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Hemp Paper Factory in South America

I need a company which can establish a hemp paper factory. We have 10,000 people (with land) who can plant cañamo, and we can have a market with the government already, for all production. Any company interested? Write to me at: Carlos Ugarte

Help with Hemp Skateboards

How can I contact someone who can make strong hemp veneers or carbon sheeting for a reasonable price to make Eco friendly skateboards and bring the real deal into the world?  Thanks, Paul

Growing Industrial Hemp in Spain

Hi, I have a plan to start growing industrial hemp in Spain, in the Malaga area. I am very grateful for any information in this field, from growing to processing. Regards, Kaspar

How to Harvest and Process?

My father is a farmer in North Eastern Europe and he’s interested in industrial hemp but no one knows much about harvesting or processing the crop. Where is the best place to find information for that, including ways of harvesting and machinery for further processing? Are there any farmers I could ask questions regarding aspects of growing industrial hemp? Indrek Mandmets

Comment: For answers, try clicking the “Equipment,” “Processing” and “Growing” links in the list of Categories in the right-hand column. You will find items such as this comment below:

Our company, Ecofibre Industries Limited of Australia, has all of the information required to kick off the hemp industry in the US. We have a germplasm of over 250 hemp strains, mill and processing information and plans for turnkey operations. Please get in touch with me at my e-mail address for further info. Nick Veltre, Chief Financial Officer, Ecofibre Industries Limited, +61 7 3366 0889, +61 0421 38 55 31,

Pelletizing Hemp?

My name is Dan Scheele, and I am a hemp farmer in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada. I am researching the possibility of pelletizing hemp fiber and I would very much appreciate information about any research on pelletizing industrial hemp.

Getting Ready to Farm?

How would an individual get ready for the future and set up to own a hemp farm in the US (Idaho)?

#3. Our company, Ecofibre Industries Limited of Australia, has all of the information required to kick off the hemp industry in the US.  We have a germplasm of over 250 hemp strains, mill and processing information and plans for turnkey operations.  Please get in touch with me at my e-mail address for further info. Nick Veltre, Chief Financial Officer, Ecofibre Industries Limited, +61 7 3366 0889, +61 0421 38 55 31,

#2. I’m just beginning to investigate Industrial hemp as a crop for upland Belize in Central America.  I may have 2,000 acres available for production but need a lot of information before I can recommend it.  Seeding and growing practices including ground preparation, weed control and fertility needs of the plant to harvesting for both seed and fiber.  My primary interest is in the growing phase, but in order to make a case for the outlay I will need to address processing practices and costs also.

#1. I’ve been working on starting production in Prince Edward island Canada. It’s been a task but I am hoping to have 25 farmers participate in planting a predertimed total. The farming community is facing pretty hard times (beef, potato). I truly believe that hemp could be their salvation. What I am hoping is that you could help with some contact info to try and establish a buyer. Thanks for your time, Steven Arsenault

Buds for Brewing?

I am a commercial brewer in Rhode Island. I was wondering if there are any manufactures of THC-free buds? I know that it is a distant cousin of hops, and I am trying to find a viable producer to supply enough to use in batches of legal beer!

Hemp Textile Questions?

I’m from India. I would like to know about hemp, like how to grow it and where can I source it. As I am from textile field, I would like to know the various textiles products manufactured from it and also the process involved in production. I would be happy at least if you suggest a suitable Web site to know about all the above. Thanking you, Madhan Srinivasan

Hemp Plastic?

How can hemp be made into plastic?

Info on Hemp Fibers?

We are looking for some kind of organic material to use as reinforcement in our polyester resins. For that purpose, please let me know the tensile strength of hemp fibers and price per pound. We may be able to use hemp in our new development. Your prompt answer will be appreciated.

A #5. Please provide information on hemp in India – dealers, sources etc. Also I wanted to know how to waterproof hemp cloth e.g. waterproofing boots, jackets etc. Regards, Karan Singh, New Delhi, India
A #4. Dear Sukanchan, If you know any manufacturers of finely milled hemp I would be very interested to purchase. Or if you are researching in that direction, I am interested in maybe starting a mill. Jayney Galbraith
A #3. Dear Mr. Palit, I would be willing to discuss your proposal with you. If you want, contact me at Also, you might like to check out a hemp site: <>. Regards, Kenyon Gibson
A #2. I am a retired scientist on Jute now offering service to a jute machine manufacturer at Calcutta, India. Hemp industry is growing faster than the expectation while jute industry is declining. Hemp fibre has some properties superior to jute. It can replace jute even in the packaging field. Globally its quantity is insignificant to attract the Hemp industry to divert the product range. I can assist to design the process up to spinning, which is complicated, and requires specialized knowledge. It will be appreciated if you circulate my proposal widely among the people involved in Hemp industry. Regards, Sukanchan Palit

A #1. Dear Folks: I am a farmer in Ontario, Canada, who has grown hemp fiber and I am looking for potential markets. We have grown fiber for a company that wants to use it for automotive applications (eg moulded plastics, under hood insulations, door panels, dashboards etc). I am interested in discussing further with you the hemp fiber that I have available and its application to your business. Please email me at your convience. Dan Scheele, Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada.

Hemp Processing in Third World?

I am interested in information on using hemp to produce paper products in developing countries. I am particularly interested in toilet tissue, paper towels, and paper napkins. What kind of pulp preparation is needed and are there machines available that do it? I would also like to use the hemp fiber for clothing and other related uses. I’m also curious about seed availability, the difficulties and needs in order to become a self sufficient operation. Also, what kind of electrical and labor supplies a small processing plant would need. Information on the types and the amounts of waste produced, uses for this waste and so on. Please provide any information you might have that may help me to open this type of plant. Thanks.

A #1. What countries in particular? Here in London we are meeting with hemp farmers from Kenya and Uganda who have very similar aims. One has access to a paper plant, in fact, they have cut down the trees around the plant so they need to replace the wood fiber with something local. Hemp is especially good for thin papers. The thinnest that I know is either cigarette paper or 16gsm cosmetic tissue made by a French firm. Papers for Bibles are often made of hemp. Getting seeds is something they are working on. EcoFibres of Australia is in talks with them, though there are other seed banks, mainly in the Soviet bloc. Textile production would be ideal, but it may take a lot of time just now if you are starting out in a Third World country, and you would need to perfect the processes and have the machinery; most do not, and even here in the UK, hemp that was grown for textiles had to be shipped to Romania for processing. Presently we are putting information up at and there you can use the key word search as an index to look at what you want. You can also e-mail me at and I’d be happy to work with you further. Regards, Kenyon Gibson

Hemp Paper Information

Please provide information about the manufacture of hemp paper? Ecoway Italy

A #1. I happen to have a number of experimental recipes that the U.S. government recorded when they were using hemp hurds for paper-making. If these are of use to you maybe, I can copy and send by slow mail. Just now Gmund is perhaps the largest hemp paper company in the world. John Hanson of the UK has been making the best here, with a very distinctive watermark. There will be some amount of information on this at, and you can put in a key word and do a search on it, just like the index to a book.Regards, Kenyon Gibson


Is ultrasonics successful in separation of hemp stalks? If so, who supplies this equipment and how does it work? If you have any compared data about hemp processing for example, chemical method, steam explosion, 

A #1.Dear Mr Sun-mo Kang: My name is Vladimir and I am from Russia. During last 4 years I had research & development programs with UK university and few private companies of absolutely new technology regarding Flax short fibres and Hemp. No chemical at all. The results is abnormal. The quality is confirmed by top specialists. The fibre is so soft, colour is like silver, density is the best known, the length could be regulated from 1 mm to 5 – 7 cm. The area of using is limitless. The textile, filters, plastic panels, etc. If you interested, just write me some information about your company. With the Best Regards, Vladimir

Seeking Raw Hemp and Processor

I am looking for info on machines to process hemp or info on a company that can do it for me . I also would like to know were to get pure hemp before its processed.

A#1. I’d like to know about the processing end too. That seems to be a big problem with hemp farming — not the growing so much as where to get it processed — and by what methods. As pure as possible, hopefully. And transportation to the processing. I wonder if some form of on-site , portable method could be developed. Similar to the portable sawmills used in the timber / forestry business.

A #2. Hello, my name is Dan Scheele.  I am a hemp farmer and have produced both fiber and seed hemp plants.  I may be able to help you with your questions, but I am unsure if you are speaking of seed or fiber?  In terms of seed hemp in Canada, raw seed is a prohibited substance and is regulated under law by Health Canada.  This is mainly so that people don’t grow it themselves, because it is similar in appearance to marijuana and the law enforcers would go nuts trying to differentiate the two.  Fiber hemp, on the other hand, once it is harvested, is not regulated and is considered crop residue, or straw by the laws of the land.  So, you can do whatever you want, like use it for textiles, mix it in cemet, grind it up for various industrial applications, and the list goes on.  Please contact me via email if I can be of more assistance.  Dan Scheele

Processing Hemp for Paper?

I am interested in getting information on processing hemp into toilet paper and hand towels. Also where you can buy the equipment needed to do it. Thank you, Don Keckley

A #5. Hi Dave, Well, if you find a way to make it… I will surely be one to buy it. Nobody has cornered this market, believe me, I have searched. A good place to look how to make it may be in the archives. I know that hemp toilet paper used to be manufactured before growing hemp in the U.S. became illegal. I am sure there must be some information there. Good luck!.
A #4. Does anybody know where I can purchase hemp toilet paper? Thank you, Marnie
A #3. I’m looking for information concerning the transformation of industrial hemp fibers. Is the processing of hemp to make paper similar to the traditional wood fiber methods? In the same sense, is it possible to transform an industry, already running with traditional machinery to make hemp paper without starting all over? Is it possible to adapt traditional machinery to make hemp?
A #2. Hi! I was wondering what the production process for hemp paper is. Does it need the same technology used for making paper from wood? Do you have any information on organosolov and biopulping of tree-free paper and would you know which is most commonly used?
A #1. I am also interested in processing hemp into toilet paper and paper towels. What kind of electrical needs would a small plant have?

Museum Piece for Breaking Stalks

Could you please inform me as to when the old devices for breaking hemp stalks went out of use. These were the ones with the hand lever that fractured the stalks. I recently bought one for a museum and we were wondering as to its possible age. Thank you very much. Philip P. Scott

China, Seeking Hemp Seed Oil Processing Equipment

We are a major importer here in China, and we are now very interested in hemp and hemp products. We would like to grow hemp in large scale and as a result we need equipment for processing hemp seed . Could you please kindly suggest the whereabouts of such equipment or a website?
Yunnan Provincial Import and Export Corporation, Project Manager, Huangtao

Ultrasonic Separation of Hemp

Is ultrasonics successful in separation of hemp stalks? If so, who supplies this equipment and how does it work?