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Seeking Hemp Tarp

I am looking for a 20×20 hemp tarp or larger for my condominium project. Any input is greatly appreciated.  Randy

Hemp Bag for Mulch?

Does anyone know if a tight weave hemp bag could be used for the retail distribution of mulch? Fran F.

Hemp Sail Material Needed

I am looking for hemp ‘sail’ material for original restoration of a 1930’s small yacht. Any ideas? Blair Anderson

Hemp Tarps Needed

I would be interested in a number of sizes of hemp tarps to sell in our retail store if I can find them. Alan Creasey

Hemp for Soft Furnishings

I am a designer of soft furnishings and have been using antique hemp sheets to make my products from. I need a supplier of hemp fabric which closely resembles the antique hemp that I use. I mainly use  French antique hemp sheets to make curtains and accessories but I am finding less time to go out searching for good quality antique sheets around the antique markets in France where I live.  I would like to find a manufacturer of hemp fabric that mirrors as closely as possible to the colour and texture of antique hemp, preferably hand-made on old looms. Many thanks, Lynette Clarke, Confolens, France.

Hemp Cloth Needed

I would be very interested to find a supplier in Canada (BC preferably) in order to purchase hemp cloth suitable for manufacturing flags, banners, pennants, etc.  We do not wish to use ‘synthetic’ or ‘flag’ material. It is very difficult to find information about purchasing on the Internet.
I am opening a small shop, Garden Thyme Herbs, featuring products that promote personal and environmental wellness. I will be making some of the items myself.  I am looking for a wholesale source for hemp supplies including bulk cloth that I can make product from. I am in the USA if that makes a difference.  Any suggestions you have would be most welcome.

#1.  Please contact us with your requirements for flag material. We have produced this product in the past. Best regards, Peter Nyari, TMI Co.

Hemp for Knitting?

Where I could buy hemp yarn for knitting sweaters and other types of clothing. See, I can knit, and would like to knit myself some hemp clothing because to buy hemp clothing as it is, is way too expensive. Could you tell me anywhere I could purchase it in Calgary, Alberta, Canada or maybe order it online somewhere. I know lots of places to find twine and rope but what I want is hemp that is used to make clothing. Thank you very much, I looking forward to your answer.

#4. has a large selection of hemp and wool yarn, ideal for knitting. Everything Hemp – Clothing, Hats, Bags, Bath, Food and Twine – Come Explore – Over 1,000 – Wholesale and Retail. Binghamton, NY, e-mail:

. You can purchase hemp string and yarn at:

. You can buy hemp yarn or twine at:

#1. You can purchase these items at:

Hemp for Spinning?

I would appreciate a phone call to discuss where we might find locate 100% delignified hemp suitable for commercial spinning.  I can be reached at 828-464-0367. Carolina Mills, Inc.

#1 Our company has been working with hemp processors and we might be able to supply you with hemp suitable for commercial spinning. Please e-mail or call me with your requirements. Best regards, Peter Nyari, TMI Co.

Hemp Textile Questions?

I’m from India. I would like to know about hemp, like how to grow it and where can I source it. As I am from textile field, I would like to know the various textiles products manufactured from it and also the process involved in production. I would be happy at least if you suggest a suitable Web site to know about all the above. Thanking you, Madhan Srinivasan

Hemp Canvas Needed

#1. Can you tell me where I might be able to get Hemp canvas in the UK, of a suitable quality for use in tentage, around the 12oz mark? Thanks, Alan Wenham, Albion Canvas Co., Devon, UK

#2. I really need a wholesaler of Hemp Canvas in the UK, preferably on a roll. Looking for over 1000 metres tough fabric.

#3. Can you tell me who sells dyed hemp canvas (14 oz or heavier) in the U.S.? I’m in search of a navy blue and olive hemp fabric for use in the manufacturing of a bag.

Hemp Cloth

In Canada, where is long-fibre hemp cloth produced?

Opening Industrial Hemp Market in Portugal

I am a Portuguese entrepreneur, living in Lisbon, willing to invest in the wholesale and/or retail of hemp products in Europe, namely in Portugal. I also defend the values of the legalization cause and one of the best ways to promote it, I think, is to make hemp clothing and related industrial hemp products readily available to and accessible by, the greatest number of consumers. Here, in Portugal, we are a bit delayed. I wonder if you can help me finding hemp products suppliers that want to expand their activities to Europe in the form of franchises and support me with future contacts.