ‘synthetic’ or ‘flag’ material. It is very difficult to find information about purchasing on the Internet.
I am opening a small shop, Garden Thyme Herbs, featuring products that promote personal and environmental wellness. I will be making some of the items myself.  I am looking for a wholesale source for hemp supplies including bulk cloth that I can make product from. I am in the USA if that makes a difference.  Any suggestions you have would be most welcome.

#1.  Please contact us with your requirements for flag material. We have produced this product in the past. Best regards, Peter Nyari, TMI Co.

Hemp Prices?

How much should I pay for hemp from India?   What is the fair market value? Carol

#1. Please let me know this :  How much? Hemp combed Sliver, Hemp 100% yarn (best count), Hemp-wool blended yarn, Hemp-silk blended yarn  from Canada or America?
#2. Hemp, Jute, Flax, Linen Textile’s World, EU,  Canada & America Market size ? Thanks, RGS

Hemp Paper Bags, Clothes & Linens

I’m looking for a supplier for hemp paper bags. I have a hemp shop, and I don’t want to use ordinary paper bags. I think it defeats the purpose of my shop If you know of any suppliers of this kind, please let me know. I also need suppliers of hemp clothes and linens.

#2. Hello there, We are the UK’s largest retailer of hemp products and also manufacture for ourselves and also for many other eco companies. Please mail me back if this is of help to you. Best wishes, Bobby Pugh The Hemp Shop Ltd
#1. This site has quite a number of products that may suit:

Hemp for Knitting?

Where I could buy hemp yarn for knitting sweaters and other types of clothing. See, I can knit, and would like to knit myself some hemp clothing because to buy hemp clothing as it is, is way too expensive. Could you tell me anywhere I could purchase it in Calgary, Alberta, Canada or maybe order it online somewhere. I know lots of places to find twine and rope but what I want is hemp that is used to make clothing. Thank you very much, I looking forward to your answer.

#4. has a large selection of hemp and wool yarn, ideal for knitting. Everything Hemp – Clothing, Hats, Bags, Bath, Food and Twine – Come Explore – Over 1,000 – Wholesale and Retail. Binghamton, NY, e-mail:

. You can purchase hemp string and yarn at:

. You can buy hemp yarn or twine at:

#1. You can purchase these items at:

Info on Hemp Fibers?

We are looking for some kind of organic material to use as reinforcement in our polyester resins. For that purpose, please let me know the tensile strength of hemp fibers and price per pound. We may be able to use hemp in our new development. Your prompt answer will be appreciated.

A #5. Please provide information on hemp in India – dealers, sources etc. Also I wanted to know how to waterproof hemp cloth e.g. waterproofing boots, jackets etc. Regards, Karan Singh, New Delhi, India
A #4. Dear Sukanchan, If you know any manufacturers of finely milled hemp I would be very interested to purchase. Or if you are researching in that direction, I am interested in maybe starting a mill. Jayney Galbraith
A #3. Dear Mr. Palit, I would be willing to discuss your proposal with you. If you want, contact me at Also, you might like to check out a hemp site: <>. Regards, Kenyon Gibson
A #2. I am a retired scientist on Jute now offering service to a jute machine manufacturer at Calcutta, India. Hemp industry is growing faster than the expectation while jute industry is declining. Hemp fibre has some properties superior to jute. It can replace jute even in the packaging field. Globally its quantity is insignificant to attract the Hemp industry to divert the product range. I can assist to design the process up to spinning, which is complicated, and requires specialized knowledge. It will be appreciated if you circulate my proposal widely among the people involved in Hemp industry. Regards, Sukanchan Palit

A #1. Dear Folks: I am a farmer in Ontario, Canada, who has grown hemp fiber and I am looking for potential markets. We have grown fiber for a company that wants to use it for automotive applications (eg moulded plastics, under hood insulations, door panels, dashboards etc). I am interested in discussing further with you the hemp fiber that I have available and its application to your business. Please email me at your convience. Dan Scheele, Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada.

Raw Hemp Buyers?

Where can I obtain information describing the buyers of raw industrial hemp? Thank you in advance.

A #1. We are always looking for raw hemp sources.Yitzac Goldstein, Hemptex, Member of the GreenChina Textile Group


Is ultrasonics successful in separation of hemp stalks? If so, who supplies this equipment and how does it work? If you have any compared data about hemp processing for example, chemical method, steam explosion, 

A #1.Dear Mr Sun-mo Kang: My name is Vladimir and I am from Russia. During last 4 years I had research & development programs with UK university and few private companies of absolutely new technology regarding Flax short fibres and Hemp. No chemical at all. The results is abnormal. The quality is confirmed by top specialists. The fibre is so soft, colour is like silver, density is the best known, the length could be regulated from 1 mm to 5 – 7 cm. The area of using is limitless. The textile, filters, plastic panels, etc. If you interested, just write me some information about your company. With the Best Regards, Vladimir

Bulk Hemp Oil Needed

We are a manufacturer of natural soap in Western Massachusetts. We are searching for a source of cosmetic-grade hemp oil in bulk quantities for that purpose. We need to contact a company which sells cosmetic-grade hemp oil in bulk and can provide us with its pricing structure. Sincerely, Matt Kelly, North American Naturals Soap Co.

A #1. At this time have approximately 1000 lb. of Finola seed for sale, which we would be ready to move as soon as you need it. Finola is an excellent Hemp variety originating in Finland. We farm in Saskatchewan, Canada. We produce Organic and non-organic (sprayed lightly with Post) Finola. Sincerely, Lynne Driedger-Enns

Hemp Canvas Needed

#1. Can you tell me where I might be able to get Hemp canvas in the UK, of a suitable quality for use in tentage, around the 12oz mark? Thanks, Alan Wenham, Albion Canvas Co., Devon, UK

#2. I really need a wholesaler of Hemp Canvas in the UK, preferably on a roll. Looking for over 1000 metres tough fabric.

#3. Can you tell me who sells dyed hemp canvas (14 oz or heavier) in the U.S.? I’m in search of a navy blue and olive hemp fabric for use in the manufacturing of a bag.

Hemp Fiber and Foam?

Hello I am trying to locate a supplier of hemp glass fibre and foam, so that I can produce a 100 percent hemp surfboard. Do you know of anyone manufacturing these materials?

A#1. Contact Art Caron at Kenex:

Seeking Raw Hemp and Processor

I am looking for info on machines to process hemp or info on a company that can do it for me . I also would like to know were to get pure hemp before its processed.

A#1. I’d like to know about the processing end too. That seems to be a big problem with hemp farming — not the growing so much as where to get it processed — and by what methods. As pure as possible, hopefully. And transportation to the processing. I wonder if some form of on-site , portable method could be developed. Similar to the portable sawmills used in the timber / forestry business.

A #2. Hello, my name is Dan Scheele.  I am a hemp farmer and have produced both fiber and seed hemp plants.  I may be able to help you with your questions, but I am unsure if you are speaking of seed or fiber?  In terms of seed hemp in Canada, raw seed is a prohibited substance and is regulated under law by Health Canada.  This is mainly so that people don’t grow it themselves, because it is similar in appearance to marijuana and the law enforcers would go nuts trying to differentiate the two.  Fiber hemp, on the other hand, once it is harvested, is not regulated and is considered crop residue, or straw by the laws of the land.  So, you can do whatever you want, like use it for textiles, mix it in cemet, grind it up for various industrial applications, and the list goes on.  Please contact me via email if I can be of more assistance.  Dan Scheele

Shoes and Handbags

I want to start a small business related to shoes and handbags. Could anyone tell me where I could order or get the catalogs of these products; any brands, and make my final decisions where and which I like?

A #1. Check out They have a whole list of wholesale hemp manufacturers and you get the same price as if you go to the wholesalers yourself. Ecodragon is the only company that does pure hemp shoes as far as I know and they are great shoes! We carry them at our store.

Raw Hempseed for Sale

Hi….I am simply making contact with anyone who might have some information about buyers for the raw hempseed product. I am a grower and would like to find a place to sell a large quantity of hempseed. Here is my name & contact: Don Goertzen, e-mail: phone: 204-657-2339

A #1. I am interested in buying hulled and sterilized unhulled hemp seed in the US.