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Putting PT 728 Back in Action

My name is Scott Sondles and I am the Co-founder of HempStrong LLC, a hemp based consumer product company from Columbus, OH USA. We plan on specializing in hemp body care, hemp supplements and hemp clothing. I am also currently writing a book regarding the legalization of industrial hemp in America.

I am looking for a company to work with to use hemp fibers to replace the hull of a PT boat (Patrol Torpedo boat) from World War 2. My father is the head director of the Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton, Ohio and his non-profit has purchased one of two PT boats that are still in working condition. They are stripping the boat after discovering the wood under the deck had absorbed too much water.

Here is information and a picture of the boat, with more photos here. This boat is very unique in America and has gotten a large amount of press the past year including a blurb in USA Today.

These boats were originally made from wood, but the previous owner of PT 728 had redone the entire hull with fiberglass. This allows the owner of the boat to legally take passengers on board and make money. The only other PT boat that is functioning is still made of wood so it can’t take passengers (it’s in Oregon right now). PT 728 currently has half of its underside stripped and they are repairing the inner wooden ribs right now.

After learning that the owner is looking to use an alternative to glass fiber, I educated him on the possibility of using hemp and he is very interested. His museum likes the idea of possibly marketing the “Hemp for Victory” campaign since the museum specializes in World War 2. This could help educate American consumers about the potential of industrial hemp.

Do you know of any companies which could help with this project?

Thanks, Scott Sondles

Bottling Company Plans to Go with Industrial Hemp

True Artesian Bottling Co. is a new bottler wishing to partner with like minded people. We originally tried to start with a biopolymer made from corn. But alas, the recyclers don’t like it, and NatureWorks, the producers of the new corn plastic, have put a moratorium on new bottlers getting the preforms to produce the bottles. It seems to me that hemp would be an excellent alternative. We own the source well and property. Producing world class natural water in an eco-friendly bottle made from hemp, would be a natural pathway to success. Talk to us. Doug Houseworth,

Hemp Structural Panel Questions

How would a Hemp structural panel, similar to an external house door or car body panel compare in cost and performance with GRP panel? What are its strengths and fire resistant properties ? What thickness panel would be suitable as a skin for a composite domestic door? We would be obliged if you could provide a link to technical information on Hemp.  jhinch

How to Make Hemp Plastic Bottles?

Hi, I am trying to find out how to trurn hemp into plastic bottles. If anyone knows or has any information on this post it here. John Tolle-Barlow

Formula for Hemp Plastic Production?

We are in the hemp food manufacturing business in Canada and wish to diversify into hemp plastic production. We are looking for a formula to produce the plastic and examples of some equipment applications. As a by-product of our food production we have excess oil and would like to know if we could apply the oil to form the plastic.

Hemp Plastic?

How can hemp be made into plastic?

NetComposites – A Free Resource on Composites

We have discovered that you are involved in reinforced plastics and composites, so we think you will be interested in NetComposites (, a free resource for composites on the web. You can use our industry web portal to get the very latest composites news, events information and career opportunities. We also have an active discussion forum and a comprehensive 60-page guide to composites for those new to the subject, supporting the use of composites worldwide. If you need more detailed knowledge, we run six of the world’s most comprehensive composites stores, holding well over 550 books, videos, CDs, market reports, journals and software products, all on composites and all available on-line. And to get information with minimal effort, every week our free industry newsletter is sent to well over 9,000 composites professionals in 76 countries. You can subscribe to this on-line. Visit

Hemp Plastics Sources

I’m looking for hemp-based plastics and hemp-based plastic binder for use in hemp fibre composites. Does anyone have a source for such materials? Can you put me in touch with anyone with information and sources? Vancouver, B.C.