The North American Industrial Hemp Council is a non-profit membership organization open to all. NAIHC is dedicated to educating the public and government at all levels about the value of industrial hemp.

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Mission and Vision Statements
North American Industrial Hemp Council


  • To reestablish and expand the use of industrial hemp.


  • Form and establish relationships between
    academia, farmers, agribusiness, manufactures, government, public interest groups, and marketing firms with emphasis on land management, economic and environmental considerations;
  • Develop policies to enhance the stewardship of our lands through the sustainable cultivation, product development, manufacturing and marketing of industrial hemp and other comparable annual fiber crops;
  • Promote the development of new products and business based on industrial hemp fibers and seeds;
  • Cooperatively foster a better understanding of industrial hemp and other annual fiber crops and their implications for the environment and rural economic development.

18 responses to “About NAIHC

  1. Hellow there, i am a farmer and i just had my first 50 ha crop of hemp. I was pleased with my results ( 600kg/ha produced C1 seed) so next year im looking to expand to 300 ha of hemp. I need any advice with what should i do with the seeds that i got ( i heard extracting the oil is the most profitable) and any technological advice for the crop.

  2. My name is Randy and I am the YA/Adult programmer for the Floyd County Public Library in Prestonsburg, Kentucky. I am looking for a program/presenter to come to the Library to speak of potential industry that we can start in Eastern Kentucky.

    I recently heard that the state legislature has passed a limited law to allow a testing of hemp growth in the state. I know from history our state once lead the nation in hemp production and aided winning the world war.

    Now the hemp industry has many different and amazing products. I see this as big potential for farmers and possible farmers our area.

    My question is could you put together a class on the “what ifs” of the production of hemp as a source of employment, income, and industry in our area?

    Secondly, if you could put together a presentation, could you do it twice, once at our Prestonsburg location and once at our Minnie location.

    We are looking for new industry, new ways to put our young to work and keep them in Appalachia.

    Thanks you for anything you can do,


    • janet "shay" williams

      Randy. What’s happened in the past two years with hemp career education in Kentucky? I believe you live in present day ground zero for hemp field opportunities. What are YOU trying to accomplish and are you satisfied with where you’re at? What more do you want to accomplish? I believe whole heartedly in this industry or people-profits-planet. My talents lie in creative marketing, education, speaking & research

  3. HGTV gives away a custom decked out home somewhere in the USA each year. It’s time for The HEMP House to go mainstream don’t cha think? Start pitching.

    • I am in discussions with a celebrity host, production company, and Scripps….and am delighted to read your posting! looking towards 2016 dream home edition.

  4. Meher prasad. Hrudayparivar fundation.

    we r intersted in cultivation of industrial hemp in hyderabad india. i have tye up with farmers up to 3000 acrs in andhrapradesh.suggest the rotation crops of fiber based .please mailime all the details.

  5. please send sample by post to 64 rasool park, lahore 54600. punjab. pakistan stating free samples, no commercial value

  6. we are interested in import of hemp plastic granuals for the local market please send scientific literature, sample by post and oblige. address 64 rasool park, lahore 54600. punjab. pakistan.

  7. Lot of things have been happening recently! What is the NAIHC doing to make US Hemp legal ASAP??

  8. Mr. Blair M. Phillips

    I neen strong waxed black 8 strand hemp twine. I don’t want to make pirate jewelry. It has to be strong.
    Please contact

  9. Icemochalatte420

    dude what you’re doing is an awesome idea! I’ve been trying to get people to see all the the good things hemp can do. I hope you find the help you need to make this work, good luck!

  10. Researches needed. All areas for large plan. Intern only stage w/large opportunities possible upon execution. NDA required prior to commencement. Looking to move quickly. Inquire at email address.

  11. We are a large and well-established US-based spinner and dyer of yarns. Who sells spinnable fiber? Please have them contact me SAP. Thank you.

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  13. To see how we can cure our Country’s addiction to petroleum please visit:
    I would like to discuss this with you. Please contact me at:
    Harry Lee
    PO Box 257
    Crestwood, KY 40014

  14. More power to you! I fully support your vision and mission. I would be very interested to stay abreast of breaking developments in this industry.

  15. Where could I buy huge rolls of hemp paper?

    Please let me know, I’m bouncing some ideas around with some people.

    Nice vision.

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