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Yield Per Acre

Can anyone help by telling me how many tons of raw material can be harvested from one acre of industrial hemp?

Thank you, Shrestha


So – is hemp classified as an oilseed ??? or what?  Eileen

Hemp Straw Animal Bedding Research Questions

I’m studying for my last year as master industrial engineer in agriculture of temperate regions, at Institut Superieur Industriel in agronomy of Huy, Belgium.  I realise my memory of end of study on the recovery of the hemp straw animal bedding, and an economic analysis comparing the differents litters. My work takes place in a Belgian horse, and at the laboratory of ecology of grasslands in Michamps (Bastogne).  I’m sorry because my english is not perfect..

In fact, I find interesting and important to take the advice of a maximum of scientists to carry out my work. So, I would like to briefly describe you what it will be.

In Belgium, there has not yet defibring units of hemp. Only one unit of ”masticotage” (partial defibring) will come on stream in 2010 to enhance hemp in construction.

My study concern therefore about a feasibility study to upgrade the hemp straw into animal bedding. A first part concerns the intrinsic qualities of hemp straw (water holding capacity, speed of imbibition, ionics adsorption, bacterial infections, etc.) and the behavior of animals (first step : with horses) in this litter.

The second part will be to characterize the types of mincing or grinding (chopping?) possible in Belgium and Walloon Region. A priori defibring complete units are not obvious to establish because the acres of hemp would not follow.. So I seek to establish various types of family or craft hemp chopping, and so determine the properties of products obtained by these methods (specific surface, etc.) and their influences on the behavior of the litter, and estimate the cost of such facilities.

My last part is a technical and economic comparison of litter on the market today.

I would like to speak with you about the various kinds of grinding or chopping, as well as my methods of analysis on animal bedding. I know your region is more developped that Walloon Area. So I liked too to know how was developped the industry of hemp in your regions, and what type of machine chopping and grilling can we consider here in Belgium while we are on the beginning of hemp cultivation.

Eventually, if you think you have any documents or information that you would be useful for writing my paper, could you send me? Thank you for your cooperation. Sincerely, Olivier AUBRY

Work-related Drug Testing

Is there any danger in work-related drug testing coming up with a positive drug result when routinely consuming Hemp seed daily in the diet. Thank you! Connie

Growing Industrial Hemp in Southern Africa

I am interested in growing hemp in Southern Africa, namely in Botswana and was wondering if I can find a market for unprocessed hemp and how to go about it. There is currently no hemp processing plant in Botswana therefore to make any profit on the crop I will need to export. Is that feasible, considering transport costs?

How does one go about setting up a small processing plant and what machinery is essential for that?

Lastly, what is the minimum size of land needed to grow hemp on a commercial scale in a place like Botswana?  Thanks, Sean

Biofuel Yield?

Does anyone know how much fuel oil can a one acre plot of hemp yield? Tom

Industrial Hemp Benefits – and Questions

Hemp has several undeniable benefits. The profitability of industrial hemp is somewhat up for debate considering it is not competitively priced with any of it’s alternatives (ie cotton, tree paper, plastic, etc). They say it’s because it’s all imported and in a small niche market. The argument goes that if hemp were legal, farmers would grow it, factories would flourish, and hemp products would become cheaper than their unsustainable alternatives through economy of scale.

However, Industrial Hemp is already legal in much of the developed world- Europe, China, Australia, Canada, just to name a few. These countries grow hemp and can legally conduct as much research as they want.

So, why do these developed countries have such primitive hemp industries? If hemp has so much potential for profit, why has China not produced Hemp like they produce any other product? Some countries have never banned hemp- yet the industry suffered as if it were banned. Why do these countries not pursue hemp to its full potential?

Thanks – Ben

Site Remediation with Hemp?

I live in London ON. We have in our city Canada’s largest PCB land polluted area in the country. I would like to know why, no one has suggested using cannabis sativa L to clean up the site by means of phytro-remediation.  Could possibly use help from a agricultural college, like Port Dalhousie’s College? please forgive spelling errors.

Peace be with you
Peace be to all
Brother Wayne J MacIver

Hemp for Flood Control?

Would hemp have withstood the recent floods in Iowa? All I could find on it was this:

The Himalayan region of Bangladesh (from “bhang” cannabis, “la” land, and “desh” people) signs an anti-drug pact with the U.S., agreeing not to grow hemp.

Since that time there has been only light moss covering the steep slopes of this flash-flood region which once were lush with hardy hemp. Millions of acres of topsoil have been washed away and native peoples of the country have suffered disease, starvation, and decimation due to unrestrained flooding.

Please let the farmers grow hemp for fiber, food and fuel!!

Oxalate Content of Hemp Seeds and Hemp Seed Milk

Can you tell me the oxalate content of hemp seeds and hemp seed milk?Thanks, Susan Owens

Industrial Hemp Brochure Published

Industrial Hemp Brochure Published
Printed on hemp paper, this NAIHC brochure explains the many econonic and environmental reasons for once again allowing U.S. farmers to grow industrial hemp — a crop grown and valued by both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Includes comments and photos of NAIHC directors. (PDF file, requires Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®, available free.

Hemp Grain and Fiber Yields?

What’s a reasonable expectation for industrial hemp yields?

How to Clean Hemp Bell Ringing Rope?

Bell ringers have dirty hands and the ropes get soiled. I need to clean the ropes as the soiling destroys the natural plyability of the rope. How? Dry clean? Wash? Or buy new rope? Reply please to my email. Thanks, Eugene

Kenyon Gibson’s New Book on Hemp?

Where can I buy  the new “Hemp for Victory” book?

#1.  Kenyon Gibson’s new book is titled: Hemp for Victory: History and Qualities of the World’s Most Useful Plant. Paperback, printed on treefree hemp paper. Mina Hegaard of Minawear Hemp Clothing is one US distributor. U.S. retail price is $29.95. Bulk orders can be made via Kenyon Gibson, or from the publisher’s site,  More information is available from Kenyon Gibson or from his web site which includes a link to a recent Guardian article about hemp and the book.

Kansas Questions?

Would the wild hemp left over from WW II era in Kansas be considered industrial hemp? Are there different varieties for seed or fiber? What would the dollar value per acre for a hemp crop be and where would a grower sell the crop grown in Kansas? Bill Marr

Where is Industrial Hemp Legal?

Do you have a complete and current list of which countries have legalized industrial hemp growing/production? Is Ecuador one of those countries? What about Nicaragua? Can you give me contact info on Growers/Producers/Suppliers in Ecuador and/or Nicaragua? Or anywhere is Central and/or South America? Please send complete Global (Legal) Growing Countries list and info asap. Thanks! Regards and Rewards, Steve Kelley

DEA Plans for Hemp?

Dear Folks, I commend you on the work you’re doing to reintroduce hemp to American farms. I have recently heard both exciting and frightening news. The exciting news is that California and North Dakota may be the first two states to grow hemp again. The frightening news is that the DEA may be planning to only allow genetically morphed varieties of the species that don’t look like hemp. Is there any truth to this? If so, does the NAIHC have any plans to prevent this from happening? One of the best things about hemp is that it is currently a non-GMO crop. What a disgrace this would be if it was America that screwed it up! THC content will vary depending on UV exposure. If the DEA manipulates a new hybrid to not only look different from hemp, but to produce zero THC, couldn’t this compromise fiber and seed yields and quality? What are ramifications for the cannabis species as a whole if this strain “jumps the fence”? Thanks for your time. I look forward to a response. Perry Boero

Nutritional Profile?

Hello : I see there is a big difference between hemp and marijuana in reference to THC and CBD content. Are you aware of any differences as to the nutritional profile ie, omega 3, 6, GLA etc. in comparing hemp and cannabis? Thanks, Richard of Mother Hubbard’s

Hemp Mat for Diving Board?

I have an old swimming pool diving board that was manufactured in 1937. I am attempting to restore it for display at our municipal swimming pool. When the board was new, it had a covering that looked like woven hemp. One small bit of the covering is still attached to the board. It appears to be thin hemp ropes woven together. The purpose of the covering was to prevent slipping. I’m in a desperate hurry. Our pool improvement dedications is coming up very soon. Where can I find a similar product? Judy Goeringer

Pelletizing Hemp?

My name is Dan Scheele, and I am a hemp farmer in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada. I am researching the possibility of pelletizing hemp fiber and I would very much appreciate information about any research on pelletizing industrial hemp.