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  1. Hello. I’m a plant medicine maker for my community and have been for over 30 years. My source for 18% CBD paste has stopped responding to order emails. I’m looking for an ethical organic producer who is willing to sell 50 grams at a time of CBD paste to a small business person like me. Thank you.

  2. To all you hemp growers and wanna be hemp growers be advised if you don’t have a buyer source before planting, get ready for some tough going. The only people making money at this point are the people who sell you seed, seed starts, soil amendments and other miscellaneous goods. When you ask the people who are selling you all this stuff ‘where can I sell once I harvest”? They reply ” we don’t provide buyers”. I will be in my 5th year and will not put anything into the ground or spend money until I know where to sell product. Additionally in my opinion it’s better to JV with an extractor as opposed to selling your biomass. With that being said you need to be very SPECIFIC in your agreement.
    Good Luck

    • Ron, Hi. I agree with you. We are great growers and are in search of buyers for our hemp fiber plants. The State of Alabama has made it very hard for all of us licensed growers but we are determined to find a buyer and promote the uses of hemp fiber. We realize we should have had a buyer first, but without experience many of those buyers are reluctant to commit. Now we have that experience and have a beautiful crop in the field. Do you have any buyer info or perhaps point me in the right direction? 813-956-0990

  3. I see that it takes 40 pounds of hemp flower to produce 1 kg of CBD oil.does that mean dry flowers or wet flowers?

  4. I represent a large Hemp farm in Northern California. We are always searching for purchasers and new ways to bring our CBD flowers and biomass to market!!

  5. If there is anyone that is interested in turning their cbd crude into full spec distillate our lab can do 300 liters per day finished product. Please feel free to contact me 5412136857

  6. how many pounds of hemp flower does it take to get one kilo of crude

  7. Alexis Castaneda

    Hemp flower available. 19.1% CBD!
    650/lb Call or Text 509 310 9729

  8. Grew a test plot it Shenandoah valley Virginia. I have about 1000 pounds of biomass 10%+ CBD. Any interested buyers?

  9. How many pounds of Bio Mass if its 10% + CBD content to make a Kilo of Isolate

  10. How many kg CBD oil can we get from 1000 lbs biomass?

  11. Wholesale 99.9% pure isolate domestic available with COA

    Looking for Volume buyers $5199 per Kilo

  12. Anyone who can support in purification process, column chromatography and ultrasonic techniques please contact me.

  13. anthony simeonov

    Looking for hemp flower. What are your prices?

    • Brent Tillman

      I have a crop in the field. Until I have a final product it’s hard to give you a price quote. I plan to sell for the market price of premium flower. So far everything is looking great. Keep in touch and I hope to do business with you after harvest.

    • 27 per lb. I’ve got all you can handle

    • Space Kandy
      Outdoor – New Mexico Trimmed/Seedless
      Air dried (Hung) and cured 24.3% Cannabinoids
      0-49 lbs / $625 50-99 lbs / $ 525 100-500 lbs / $ 425 500+ / $ 375
      EL Jefe
      Outdoor – New Mexico Trimmed/Seeded
      Air dried (Hung) and cured 20.21% Cannabinoids
      0-49 lbs / $260 50-99 lbs / $ 235
      100-500 lbs / $ 185 500+ / $ 135
      EL Jefe
      Outdoor – New Mexico Trimmed/Lightly Seeded Air dried (Hung) and cured 20.21% Cannabinoids
      0-49 lbs / $415 50-99 lbs / $ 315 100-500 lbs / $ 265 500+ / $ 215
      Outdoor – New Mexico Trimmed/Seeded
      Air dried (Hung) and cured 20.31% Cannabinoids
      0-49 lbs / $260 50-99 lbs / $235100-500 lbs / $ 185 500+ / $ 135
      Outdoor – New Mexico Trimmed/Lightly Seeded Air dried (Hung) and cured

      20.31% Cannabinoids 0-49 lbs / $415 50-99 lbs / $ 315 100-500 lbs / $ 265 500+ / $ 215

      • Arbor Worxs Inc

        1000’s of lbs of Kentucky grown greenhouse and outdoor smokable, multiple varieties, hung and cool dried, 50 lbs from $200 to $300 per lb. 502-408-6279, Don

    • Did you find the Hemp you were needing? If not we have Organic High Quality Hemp available for sale.

    • Please give me a call,
      We have around 22,000 pounds of Suver Haze at 16.9 % CBD, 12,000 pounds frosted Lime 15.2%.
      I’m out of Franklin, TN.
      Donna Myers

  14. James Christopher

    assuming you are starting with the highest quality of hemp biomass how many kilos of distilled high quality CBD oil can be expected from 100 pounds of the biomass or how many pounds of the biomass does it take to make one kilo of CBD oil

  15. Hello, i am Carlo i from Haiti, i am very interested in the hemp market so i am in an organization and we already have all to grow hemp there. But we are searching about investors. If anyone want to invest in our future production please get in touch with us by texting in this number +509 3856 6565

  16. Hi. My father and I are in Virginia and have planted 1 acre of premium, organic, high CBD hemp. We are a small family business, licensed to grow, focused on quality smokable flower production. We project to harvest 2000lbs of terpene rich, 10%+ CBD flower. We are currently accepting pre-orders and are willing to work with you on your short and long term needs. Amazing genetics, Boax and Siskiyou Gold varieties.

  17. Couple veterans starting a small CBD hemp farm in Western Colorado this year. Im only doing one acre right now to see if there are interested buyers and contacts. If so I can go up to 10 acres next year. Any potential buyers or feedback id love to hear from.

  18. I am going to be growing hemp for CBD in Wisconsin this year for the first time, looking at around 5 acres and looking for a buyer. Seeds have not yet been purchased so I can suit to the buyers want. Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing.

    Cell: 815 541 5137

  19. Is HEMP legal to grow in Ecuador ?

  20. Rob Hartley
    I’m in Wisconsin and have a test plot for the Wis Dept of AG.
    I have purchased high quality seeds to produce the best CBD. The soil has been prepared last fall for max potential. I will be looking for a buyer for my crop in late Aug or early Sept of this year. Please contact me via email

  21. Looking for 30,000 lbs 11%+ for 50/50 splits to CBD isolate in our lab in California. If you’re an investor you could buy the biomass and do the deal. We can sell your half of the isolate too if needed. 2 week turn atound.

    text 503.505.2635

  22. J. Basil Mattingly

    How much CBD oil can be extracted from 2000 lbs of Hemp ?

    • Depends on % CBD and if its cured / dried properly, and overall a decent homogenized material, if we were able to see a Few COAs and photos of the product we could give a initial estimate, we could also accept a sample 100 lb batch and run it into raw crude oil, then distillate, and isolate to give a better picture of the entire 2000lbs yield. We toll process and contract with farmers in our western CO lab and will have machine hours available within a week.

      • Interested in learning more information about the biomass extraction. We have a farm here in the four corner area. COAs with between 0.2-0.3% THC and 6-10% CBD. Interested in buying offers as well.

  23. Looking for buyers for CBD isolate 99.7%
    500kg contracts
    2,000kg spot buys

  24. We have standing orders for
    Isolate and full spectrum oil.
    suppliers needed .
    Coast Commodity inc.
    Long Beach , Ca. 310.904.9712

  25. Hey there, I’m currently looking for a cbd distillate buyer. Have up to 300 liters per month at 70-85%

  26. How many pounds of flower material needed to produce 1000 kilos of CBD oil

  27. Hi everyone, I am looking to find a buyer for my hemp.I am located in the US and will be growing on hundreds of acres in southeast Asia. I have the permission from the governments there and all of the permits and licenses needed . We will be up and running soon . I will work with the buyer on how they want the plant and I will beat anyones prices . Again our operation is just getting off the ground and this will be a great opportunity for a buyer to get in early with us. Our goal is to be the biggest suppler of hemp to the US. I will also be producing and importing CBD oil.

    I am the owner of FIRSTBORN FARMS we are the largest producer of high cbd hemp in the state of Oregon. We are offering TOLL FARMING to prospective partners at a rate of 13,500 per acre for the 2019 season this will be our second year at the top of the ODA list. Contact me for details as spots move quickly. 541-841-6767

  29. iam putting a one hundred acre of hemp how do I contact byers

  30. I don’t have enough room to grow it but I want to get into the hemp, CBD business who would be the best wholesaler to purchase from. wood ceiling CBD from my home and online the profitable if I’m buying the product from someone else.

    • Hi there, I hope the very best for your new venture!!! Have you found the supplier you were looking for?I would be happy to support you, if you need any additional help!

  31. I would like to know how many gallons of cbd oil i can extract from one acre. Also what are the market prices of the types of cbd oil non psychoactive 0.3% thc

  32. Looking to buy 30 pounds a week of fresh CBD flowers for my company

  33. Kindle C Lancaster

    How much dried bud does it take to make 1 kilo of CBD isolate?

  34. How many hemp plant does it take to produce one kilogram of powder?

  35. Hi, I am in Memphis, TN. Looking into growing 4-6 acres of hemp for cbd for the first time this coming year. Does anyone know any processing facilities nearby? Or anyone that is interested in raw materials.

    • We will be processing for CBD for the coming year and also will be offering clones for sell this spring. Located in Selmer, TN.

  36. Justin of Rick’s Monster Grow in Oregon here I am looking for a company for tolling 60 + acres of hemp to isolate or distillate. We also have the following products available, please give me a call 541-860-8694:BUDMASS – 69,000 LBS
    • 40,000 lbs Budmass 16.6 – 17.3 % CBD
    • 3,000 lbs Budmass
    • 20,000 lbs Candy Land Budmass 16-18% CBD
    • 800-1,000 Special Sauce & Space Candy Budmass 10-12% CBD
    • 5,000 lbs Special Sauce Budmass 13-16% CBD

    HAND TRIM – 300 LBS
    • 300 lbs Candy Land Hand Trim 18% CBD

    ROUGH TRIM – 300 LBS
    • 300 lbs rough main cola – $27,000 asking price

    • 18,000 liters Full Spectrum Winterized crude oil

  37. I am looking to learn the yield per pound of hemp to full spectrum CBD oil?

  38. We are interested in growing industrial hemp in Niageria. Please help/guide us. Please send us detailed scientific literature on the following,how to make news print and hemp paper,from hemp hurds,. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated in this regard.

  39. OK, I have a few questions and would love some help 🙂

    What percentage of Hemp is turned into Seed? Fiber? Stalk? Cord? Isolate? Oil?

    How many pounds of Flower is produced per year?

    What is the process with the large Decorticator plants. How many are there in the US and where?

    What is “Whole plant extract” exactly derived from?

    How much full spectrum Juice is need to make 1 kilo of CBD isolate?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

    • The first question needs reevaluating the second question second question depends upon whether you grow from seed or clone and what’s your nutrients are in the soil
      The third question is grow yourself a plant by seed Harvest don’t kill it don’t pull it out of the ground Let It Grow it is a perennial it will come back next year and nobody’s going to tell you where and nobody’s going to tell you how many it’s not going to happen.
      Thesaurus question is unanswerable

  40. Leonard A. Zaragoza

    how much water is needed to grow 1 acre of hemp ?

  41. Industrial Hemp flowers available, Whole sale and minimlal orders accepted, buds comes with the lab result both from the state and private lab, no bs, serious inquiries only.
    -Suzy Q 13.8%CBD and 0.2 THC
    -Cherry #5: Cbd 18.04%,….Thc. 0.2%
    -Kiln Dried Hemp CBD 9.05%….. THC 0.2%
    -Berry Blossom CBD:15%. 0.3:THC
    -Cannatonic………..10%CBD, 0.1%THC
    -Stephen Hawking Kush 15% CBD……0.2%THC
    -Lemon Drop: CBD:18%, THC 1%

    Hand harvested, clean dried (3-4% moisture. You can visit farm and collect products or we ship. Email / Text or call +1(502) 653-9407

  42. Looking for a purchaser of industrial hemp seed oil that will be grown and manufactured in-house. Can not seem to find a market value or wholesale value anywhere to present to investors.
    Little knowledge, lotta plant!

  43. Hello

    My question is how much cbd isolate can be produced from an acre of hemp ?

    Thank you Mike

  44. Karl jefferies

    How much CBD resin can you get from 1 hectare of hemp and how much would it be worth

  45. Karl jefferies

    How much resin can you get from 1 hectare of of hemp, and how much would it be worth

  46. I live in San Francisco, CA in an old house, in a basement studio apartment with a dsintegrating concrete floor covered with cracked linoleum. I am allergic to whatever is under the linoleum, some kind of dry adhesive. My plan is to replace the concrete with Hempcrete, but don’t know where to purchase it, So far all my searches have run dry. Any suggestions as to where to buy this product? I hear its good for people with allergies.

  47. Low THC with highest CBD level for BiPolar

  48. How much cbd oil per acre

  49. How many tons of hemp CBD leaves can you harvest per acre ?

  50. I am a licensed hemp grower in MN. I am nearing completion on my food processing facility where I will be cold pressing hemp seed for oil and flour. I am looking for wholesale buyer of oil and hemp flour. Please share if you have any contacts or call 612-240-5440

  51. Jake Uebersetzig

    we are looking to grow some hemp here in Wisconsin but want to find buyers before we invest in seed and put it in the ground. Please contact me if you will be looking to buy any raw hemp this growing season. Thanks in advance!

  52. Jeremiah T Leonard

    Hello can anyone give me a rough idea on how much drying square footage is needed per acre to dry CBD hemp flower. We are planning on growing 1750 plants per acre

  53. Hello I have been thinking about growing hemp for some time now but the only problem I’m facing is how to harvest it. I don’t have alot of money for new equipment. My family has owned this farm for a long time so we have the basics swather for crop and hay and a combine with a pick up header. I’m wondering if it’s possible to do the harvest with that equipment or am I gonna have to at least get a straight cut header?

    • We represent a large manufacturer in California, looking for consistent

      99% cbd isolate roughly 120-150 kilos a month.

      A consistent farmer for raw hemp.

      Contact me anytime@ 916 476 7689 thank you

  54. How much does a cbd hemp flower weight?

  55. Good Morning.

    Can industrial hemp make old coal mine land fertile again?

  56. Hi Everyone,

    I have a Buyer from a large MLM cosmetics company who wants 20000-30000 KG of CBD Isolate 99.9% A Month on a yearly contract. Contact Me at 872-221-3042 via text or call and leave a voicemail.

  57. Hi, looking for a toll extraction facility in Croatia or Eastern Europe.
    Can anyone assist with contacts please

  58. Hello. My name is Justin. And I have 100 acres that I’m slowly turning into a high cbd hemp farm.. I’m looking for a financial backer, I have contracts with a buyer for everything I grow,.! I had a few acres in production this year and and the buyers were very happy with the product and said they want me to produce 500k plants this coming year. The bad part is i don’t have the finacial capitol to put my whole farm into production next year without an investor. If anybody is interested please contact me. I’m based in colorado.

  59. How much is high cbd raw hemp material selling for per pound.?

    • Depends on the product – the variation is so wide… some folks testing flowers but selling whole plant stripped (minus stems) … some folks selling top buds and kolas. I would not sell the primo stuff for under $200 a pound. Good hemp flower for CBD is a good or better than any ACDC/cannatonic or Therapy you can get in a dispensary which sells for $250 an ounce. If people farmed hemp they would value the time and labor that goes into the product… anything around 100$ is going to be fully stripped material – I’d rather have the buds because I can grind them later and at least I can put my hands on the quality I am getting.

      • really useful info Richard, we started the hemp business this year and hand trimmed and dried the buds, not whole plant, and everything is legal, but we are struggling to find the contracters or buyers for a fair price like you say somehow..

        • 100 euro a kilo ? That is a steal…. our production cost is 16-20 $ a pound and that does not include the labor of 16 hour days for 6 weeks during harvest… I hope people start to appreciate this medicine ! 🙂

          • I hope buyers could see this also:) we worked really hard on this, and did a lot of work related to it. Well, we don’t have much this year since it is the first year for us, in total around 150kg trimmed buds, and now stored in good condition waiting to be sold, if you would have any contact who is willing to buy trimmed buds, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
            We are planning to find also contractors for next year, since we learned a lot through this year and our price is really competitive in the market though.

          • Are you in Europe or in the US? If in Europe perhaps you would have success in UK? In the US there is certainly a market for this product but you need to have potency testing and competitive prices. Believe me, I understand the workload – we are in the middle of it and it is extremely intense.

          • You will always move product WAY faster if you extract the oil from your hemp and have it refined into THC free oil and/or isolate. I could sell everything you have in finished goods form. Not sure where you guys are located but try and find an extraction facility that will do it at a fair price or as a tolling deal.

          • Hello, GC:) thank you for your reply. maybe we can exchange contact? We do have some contacts with extractors. write us by

          • We are in Europe, Richard, it’s quite complicated here, good luck with your harvest, and keep in contact:)

  60. European dry cod hemp buds, hand trimmed, futura 75 strain. 100 euros/ kg, contact

  61. Also as a newer grower what literature or forums I should be made aware of ?

  62. Does anyone have a listing of companies buying bulk stalk , seed, or Hurd?
    Current location in VT..anyone in the northeast ??

  63. Rich Carrillo @Far Quarter Hemp, LLC

    Hello all,
    I will have around 100lbs of decarbed hemp flower and trim ready to sell in two weeks. Half of the crop testing at 12% cbd, the other half at 9% cbd. All naturally grown under the Colorado sun without pesticides, fungicide, herbicide. If you require a full COA I can make that available, as well. $100/lb. Let me know if interested. Thank you!

    Otto II and BaOx seed also available.

    Richard Carrillo
    Far Quarter Hemp, LLC

  64. I am representing two large farms in Central Oregon who are harvesting and processing 11K lbs and 40+K lbs of organically grown rich CBD hemp. The farm with 11K lbs has two strains. One testing at 18% CBD and the other at 11.7% CBD. Both under the .3% THC. If you are interesting in buying bulk please reach out to me at number below.

    Paul Smith
    Matchlight Consulting LLC
    (541) 410-6703

  65. Hi, i would like to ask if anybody has any idea how much weight of dry based hemp buds to produce 1 kg of CBD oil?
    Thank you so much in advance!

  66. Have 25 acres of International seed, non gmo, untreated Usda organic certified hemp. 2/3% cbd. will extract and sell. first come, first served!

  67. I’m looking for someone that can ship me industrial hemp seeds to Thailand, yes it’s now legal…. For industrial hemp not the other.

  68. Will be harvesting around 250 lbs of hemp cbd flower in the next week. $450 per lb. let me know if interested

    • Organic ? What is your minimum order ? Thank you!

      • Yes all organic. I’m in Oregon, where are you located. Would prefer to sell at least 100 lb at a time.

        • I’m in Santa Fe. I can’t do that much though. I’m a product maker but on a small scale. Thanks for the quick reply!

          • GD Organic Hemp

            Hi Terre! I am also in Oregon and have a few acres of high CBD hemp flower for sale – all 100% organically grown. I am willing to sell smaller quantities and especially interested in folks looking to make medicine with good intentions. Send me a text and we can get on the phone and chat – 617-501-5734. I can send you pictures of the farm too… I like people to be connected to what we are doing.

  69. Roger Savain Jr.

    I am representing a group of Hemp farmers in North Carolina. We have available the following:
    Availability of 100,000 lbs of 2000 lb totes of dried, cleaned, color sorted hemp seed that has not been dehulled. It will have been tested by our USDA food grade standards. The seed was grown from AOSCA certified genetics from Italy.
    Shipments will be FOB from Wilmington, NC USA
    Next year we will have available 10 million lb.

    Please advise of interest.
    Roger Savain Jr
    240-676-4666 cell

  70. Abigael Blessing

    I have started making heavy duty hemp rope shoes, but since the sole is rope it is not practical since even walking across grass with dew makes the shoes slippery and wet for hours. I was thinking about flex seal, or rubber dip, but need the shoes to stay flexible and the bottom not be tacky once cured. Something that wouldn’t need to be reapplied very often would be ideal. Any ideas?

    • There is a system called VULCANIZADO, vulcanización, this system allows you to hit to aclopar a sole of plastic to the same sole of rope that you have done.
      look on the Internet vulcanized hemp espadrilles and I think you’ll find out what you need, but you already tell me about it and I’m looking for some video that I’ve seen doing this fabricasiòn.
      a greeting

    • Abigael, what about recycling old tires, tread face down, as soles and binding your hemp shoe to it? I’ve had a pair of Splaff flip flops now for close to a decade and haven’t worn them out.

  71. Kyle cashwell

    I own a small family farm in south eastern NC I farm around 380ac of corn and beans I want to know where a buyer is located and how close to me is it feasible for me to try this the NC PILOT PROGRAM is pretty vague if someone could point me into the rite direction or put me in contact with a buyer I would appreciate it ty

    • colton elwood

      hi kyle if your looking to get rid of your raw hemp or need any help with anything i would love to talk please give me a call or text at 1 (509) 319-9265

      • Hi Colton, we are in Oregon and will be growning hemp for the coming season, can you tell me what are the prices for selling the raw hemp please? Thanks

    • Would you be interested in cultivating four or five acres initially if I pay for the cost of the cultivation license? Im interested in contracting specific strains ( hemp), for CBD .

      Im located in Spartanburg SC.

      Edward Palmer

    • email me and then we can talk more!

    • Floyd Rutherford , Principal USA hemp Biotech 207-317-9061 text or call anytime

  72. Interested in working with US buyers of industrial hemp. Applying for permit in SC and will have to have a market for my crop. Please reply with contact, location, type of facility, planned uses, and production needs. Thanks LGF

    • colton elwood

      hi larry if your looking to get rid of your raw hemp or need any help with anything i would love to talk please give me a call or text at 1 (509) 319-9265

    • Hi Larry. Im located in Spartanburg SC. interested in contracting 4-5 acres of cultivar specific CBD heavy hemp. Ive been in contact with ag at Clemson and have been speaking with the State for a year now.and would be happy to put together the research profile.

      Im available at 315-289-7802

      love to have the opportunity to talk with you.

  73. Judy Laney

    I have been suffering from (HERPES SIMPLEX) disease for the past four years and had constant pain that really drove me crazy,especially in my knees. During the first year,I had faith in God that i would be healed someday.This disease started circulating all over my body and i have been taking treatment from my Doctor, few weeks ago i came on search on the internet if i could get any information concerning the prevention of this disease, on my search i saw a testimony of someone who has been healed from (Hepatitis B and STAGE3 cancer) by this Man Rick Simpson, and she also gave the email address of this man and advise we should contact him for any sickness that he would be of help, so i wrote to Rick Simpson, telling him about my (HERPES Virus) he told me not to worry that i was going to be cured!! hmm i never believed it..well after all the procedures and remedy given to me by this man few weeks later i started experiencing changes all over me as the Dr assured me that i have been cured,after some time i went to my doctor to confirm if i have been finally healed, behold it was TRUE, So friends my advise is if you have such sickness or any other at all you can Email:{}

  74. Hi,
    What is the minimum order and your price for wholesalers and for retailers?
    Kind regards

  75. Hi Ronald
    We have a farm in Lithuania where we are growing a hemp. We have a sertificate from Germany about our CBD hemp oil (30% CBD and THC 0.2) We are looking for the buyers. Can you help with any contacts please? I will appreciate it.

    • colton elwood

      hi david if your looking to get rid of your raw hemp or need any help with anything i would love to talk please give me a call or text at 1 (509) 319-9265

    • I’m a buyer call me 2073179061 Floyd Rutherford USA hemp biotech

    • Hello Andrew,

      I’m a buyer of hemp biomass and products please contact me with details. Would love to speak with you on what’s available.

  76. Gregg Holtzman

    I have a cosmetic line that I would like to infuse with CBD. what are the legality’s of selling in USA?

    • Hi, if you use industrial hemp seed certified by the European community, I believe that you will not have problems with the traceability of CBD products, since you use a plant that contains by LEY in Europe a THC of not more than 0.2%.

      You only have to study the correct percentage that you have to have of CBD so that it can be optimal for human consumption and the traceability of the raw materials have to be transparent before the health authorities.

      The FDA does not believe that you have problems, because many companies do, they buy the raw material in Europe because it meets the requirements of non-psychoactive THC

      In the month of June to North Carolina, I begin with an industrial plantation to show their ways of planting, caring, collecting, transforming and trading the production, whether raw material or final product.

      We have authorization from the DEA and the FDA for the importation of the seeds I have started a
      a greeting
      Ronald Coquis

  77. Hello I am a small farmer in Wv and I’m looking to get into the growning of Industry Hemp being that West Virginia just past the act. Can or would anyone be able to help me with contacts for buyers that I would be able to sell to and a supplier of seed? Guess like most I have a dream of being able to have my farm and it make enough money that it can operate and support itself. Thank you for any help you can give.

    • Hi David, if you use industrial hemp seed certified by the European community, I think you will not have problems with the traceability of CBD products, since you use a plant that contains by LEY in Europe a THC of not more than 0.2%.

      In the month of June to North Carolina, I begin with an industrial plantation to show their ways of planting, caring, collecting, transforming and trading the production, whether raw material or final product.

      We have authorization from the DEA and from the FDA for the importation of the seeds I have initiated a pilot crop that shows all its capacity of production and its great demand

      a greeting
      Ronald Coquis

    • colton elwood

      hi david if your looking to get rid of your raw hemp or need any help with anything i would love to talk please give me a call or text at 1 (509) 319-9265

  78. Hello everybody
    I am currently looking at growing 10 acres for cbd extract and stalks. Located in oregon and looking for a partner or legitimate buyer for my current potential partner. We are an organic practices farm with all needed materials including thousands of yards of organic fertilizers. I need someone either A. Interested in backing us for a share of the profits or B. A legitimate buyer with a purchase price set. We own and operate 130 acres of fully irrigated land and are experienced in horticulture and nursery growing. We also have over 20,000 feet of drying space in various barns here on the property. If you are interested or know someone please contact me at

  79. Hello everybody. I represent a cooperative of hemp farmers from Northern Europe. We looking new partners to supply our hemp and products from it. We making tinctures-extracts (CO2) of hemp wich are rich of CBD, CBDa, CBG. and there are up to 1500mg phytocannabinoids. Also we can offer very good quality vape liquids. Sweets and hemp protein, green buds for tea.
    You can contact me by email

  80. Adrian Viscovich

    What is the weight of a single hemp flower?

  81. Hello, I am looking for industrial hemp stalk supply in retted, bailed form, in Canada or the USA. For 2017 I will require 100 tons increasing each year. The plan calls for setting up a manufacturing plant in 2018 with capacity of 8,000 tons per year.

    • Greetings Greg – what are you paying for hemp flower at this volume? Is this for flower at 8% or closer to 15% CBD?

    • ronald coquis

      Hi Greg, I can supply you the raw material you ask for, I have crops in Spain, El Salvador (Central America), next in Colombia and in two months I start a plantation in Calorina del Norte. The company with which it collaborates has bought 5000 kilos of seeds for this campaign and 70,000 kilos for the campaign of 2018.
      To be able to assure your needs, we have to formalize a commercial agreement that allows me to destine the harvest to you.
      If there is no agreement I can not reserve anything and all the matter stays in Europe for Isolation and bio construction.
      a greeting

    • Jake Uebersetzig

      Hello Greg,
      We are looking to have hemp stalks bailed and available to buy this season. please let me know if you are still looking to buy. Thanks.

  82. Got my Otto 2 extracted and tested now it came back way over .03 thc .. said I should get it diluted with coconut oil ? Does this sound right ?

  83. Travis Clevinger

    I was just informed that hemp is legal to grow in Washington, can I purchase seed from Colorado if this is true?, thank you all for the advice.

  84. I have AWESOME CBD products produced from the highest quality (99.9%) CBD Isolate. Not all isolate is the same and it took me using and making products to see it! There is a difference between 99.8 and 99.9%, so there’s definitely a difference between 97-99%! Don’t be fooled! Check it all out at and contact me anytime!

  85. Is it legal to import industrial hemp stalks to Texas?

    • ronald coquis

      Hello Rachael Austin, I can supply you the raw material you ask me, I have crops in Spain, El Salvador (Central America), next in Colombia and in two months I start a plantation in Calorina del Norte. The company with which it collaborates has bought 5000 kilos of seeds for this campaign and 70,000 kilos for the campaign of 2018.
      The important thing is that the company in Colorado can supply you all the raw material you need and you have permits to export the raw material to several states in the USA
      To be able to assure your needs, we have to formalize a commercial agreement that allows me to destine the harvest to you.
      If there is no agreement I can not reserve anything and all the matter stays in Europe for Isolation and bio construction.
      a greeting

  86. How much does a bale of hemp cost plus shipping 2 South Florida

  87. Does anyone have access to Hemp seeds that express significant amounts of minor cannabinoids such as CBG or CBC?

    • One year later….but….please define ‘significant’. We have 2 high CBD strain seed types available in Maine for Planti
      ng 2018


    If I decided to farm Hemp how many acres would I need to be profitable?
    a small farm or a large farm? what would be the best climate?

    • ronald coquis

      Hi CHARLES MOREHEAD, before you want to plant it is important that you do your tests, to know that yields per hectare you have of each production:
      You will have 5 hectares minimum
      2 fibers
      2 power supply
      1 of medicinal
      From the campaign you will know not only the yields but also the costs per hectare of each crop.
      Is the only way to know the profitability of the crop and program or cultivation more extensive but with knowledge.
      a greeting

  89. Ellie Gant Walfler

    Micro-production question the great minds among you….;-)
    If I wanted theoretically to become self-sufficient in cbd (defined by our usage of 700 ml of 3% or 21000mg per annum), how much finola hemp would we have to grow?
    We are using Finola simply because it’s legal to obtain, if legally awkward to grow), and is supposed be reasonably rich in cbd with hardly any THC.

  90. Hi, my name is Enrique, I am looking to get in the Hemp Industry, but I do not know where to start. I personally do not know much about the Industry, but I am eager to learn about it. I currently am living in Florida, where growing hemp is illegal. I wanted to know if anybody can point me in the right direction. I really want to learn the tricks of trade from a mentor/apprenticeship. I am willing to go anywhere in the United States, and outside the United States to gain knowledge about it.

  91. How many hectors of infudtrial Hemp could
    we grow on one Acre of land? and what would be the Whole sale value of that much of

  92. What is the going wholesale price of Cbd oil . I have some otto2 Cbd oil . Thank you

  93. Hello H4V community,
    Looking to start a small farm in Vermont but before i get head over heels, i want to start from the bottom. Im located in Connecticut right now, but im willing to work anywhere in the northeast. Im very fit, work hard and learn fast. i invest most of my free time learning about the industry and the politics surrounding it. Im ready to take my ambitions to the next step. Any type of farm work (in the industrialized hemp field) will do for now. My lease is up in may, after that im a free man. If this season is already set in stone id love to anything i can to reserve a spot in the coming 2018 season. Given my experience is very low, other than book knowledge, Im open to working not only at farms but places that produce hemp goods as well. i love everything this plant has to offer and i want to be on the front lines of changing the way we make and consume common goods. if someone can just fill me in on the places to look id greatly appreciate that too. like i said, im finally at a point in my life where i can be fully dedicated to this. i look forward to any and all replies to this.
    Thanks and best of luck to the 2017 season.

  94. In India hemp is legal to cultivate? And how much profit we can get on industrial hemp. I have 5 acres of land. And where to sell the things too.

  95. Hi ,
    I am Andrei ,MD from Alcos Bioprod SRL from Romania.For next season we wil have 450 Ha (1000 Acres) of seeds organic certiffied hemp seeds ,THC<0.2 and 500 Ha (1100 Acres) normal hemp seeds. Thats means 600 Tones organic seeds with 29%-33 % oil and 750 tones normal seeds 29%-33% oil.
    We are into this business from 2 yers now.
    Best quality assurance ISO 22000.
    Our price for organic certified seeds 2300 USD/TO
    Normal seeds 1550 USD/TO/
    Packaging in 20 Kg bags or 500 Kg big bags.
    Price EX_WORKS Constanta Harbour.

    • Andrei, I represent a large hemp extraction business based in Colorado, USA. We are looking for a large supply of industrial hemp for export to the USA for the purpose of CBD extraction. Please advise if you can assist. Thank you…

      • please contact me at 305-466-1577,Gary

      • What are you paying for hemp flower at this volume? Is this for flower at 8% or closer to 15% CBD?

      • Alexis. Call me at 317-771-6581. I will have 30,000 to 40,000 tons of hemp available October-November 2017. This crop is located in the U.S.

      • Hello I;m Steve I a user looking to purchase large quantities of CBD Isolate. now. Do you have extra supply I could do a 12 month contract with you .
        Call Steve 305-766-6569

      • Hello my name is Floyd from USA Hemp Biotech We have biomass 500,000lbs monthly available. We reside in medford Oregon and work with a few labs, have a farm and always looking to overgrow the government. 207-317-9061

  96. Hi ,
    I am Andrei ,MD from Alcos Bioprod SRL from Romania.For next season we wil have 450 Ha (1000 Acres) of seeds low organic certiffied hemp seeds ,THC<0.2 and 500 Ha (1100 Acres) normal hemp seeds. Thats means 600 Tones organic seeds with 29%-33 % oil and 750 tones normal seeds 29%-33% oil.
    We are into this business from 2 yers now.
    Best quality assurance ISO 22000.
    Our price for organic certified seeds 2300 USD/TO
    Normal seeds 1550 USD/TO/
    Packaging in 20 Kg bags or 500 Kg big bags.
    Price EX_WORKS Constanta Harbour.

  97. India gets their hemp everything and anything from China! I’ve been to both countries and yes you can get hemp in India. But you will have no ability to negotiate with the pricing etc. I know a lot about the hemp industry and your much better off doing your research on hemp manufacturing in China and DO NOT try doing business with the manufacturers that are easily found. You will be much better with a manufacturer who is found and NOT everywhere you look. I will be back in China again to meet with said manufacturers that I’ve been not only speaking with but have received swatches and item (garments) not only to me. But to the factory that will be making our items.
    If your able to possibly visit China? You should start with Yunnan ! This is the area in which you will find massive hemp fields and will be able to meet with the people who can help you the most.
    Make sure whatever you do , to always question what your being told when your not looking them in their eyes.
    You honestly want to be on the ground in China for a minimum of a month and meet with as many manufacturers who have the capability to make knitted hemp/cotton etc blends with ability to make the width that you require. There are many of such manufacturers that have some of what you require. But when you find the ones who have the ability to meet all your needs. Then you will be able to negotiate with leverage and from a place of strength. Rather than being at the mercy of a couple manufacturers.
    I will be their Feb 22-Mar 28 and after several trips there. I’ve found the best facility for producing all of our items and they have a long experience with hemp blended fabric.
    I too wanted to get everything via India. But after being on the ground and spending time talking and searching etc. It’s just not in anyone’s best interest to get anything pertaining to hemp from India! I am not trying to burst your bubble, but I know that time is money and money is time. You don’t need to be wasting your time with India.
    If you need any further information , advice or suggestions? I would be willing to assist you with what I know and have learned from traveling there for months at a time.
    209 809-6474
    I depart for Dubai on Jan 17th and will arrive in Shanghai on Feb 23rd – March 28th. I’m meeting with several manufacturers whom I have narrowed down to and will be negotiating with each their ability to produce ANY blend we require at that moment for X item/s (garments) etc!
    If you don’t have a business plan and model that will show them your interests, goals, intentions, destination and your reasoning for wanting this type of business etc. I highly recommend that you get 1!
    As I have previously stated. If I may be of any assistance to you? I would be happy to offer what I have learned and know. When I 1st started years ago, there was nobody who had any idea of what I was talking about. Now it’s better than 5 or so years ago. But there is absolutely nothing that compares to being on the ground and meeting with every area of the hemp world!
    You can easily be taken for granted ‘specially in China ‘ if you conduct any type of business without being on the ground with them.
    If you do consider going to China? You will want to visit when they are having their largest textile convention in and of Asia! People come from all over the world to see & buy what’s new etc.
    The conventions that I’ve attended have been a great blessing to meet with the people who know best and are able and willing to assist you with your endeavor. I found that my initial plan was not in our best interest. But I found out how to get my business off the ground with no wasted time nor money.
    The convention is in Guangzhou and its called The Canton Fair!
    I wish you the best and I would be willing to assist you with whatever you may need!
    I would like to hear about your business goals and share with you my best information and knowledge of this industry and the people with whom you will find yourself doing business with.
    Anything that you need. I don’t mind offering you what I have learned from not only my travels to China but everything I know about the people who you will possibly be speaking with as well as the best steps to take that will assure you will be in the very best position to make sure that your interest (monies) are fully protected by the law. You always must be aware of whom you are trusting & more importantly what the market is & this will allow you to be much more aware of what China is going through and the position that they will find themselves in! This is absolutely the most important aspect of doing business with China and that you are getting the best for your money!
    I hope I’ve been able to assist you with your interest and save you time and money.
    I’d be willing to share more insight into the world your getting ready to live in and to make sure that your not getting taken for granted . That your armed with the facts of not only the hemp industry but the market of which you will be dealing in. Knowing these along with several others, you will be way ahead of the curve and most importantly with your EYES WIDE OPEN!!!!
    I’ve learned all this on my own and having been on the ground and finding the best factory that will be making your items is the most important decision you will make. You must have a very good relationship and partnership with whom will be making your items etc. They are very important to you as they will know exactly what your talking about and are able to assist you in every aspect of your interest . They must be able to be honest and forthright with you! Between the manufacturers of the hemp blends that you require now & 2 years from now. Are capable of meeting all your needs and are on the same page as you and your facility that will be making your items. I can’t express this enough. You want a relationship/partnership with each of these to be clear and unequivocal in what you want and where your going.
    You want a partnership that will be open and honest with anything and everything and that you make it crystal clear that they will receive bonuses for each of their work/assistance in making you the best fabrics and items to the best of their ability and in return, you will be making monies and with that assurance. They will always do what is best for you and in return, it’s what is in their best interest as well. As they know they will be a partner in this endeavor and will not only see money on the front end, but that they will see it at the tail end. You want them to NOT be taking advantage of you.

    • Chris, would you have suggestions/referrals on finding a reliable large-scale supplier of industrial hemp for CBD extraction, rather than for textiles, which i gather is your main interest ? Any help would be much appreciated.

  98. India is not the country that you will find abundance of Hemp manufacturing of fabric blends etc. I’ve been there after my last trip of China. They buy ALL their hemp fabrics from China. I will be in China again to meet with X amount of hemp fabric manufacturers who I’ve been speaking with along with receiving swatches and items that are hemp/cotton . They not only sent the package to us , but they also sent the same package to the factory that will be making our items. If you need any advice or questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask me

  99. What are your raw costs to manufacture or purchase this item?

  100. How can I go about lining up a buyer for Raw Hemp?

  101. We have CBD Hemp Seeds in Oregon. We are currently wrapping up harvest. We will have seed ready to go within the next two weeks. If any Oregon farmers are looking for seed you can check out our website and get in contact with us. We grow all organic. We use a carbon based soil amendment called Carbon Pro.

  102. What’s the trend on wholesale prices on dried flower?

  103. Hi everyone, I want to need some infos where can I find buyers/ wholesalers for bulk quantities of cold pressed hemp seed oil. Certified, bottled for customers request. Thankx.

  104. Pretty component of content. I just stumbled upon your web
    site and in accession capital to say that I get in
    fact enjoyed account your blog posts. Anyway I’ll be subscribing to
    your feeds or even I achievement you get entry to persistently

  105. Looking for high grade CBD oil interested in a price for a gallon or more

    • Hi my name is Sonja Bachmeier, we are Rad Extraction.I work with a select group of Colorado growers producing high quality high CBD oil. PLEASE send me your requirements. We can supply all inventory.

      • Hi Sonja,

        My name is Jay, We are interested in more information on your extraction processes. We are a wholesaler within colorado. Please contact me via email or at 872-221-3042 via text or call and leave a voicemail.

  106. We have to sell very good quality hemp buds . Taked with hands and dryed in very good conditions. We have about 300 kilos. We can send more information and pictures. Please contact us in facebook page> Puodelis sveikatos su kanapės žiedu

  107. Contact us on facebook > Puodelis sveikatos su kanapės žiedu

  108. I am wondering if there is hemp food grade packaging on the market yet. I’m envisioning switching form plastic bags to hemp cardboard canisters … if such a thing exists yet. Thank you!

  109. My husband and I are really considering becoming Hemp farmers in CO. The problem we are running in to is, “what do we do with the Hemp once we have grown it”? There is VERY LITTLE information on what /where one takes their harvested Hemp. I find this very odd if the idea is to get people to grow Hemp, why is the information as to where there are processing plants, if any in the state of CO., so hard to find? We don’t want to grow something and then find out that there is no place take it to be processed. Or does one have to process their own crop in CO.? We are not against doing part of the processing ourselves. Does anyone have good recent info on processing hemp in the state of COLORADO?

    • Julia, processing hemp in CO is no big deal. I know several people doing that, usually for a 60/40 split of the final yield. Anything from crude whole plant extract all the way up to 99.9% isolate. The real problem is supply chain. What to do with the processed Hemp. Currently there is not enough retail products manufacturers to utilize all the product that is currently flooding the local market.

  110. I have the knowledge if you want to make it your self.

  111. I’m looking for organic non gmo co2 extracted raw hemp oil. Looking to buy in bulk.

  112. I have a degree in environmental science and an interest in sustainability and agriculture; I would like to utilize my research skills to advocate the use of industrial hemp. Are there any organizations/companies that are already in this field that I could reach out to?
    Thank you for any and all help!

  113. 8.16.2016—Vermont, organically grown, Finola crop (tested and under .3% THC) about 1 week away from harvest available for purchase. @2,000 lbs. harvest weight—dry weight TBD. Crop can be sold raw or processed (dried/separated). Crop sample was just sent in for pre-harvest cannabinoid level testing—should be high CBD content.

  114. Where was it purchased from and what are the specs of the blends?

  115. Hello , if you can help me what is the going price of cbd otto2 hemp flower per pound in Colorado ??

  116. We have organic HEMP Flower for sale $150/lb Purchased too much for a project and would like to get rid of extra inventory. We have reports for each batch. Contact us at 719.487.5721 for more details.

    • I’m interested in a pound of organic hemp flower. Do you know the cbd content? If not I would be interested in a pound of the 50/50 leaf flower mix

    • Do you still have any available? Is the price still $150 or have you reduced price with increased supply on the market. If CBD profile is good I may take all you have.

  117. Looking for consistent and potential buyers of hemp. Investors want to have buyers covered before farming 100 acres of hemp in Laos.


  119. Hi
    Iam from india in my home town area large production of hemp if you req hemp seed/hemp fiber Pl cont me.

  120. We are looking for a wholesale hemp blended wholesale supplier. I’m in China & then to India and possibly Vietnam, Korea, Thailand etc.
    We are look for a long term relationship .
    NOt 1 ORDER but many 1000s of meters per month and every months order will increase substantially i

    • Mikel, I am looking for potential buyers before farming. We have 100 acres of land in Laos and investors would like to feel confident that we have buyers ready for when it is ready to be harvested. We are willing to negotiate terms with you when you are ready.

    • I have organic high CBD flower in CO. Let me know if this is of interest. Thanks.

      • Do you still have flower available? What is you current prices at various volumes? please specify %CBD and I will get in touch.

  121. What is the going price for cbd hemp flower in Colorado ??

  122. I need supliers in india, please cpntact me..

  123. Hi, i am intrested in starting a bussiness in india but i really dont know where to start, we want to start hemp clothing business and export it to europe. Does anyone have any advice

    • I’ve wrote you a reply to your question. If you need any more? Please don’t hesitate to ask. I will be leaving for Asia Jan 17th and I have international calling. So I can be reached while in Pakistan, Dubai and China
      Mikel Christoph

  124. What type of volume are you anticipating ?

    Pls advise before I contact my associates in California

    Thanks Bob Roach

  125. I represent an organic Hemp farm in Boulder CO. We will be looking to setup longterm supply chain for CBD products manufacturers among other manufacturers for products derived from Hemp. We have 1800 lbs ready right now.

  126. Brian O'Donnell

    I will be traveling to Italy with my young family in June 2016. Is it permissible to pack hemp seeds/hemp oil?

  127. Hi, I am looking to connect with a specialized Hemp farmer in California to distribute CBD to my products! Please email me with any recs or referrals!

  128. The CBD WHOLESALER is your premier supplier for superior PHYTOCANNABINOID rich hemp oils and isolates in bulk. If you’re looking to source high quality hemp products visit our website for more info.

  129. Certified organic CBD rich hemp for sale.

    160 lbs hemp flower- (P2-15, P3-15, P5-15) 12-15% CBD by weight $450/lb

    160 lbs hemp leaves (L3-15) 1.5% CBD by weight $50/lb

    50 lbs hemp blend (50 leaves/50 flower) $225lb

    Lab reports available for each batch.

    If you know of other message boards to post ads on, please advise.

  130. How many acres would I need to start a small industrial hemp far?

  131. Looking to sell surplus of certified organic hemp:

    160 lbs hemp flower- (P2-15, P3-15, P5-15) 12-15% CBD by weight $450/lb

    160 lbs hemp leaves (L3-15) 1.5% CBD by weight $50/lb

    50 lbs hemp blend (50 leaves/50 flower) $225lb

    Lab reports available for each batch.

    If you know of other message boards to post ads on, please advise.

  132. I want to start a hemp farm

  133. William smythe

    Hi there. I have 2 questions.

    1: I would like to know. How much area of land i need to plant for it to build a 100 sqm house? 10×10 lets say,

    2: has any one used hemp as fodder for cows?
    If so will it increase production of the animal?

  134. Thanks Anza , I will get back to you’all


  135. We have obtained a license to grow hemp for research of CDB oils. Many other CDB oil manufacturers claim to use industrial hemp. Could someone help me with more information on the strain of hemp and how to go about obtaining seeds. Thank you

  136. We have:
    160 lbs hemp flower- (P2-15, P3-15, P5-15) 12-15% CBD by weight
    160 lbs hemp leaves (L3-15) 1.5% CBD by weight
    50 lbs hemp blend (50 leaves/50 flower)
    for sale in Colorado. Where is a good place to post our product for sale?

  137. Chad , let’s chat indeed , send me your contact number #


  138. Tayla du Plessis

    Any idea when hemp cultivation will be legalized in South Africa?

  139. I own 60 acres in the coastal zone of Ecuador, the land is located at 450m (amsl), temperature average is 25ºC and precipitation rate 3000 a 4000 mm per year.

    If someone is interested in renting the land for hemp production please reply this post.

  140. Is Hemp Growing legal in Costa Rica?

  141. Terence Anderson

    Hi to u all. My company has access to 2,500 hectares of land which we are growing raw hemp. This will increase to 5,000 hectares, with possible additional 5,000 Hectares for a combined 10,000 hectares. We have all the government approvals and export licenses through our partners. . We are looking for any interested parties/buyers to begin a conversation with . We are located in South East Asia and will be happy to provide all documentation requested.

  142. Hello,

    My name is Emanuela and I am growing hemp in Spain- Malaga area. I am looking for more people who grow Hemp in Andalucia area to share info.


  143. Hello. I am looking for a representative to speak with in NJ. I am working with a group of students in NJ who are involved in a project that suggests making a particular product out of hemp, would be better than making it out of it’s current material, plastic. We have spoken with several community professionals, one of which were members of the Brookdale College Innovation Network. During our initial research, they suggested hemp as an alternative to paper. In an initial qualifier competition, this team of students won the First Place Champion Award this past Saturday (Jan 30th, 2016) at Delaware State University. We compete again at a regional tournament soon, and want to further our study in order to prepare for this competition. We have plans to enter a Global Innovation Contest with our idea, and hope to represent this region of the United States in a World Championship Tournament in April. We would be very happy to acknowledge your organization at every level of competition in appreciation for contributions of information. At the World Tournament, there is televised coverage, which has the potential to advance your mission of educating the public and government about the value of Industrial Hemp.

  144. hey there raw hemp buyer. looking for grower in Canada preferably in western Canada. any info would be as of hemp and much appreciated. hoping to hear from some growers. thanks

    • I can keep an ear open on that , I am in Toronto and have interest and connections out west .

      We do have a contract on 2000-5000 acres we are testing soil conditions presently …….do you have sales opportunity for volume of CBD oil as we will producing it on site

  145. Luciano Alvarado Jr.

    Hello everyone,
    As some of you may or may not know, North Carolina legalized Industrial Hemp as of October 31st, 2015. I currently have 1000+ acres of land I would like to put up as collateral for any interested investors. I am looking to construct an Industrial Hemp processing facility near the Fort Bragg military base. If you or someone you know might be interested in being part of this historical project please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience. Our go is to raise $5mil to include all associated costs. Thank you.
    FYI: we already have a market for our end product, just need the facility.

  146. Hello ladies and gentlemen. I ask you to take into account the possibility of our company to supply an unlimited number of industrial hemp from Thailand. Please contact us immediately to clarify quality and details

  147. Hello there!
    I am highly interested in interning in an industrial hemp company. I am in my last year as a student in Rutgers university and have been researching hemp for over a year now. I would love any opportunity that would come my way! Thanks for your time.

  148. It is now legal to grow hemp in NC
    I have a 10acre farm that I want to put into production. Who do I contact?

  149. Hello. I represent a company selling hemp fiber. We are located in Ukraine. We are ready to send a container to any point of the globe. Where can I find people who are interested in this offer?

    • Hi.

      I’m looking to buy processed hemp. I want to break it down with cellulase into digestable sugars. How much for 5lbs? Or,,, 3 kg? Thanks

    • Daniela Meštrović

      Hi 🙂 We are interested in buying hemp fabrics for clothes production. Could you provide us with more info about your product.

  150. For the LOVE of HEMP!!!!!
    If you have not grown up in a restaurant? You honestly just think you can start one? Before more than 85%, have no idea what hemp is unless you explain it to them. !st… Do your homework as if your life depends on it, Because it does! ? do some research before they decide something that includes a market that is new! Grab a book if you can find a store or you can watch the longest pure true story DOCUMENTARY Ive taught myself in 9 yrs now. iTS OVER 4 HRs & KNOWN AS SUCH

  151. Hello, I am in the process of setting up a uk based company selling hemp tea and extractions. I am looking for various strains (flowers and leaves) and particularly those with a high CBD content. If you have any strais available or any information that can help me find farmers i would appreciate if you could get in contact. Regards Rich

  152. German Burtscher

    Hello … we are looking to purchase 1000lbs of raw hemp for conducting extraction R&D. Would anyone know a good source?

  153. Hallo my name is cunaca i would like to know if hemp can be processed into animal feed and how to do that , we currently in dire need of stock feed for cattle and fowls , any help is much appreciated .

  154. I am traveling to India to tour 1 factory in New Delhi and a few others in Mumbai. I’m hoping to find many more once Im on the ground. I have a few contacts on the ground their willing to assist in my such for a manufacturer/supplier who has not just jumped on the band wagon with large facilities . But rather people who have been doing this for generations.
    I’m looking for a supplier who is not such a corp. but rather than a small business thats been in their blood for many generations. We would like to bring these growers and manufacturers the monies they deserve along with bring them with us as we continue to expand & grow.
    I’m looking for assistance with where else are the areas I should be visiting,meeting and speaking with the original ma & pap shop business. I have plenty of factories in china that are throwing themselves at us . Wanting our business. I dont want made in China on me items. But if I must I will be visiting china & their many factories while in India. Ive bought a 1 way ticket to India & not returning till their a hipping container below us with our items loaded on it. IM LITERALLY BEGGING FOR ANY ASSISTANCE NO MATTER HOW SMALL OR BIG. iM HAVING PANICS THAT ITS NOT GOING LIKE MY OTHER TRIPS FOR RESEARCH TO GET TO THIS POINT.IT’S DO OR DIE!!!!!!!!!! IM HOPING THAT SOMEONE WILL KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT & WILL GIVE ME ALL THE INFO YOU KNOW & I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU FOR THE ASSISTANCE .

  155. What are the odds that a hemp seed could have gotten mixed in with a pack of zinnia seeds?

  156. Green Remedy Inc. is a Kentucky Proud producer and processor of industrial hemp. We specialize in CO2 extraction but do full plant processing. With that being said we are taking bids on our stalks…fan leaves…and roots for our 60 acre hemp crop…let’s talk hemp!

  157. Aaron Wallach

    I am looking to import hemp leaves to use in a tea blend. What are laws for importing hemp leaves? (and) Where can I buy hemp leaves in bulk?

    • We have fan leaf for sale from this years crop…why import US grown hemp.

      • WE are interested in buying your leaf. What strain did you plant? What is the dry leaf CBD%? Can you dry, shred and vacuum bag for delivery to Nashville? Thanks

    • Hello,
      We have plantation (1 ha) of industrial hemp in Slovenia first year.We pick buds and leaves by hand and it is dry naturallity for very healthy tea. If you are maybe interested for buying,please contact us, I can send you more informations. The price for kg leaves and buds is 50 euros, we will have at the end of September about 80-100 kg leaves and buds.We are looking for buyer in bulk ,becouse in Slovenia we have very small market for tea.


  159. To whom it may concern:
    I am a junior in Biological Engineering at Louisiana State University and am wanting to pursue a career in industrial hemp. Do you know of any companies looking to hire an intern for summer 2016?

    Thank you,
    Kristy Hebert

    • I have a hemp company in Colorado… 12,000 sq foot research building …. Only currently growing 30 acres… Needing to expand rapidly

  160. can the consumption of hemp seed give you a positive reading on a urine test.

  161. what do I need as far as licenses to grow hemp in New York City

  162. Where can I buy Hemp seed

  163. Can I grow Hemp in Texas. If not why not , I want to become a grower . Any info would be greatly appreciated

  164. I am a licensed hemp seed vendor, hemp seed is legal to sell inside the US but not too import into the US

  165. It looks like my post was deleted or misplaced….possibly my error. Where can an individual purchase industrial hemp seeds if you are based out of the United States?

  166. American Hemp Seed Company based out of Colorado the first and original American grown hemp seed

  167. Good afternoon,
    I am doctor in New Zealand and I was hoping that someone can help clarify the difference in chemical structure and IUPAC definition/nomenclature between Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). In regards to industrial hemp growing and processing, a recent presentation to the Ministry of Health, I was informed that they both fall under the same tetrahydrocannabinol nomenclature. It states in their ‘Act’: “Cannabis preparations: that is any preparation containing any tetrahydrocannabinols, including cannabis resin AKA cannabis oil – produced by subjecting cannabis plant material to any kind of processing.”
    My query is, does cannabidiol classify as “any tetrahydrocannabinol”

    The Act implies that they are the same tertrahydrocannabinol structure/classification and yet the isomers and IUPACs are very different. As you know they also act differently pharmacologically. Can you please steer me to an expert who can help me with this.
    R Corish

  168. I am looking for data on hempcrete: production volume and pricing. Does anyone know where to find this?

  169. Why is it SO HARD to find current suppliers of Hemp ingredients needed for whatever application of end product desired in the US? (For manufacturing of products such as textiles,food, beauty, building materials, and such.)

    I am truly interested in building a Hemp home. However I can not find any companies in the US or aboard for that matter that sells Hemp related building materials to the general public. Also are there any contractors in the upper Midwest US and Montana area that have a track record of homes built? Any help to truly assess to feasibility of such a project?

    I am a believer in the potential of all that is Hemp to the everyday sustainability of mankind. I have read hundreds of sites and am amazed at how many have not updated their sites in 5 to 10 years. Their Q&A’s are many years old and current contact information is not there. I am amazed also by the number of fellow Hemp enthusiasts there are looking to create and/or invent a viable Hemp product/business or just plain use Hemp as a self sustainable lifestyle. However given the apparent lack of raw materials information/resources and accessibility leads me back to my first question.

    I understand the very important need to legalize Hemp in the US that would open the door to unlimited possibilities for all. However that time is still on the horizon and not moving along fast enough with the ever increasing need for an alternative in self sustainability.
    Why can’t we in the US still proceed with the use of Hemp from imported sources?
    I believe that establishing a positive track record would greatly help the cause of legalizing Hemp again. This would make my job of educating the public on the Wonders of Hemp. As it stands right now from the information out there, most sound Wonderful but “lack the key ingredient of a viable track record” of success in the US. All most all, of the people I will share the “Wonders of Hemp” with, could really “give a crap” of the track records in other countries. They need the “proof in the pudding” not just a “Pipe dream” (pun intended) as that is the over all basis of thought here where I live and I would guess in most other areas.
    To be honest, I need more “proof in the pudding” also. It is very frustrating to have to weed through the piles of pretty “Pipe dreams”( this is what it can be) type sites that lack the current concrete information I need to actively pursue a viable Hemp alternative of any kind.
    HELP……..I BELIEVE in HEMP in all its forms.
    Laurie Staaland

  170. Big Happy Hemp Man

    I have applied for a TN state hemp permit. After seed harvest can I compress the hemp seed oil and grind the hemp seed to powder and export it across state lines.

  171. I have a couple of questions regarding the yield of industrial hemp. First, does anyone know how much flower/bud is produced by one hemp plant? Secondly, how many hemp plants can grow on one acre of land?

    For some background, I am interested in establishing an industrial hemp enterprise focused on seed/oil production. Any information is greatly appreciated.

  172. Im looking for a WWOOF opportunity into US and if is about cannabis growing it would be perfect 😉 Somebody know something about it? please let me know, thank you.

  173. When will we see plans for hemp plastic to enter the 3D printing field?

  174. Amazon is selling hemp tea products. This includes the leaf, flower, stalk, and seeds. It is supposed to be below the .3% threshold for THC. It is grown in the EU in Slovenia as hemp and shipped here. Is this legal?

  175. One of my friend is illegal in purtugal how can he make legal in purtugal ?

  176. Hello, I am from Uruguay. I haver several investors here with land and also people with no land but they want to invest in the hemp business. I´m trying to find a hemp seed supplier and also someone who has the expierience( with references)to help me develope the project.
    I´ll give details once you contact me.

  177. I would like to promote industrial hemp product in India

    Please update me the status for Indian material

    With regards


  178. I can help maybe in some hemp business in Co. I’m in Co. Springs! Thanks!

  179. Hey yo. I’m looking to make some income. I live in co. springs and have lights to grow babies under. I know where to purchase one or more lb.s of co. star variety of industrial hemp seed. I wanted to see if there is a market for start plants 3″-5″ tall in rock wool cubes during winter. Maybe not. Maybe so. I just want to grow! Peace! 🙂

    • I live in Washington state where we have recently decriminalized cultivation of industrial hemp. So far I have been unable to find a source to buy seeds. Can you give me some guidance as to where I can find seeds? Thanks for any help.

      • The bill passed in June that allows the growth of industrial hemp in South Carolina, states that an individual may grow hemp for such and such purposes. Does anyone know if I am required to have a farmers or other form of license to legally grow hemp in South Carolina?

  180. I am a college graduate looking to find a career working with industrial hemp. Where can I find information for businesses looking for graduates?

  181. hy

    I am Nikhil from Himachal Pradesh,India;
    i want to start a hemp plastic business here in Himachal..
    I have little idea of the business but i am a great enthusiastic.
    may i be provided of some valuable knowledge about the topic.

  182. Oregon has recently legalized cultivation of industrial hemp. I have land that would be suitable but am concerned about producing a raw material that has no market. Need to identify companies and/or trade associations involved in the conversion of the raw hemp into finished products.

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  184. I have done some research, but I’m not sure about the results I’m finding. Are hemp products legal in Brazil? I’m traveling there soon and would like to bring some seeds and oil with me. Any help would be so appreciated!

  185. How can I start my own Hemp/ (Canyamo) farm. Its the same thing Its just its spanish name. Any help will be apreciated.
    Felix Torres

  186. I live in Colorado and starting to work on my capstone project at the University of Colorado Denver. By next summer I want to be making hemp plastic. I will produce and make hemp plastic from home. Eventually I want to be making hemp plastic water bottles. I need some help with the process and the cost of this project (it is difficult to find information on this). If you have any insights of the process and the estimated cost of it all I would appreciate it!

    • Hi. Maybe I can help in some way. I’m looking for work, but live in co.springs.- Wes

    • I will support your hemp plastic research if you continue it… I have a hemp company in Alamosa Colorado… With 12,000 sq foot research building liscence to grow…. Currently growing 30 acres

      I am interested to know what you learn

      Kolson 512 963 1828

  187. I have a friend who wants to build a house from hempcrete (hemp herd or animal bedding). He lives in Pokurah. Where can he buy the bales of hemp?

  188. Where to get HEMP pellets for plastic moulding – 3D PRINTING

  189. Ok i have recently read about the house resolution 525 & senate bill 359. my question is , how can i become an industrial hemp farmer in California? i dont know where to begin. Could someone point me in the right direction?

    • I don’t know the details on the resolution and bill, but I think they’ve not been approved yet. Is it even on the Nov ballot?
      I also wish to farm hemp for food and fiber. Right now, I live in SF, teaching. Hoping to organize a hemp co-op since I am not wealthy enough to have my own farm. I joined this blog to connect to other future hemp farmers.

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  191. I am looking for a hemp alternative to polyurethane foam. Are there any manufacturers for hemp foam similar to polyurethane foam? We are a Florida based upholstery company looking to make a huge change in our textiles and any information you can provide will be helpful. Thanks!

  192. Excellent post however I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic?

    I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more.
    Thank you!

  193. Can anyone tell me how exactly you would go about proving the the DEA that your hemp grow was indeed just hemp and below the Federally allowed 0.3%. Is there a test method/ lab available?, thanks

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  198. Darcy Thornborrow

    Briefly: my husband and I farm approximately 400 row crop acres in southern Idaho. We farm both organically and conventionally. On an 18 acre organic field we are heavily (40%) invested with Canadian thistle. Our options for weed suppression are limited. We are hoping that we can involve that field as a “research plot” for weed control. Is there anyone who might know or such or put us in contact with such a study? Information would be GREATLY appreciated.

  199. Actually, there is processing equipment in this country (USA). Some of it was just bought by HEMP INC; it was pruchased from a kenaf (similar but not as good as hemp) processing plant in North Carolina (google it).

  200. What is the best variety of hemp for planting in clayey red soils (“Georgia Clay”) variety common to the south east USA? The climate (central North Carolina) is temperate, we have “real” seasons but not too severe, and usually get about 40 inches of rain with usually light to moderate snow in winter. I am co-owner of a beef cattle farm and we are interested in dedicating part of it to hemp production.

    • It’s not legal. Don’t be confused by state law changes that are still subject to Federal law, which has not changed…though there is some talk to that effect.

  201. Bruce Dietzen

    you may want to contact Lawrence Serbin, the owner of He has been very helpful to me in finding heavy weight hemp fabrics for our hemp bodied cars. Bruce
    Renew Design

  202. Based on communication with Diane Feinstein, U.S. Senator from California, the DEA has reported that “cannabis plants with a relatively low THC concentration provide a substantial source of psychoactive material… that using a relatively simple and inexpensive process of chemical extraction, … hemp could be readily converted into a highly potent concentrate known as ‘hash oil’.” Does anyone have a reference to such a DEA report? This isn’t accurate to my understanding, but I’d like to have the reference so I can determine if it is a statement that is being misunderstood or if, in fact, this is what the DEA is reporting to the U.S. Congress. Or, am I mistaken in my understanding about making hash oil from industrial hemp?

    • People who say that the level of THC determines legality are dead wrong. US (Federal) law makes all “phytocannabinoids” from cannabis illegal, and all products from hemp, intended for human consumption, as well…except those from the seeds: hemp seed oil, hemp seed (protein) powder, & such.


    Hey there, I’m a recent graduate living in Colorado and want to start up a hemp business here but I can’t do it alone. I’m looking for people who are truly interested in the industry and some what knowledgeable. However networking is a little tricky since it is such a new industry in the States and just recently legal here. If anyone is interested in a start up with plenty of ideas, or information, I would love to communicate with you so a business plan can be in the works. Hopefully I can get enough people to create a team who are as passionate as I am by the end of this year. Thanks Much!!

    • Hi Bridgette,

      I am a former for profit and non profit executive in Chicago that is in etaky stages of launching a hemp based social impact business. I will be working to assemble a team of motivated and talented people in the coming months. If you’d like to talk, shoot me an email.


    • I live in SF, and also look to hemp growing and processing as a future livelihood. Let me know if you want to discuss it. I am a teacher currently, and am thinking of moving to a place where its legal to grow industrial hemp and do just that.

    • Hi Bridgett , I run a hemp non profit in Alamosa Colorado. And also a for profit hemp company… We have 2 registered grow areas. Hemp Nation/ Wake and Bake is our Facebook page. We definitely need more people focused on our hemp development …. Contact me if interested. Kolson 512 963 1828

  204. Is legal to grow hemp in Romania ?

  205. Hey guys, I’m from South Carolina and I’m looking to grow industrial hemp since it has become legal. I’m trying to find what kind to grow, as well as potential buyers that might need a supplier. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

    • Dude…it’s not legal, under federal law. Read the law yourself and don’t believe jackasses who say otherwise. I’m making any judgment as to whether the law right or not. But, the point is that nothing has changed in the law, from the standpoint of “uncle sam”, regarding growing industrial hemp in the US. Sure, some states have legalized it. But, US law trumps state law, always.

      • Very untrue. State law is ALWAYS higher than federal law. Remember that the states created the union…the created can never be greater than its creator. Why are the federal police not cracking down on all the states that have legalized?

        • Nice theory, but your wrong again, sir. Go get your civics textbook and read it again: Each level of government can have laws that are more restrictive than the level above it…but they can’t pass laws that invalidate higher laws. Why is “Uncle Sam” not going after dispensaries and their clients? Because “he” has made that decision, for the moment. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have the right to do so. And, it doesn’t mean that the G-Men can’t be instructed to enforce the law at any time. The law hasn’t changed…just current enforcement policy. It’s no different than local governments deciding not to enforce simple pot-possession laws. That doesn’t get rid of the law. And, by people concluding the such and such is legal…or something we shouldn’t worry about because we’re “getting away such & such”, when it’s still illegal, that’s a wrong move. The laws need to change and the pressure on “the feds” to make the change must not be eased.

  206. I am interested in creating a manufacturing process fro hemp plywood for use in building affordable sustainable tiny houses

  207. Hey there! This is my 1st comment here so I
    just wanted to give a quick shout out and
    tell you I truly enjoy reading through your articles. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that deal
    with the same topics? Thanks a lot!

  208. Hi,
    Can anyone share information of decorticator machinery? I want to develop machinery in India for possible exports. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    • You might be making a mistake to ask people, primarily from the US, about machinery intended to process a crop that has not be commercially grown here since 1957. Check out Alibaba or IndaMart and you will find decorticator manufacturers in Asia. You could examine their equipment and probably learn what you need to know. There is also a US patent from 1916, #1,308,376 for a decorticator, intended specifically for hemp, which includes drawings & details. Without a decorticator, the process has been to allow the stalks to partially rot, which made extracting the fiber easier…but, it was still a time-consuming process. As to whether you are premature…you may be. US state laws are changing, but federal officials still don’t realize that drug hemp is not a good substitute for fiber hemp. And, they don’t realize that growing both crops together (as in sneaking in the drug crop into the middle of the fiber crop) just ends up degrading the value of either crop for their intended uses.

  209. Hi,
    I am a California based Hemp enterpreneur who believes hemp is the way to go for America’s green revolution and I am would like to know about who are open to new ideas.
    Are you interested in 100% organic shirts or himalayan nettle fabric from India? I represent a hemp company from India that has operations ranging from research, cultivation, harvesting, processing, manufacturing, trading, wholesaling, retailing, innovating, advocating and promoting industrial hemp in India.
    I am looking to partner in several key areas including clothing, fabric, machinery development, kenaf seeds etc. If you are willing to work with someone who shares passion to make a difference and kick starting the hemp revolution in America, I am the one.

    • Hi Kapil,
      I agree with you and I have had these same thoughts for years. In 2005 I wrote a book on health and wanted to have it printed using hemp paper. All the publishers who were interested in the book said it was too expensive to use hemp paper. The book is an ebook and paperless now. I still want to have it printed some day using 100% THC free hemp paper. Using hemp paper would make a big political statement and I also want the hemp industry to come back like it was in the late 1800’s. Check out the book “The Fertile Ground” by Dr. T. K. Stone. If you know of anyone willing to use hemp paper to print a book, I am interested.

    • Hollis Harreld

      Kapil Lahoti,
      I am a realtor in Central California. I also am very interested in sustainability. I am a believer that industrial hemp is on the verge of a huge comeback. The uses of Industrial hemp are limitless and even more important is the data showing the cannabidols are successfully treating all kinds of ailments. For someone like me this is good news. I do not use Hemp for the psychotropic effects, but I can testify how hemp effectively reduced my pain while I successfully passed a kidney stone with out medical attention. I am ashamed and disgusted with the US pharmaceutical companies and what they have done to kill off and destroy our people. I believe hemp is the answer to allieviating suffering with out side effects. I believe that pharmaceutical companies have made billions on the backs of sick people and gave them nothing in return. I am wanting to partner in developing industrial hemp for the people, to alleviate suffering and provide hemp materials that are healthier and sustainable.
      Please contact me to discuss this further,
      Hollis Harreld 559-310-4587

    • We are very much interested in helping the Hemp Rev in the USA. We have little to no monetary resources, land ect.. but we are willing to put in the work. We are very interested in starting a farm here in the States.

    • Lonnie Painter

      It seems to me that maybe the most proffitable hemp product may be CBD. I would be looking for a hemp variety high in CBD

  210. Thank you!

  211. Can the cellulosic ethanol made from hemp be used for extraction?

    • As log as food-grade ethanol (think grain alcohol) is produced & not industrial-grade ethanol (combustion fuel). The difference is processing methods & acceptable levels of contaminants. As far as I know creating ethanol from cellulose is not possible on a large scale. Scientists are still attempting to breed the perfect bacterial strain that will ferment cellulose.

  212. Thanks Matthew for the response! From my own research I have learned MJNA is hoarding…..AND what they have is from China and being extracted with solvents. Not good for the therapeutic aspect of CBD. As an aromatherapist, I do know about extractions, and I would not recommend or use anything internally from this company. Thank you again for the info!

    • I agree with you about MOST solvents, the toxic ones like butane, propane, pentane, hexane, etc. If it has an -ane suffix, it’s toxic and even trace amounts ingested over an extended period can cause increased health deterioration.

      Supercritical CO2 & ethanol, however, I think these must be excluded from our list of “bad” solvents. There is no CO2 left in the product after extraction, and even if there was, when’s the last time a carbonated beverage destroyed your health? Ethanol, in small doses, has been proven to give health benefits. Both these solvents by themselves don’t extract all the beneficial compounds from cannabis, but when used together, it’s a magical formula for extraction. You not only get an increased spectrum of cannabinoids, but also all kinds of other good molecules like plant sterols, flavonoids, terpenes, phenolics, anthocyanidins, etc.

      • Unfortunately, using ethanol extracts a ton of other plant crap along with the cannabinoids. Ether or chloroform does not. But, of course, I presume someone could say that some solvent can remain in the finished extract. Personally, I doubt it, if reasonable care is taken, as these solvents are very volatile. Still, CO2 SCFE method is best.

  213. What kind of tonnage where you hoping to process. And what is it that your making

  214. How do u harvest hemp wat type of machines are used ..swather? Baler?

    • Much of the farm machinery today incurs some damage very easily when harvesting hemp because of the strength and length of the fibers, and the density at which it is planted. Many farm implements made for reaping other crops simply cannot handle the wear and tear and can break down quickly and often during harvest, requiring maintenance and repair while in the fields. It can still be done, but with some difficulty and expense. These same farm implements are also well-known for causing damage to the stalks & fibers, reducing the crop’s value. Hand harvesting is still the best way to insure top crop quality.

      • Hello Matthew,
        I am looking to partner in several key areas including clothing, fabric, machinery development, kenaf seeds etc. If you are willing to work with someone who shares passion to make a difference and kick starting the hemp revolution in America, I am the one.

    • Sorry, to actually answer your question: old-school tractor-drawn harvester-spreaders are possibly the least damaging. I have heard that in Europe some more specialized and modern equipment has been developed, but they have limited throughput.

  215. I’m looking for a wholesale producer for CBD oil/paste. Can anyone help with a connection ? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

    • Wholesale HCHO (high-CBD hemp oil) has recently skyrocketed in price from around $7500/kg to over $100,000/kg. Because of this, finding a wholesale provider is very difficult until more acreage is planted, as many purchasers are hoarding, like MJNA, etc.

      • Which, of course, is total bullshit as, as at, say, 1.5% total cannabinoids in the raw hemp, you get a Kg of pure cannabinoids out of 70 Kg of hemp waste (leaves & outer stem covering). Compare this to making rose essential oil, which take FIVE TONS of flowers to yield 1 Kg of pure oil…and that costs $15K per Kg. This is capitalism at its worst…ripping off sick people.

  216. how much yeald per metre,acre or hector for fiber and seed? a rough estimate will do

    • When grown for fiber: Hemp plant total: 40,000 kg/ha (35,687 lb/acre). Much of this is H2O, so it yields about 10,500 kg/ha (9386 lb/acre) dry unretted stems and 5000 kg/ha (4461 lb/acre) dry leaf matter, of which only 1400 kg/ha (1249 lb/acre) is bast fiber & 400 kg/ha (357 lb/acre) tow. Hemp hurds are 60-75% total mass of stems, though, so you’ll get between 6300-7850 kg/ha (5632-7040 lb/acre).

    • I have to qualify the earlier comment: yields range wildly based on many factors. Some areas see only 2 tons/acre and some see 12.5 tons/acre.

      When grown for seed: like for fiber, totals range widely based on variety, climate, & other factors. It can range from 350 lb/acre to 1606 lb/acre of seed. Looking at world figures, though, I’ll pick an arbitrary median like 1000 lb/acre (Germany’s avg). Fiber totals are much reduced, though, as plants are not sown as densely. Dry stalk yield is only about 1/2 ton/acre (compared to 3.5-5 ton/acre when grown for fiber) and fiber quality is also reduced, dropping the value of dry stems by about 40%.

  217. Could hemp fibers replace fiberglass for surf boards? Thanks Tim Watterman

    • Hemp fibers can replace fiberglass in certain applications. Hemp fibers’ properties lend themselves well to replacing chopped fiberglass and in applications where moisture is not an issue.

      Hemp fibers can be sealed with hemp plastics, though, to improve H2O impermeability.

  218. There was a movie I saw years back by the Kenan Hemp Forum2000 which you have a link to on this site, but only 10 minutes. However, I watched it years ago. I believe there was a part in there showing a hemp car, with the parts made of hemp plastic. It was amazing and I would like to know if you have any more movies, or other materiel that I can access. It showed an actual running car with the parts all made of hemp plastic, which were clean, no oil required for maintenance etc. I am interested in procuring more info on that……..Thank You. Michelle Mann.

    • The first modern car built by Henry Ford was composed almost entirely of hemp fiber & plastic (which lowered the weight considerably, improving both performance & efficiency), and it ran on ethanol. He broke the world record for speed at the time with a top speed around 96mph in a race vs the motorcar industry’s champion at the time with only a fraction of the horsepower the champ’s car had.

      Hemp fibers have been used in trunk liners, press-molded airbags, molded car parts (and bus parts for Orlando’s public bus fleet). Many automobile co’s are starting to use hemp to manufacture molded car parts because they are lighter & more easily recycled.

  219. I have a dream to manufacture an organic Hawaiian outrigger six man
    canoe.I hate the icky fiberglass I have used in the past. I am at UMASSD
    & a Golden Key Honor society member and access to scholarship money. A hemp plastic canoe with bamboo. Or recycled soda pop bottles .
    Paddling is so beautiful it hurts to use all the nasty chemicals. Any interest
    or ideas are welcome . Alohacanoe is a non-profit for the common good !
    Kind Regards peace to all Neicy Nelson aka Princess Spirit Dream of
    the Rappahannock Tribe

  220. Hi can I use the stalks ( hemp ) in my art work and sell it in CALIFORNA ?

    • Hemp products are legal to possess & use in all 50 states, as long as the material contains less than .3% THC.

  221. What are considered the top three most profitable hemp products?

    • Depends on what level of manufacturing goes into the product. Hemp plastic is more profitable than raw hempseed oil, from which it is made. Hemp yarn or thread is more profitable than raw hemp fiber or stalk.
      Hemp paper is more profitable than raw bast & hurd material.

      I think that right now the MOST profitable product by far is HCHO at a price in the range of $130,000/kg to $160,000/kg.

  222. Hello,

    I’m looking for heavy weight hemp denim, not cut into jeans but the raw material. Could you suggest a supplier?


  223. How do I get started growing hemp and how much would I have to invest?

    • First you have to get a bunch of certified seed (certified to have less than .3% THC) into the country, as live seed is illegal to import in the USA.

      Enterprise costs are all given in cost per acre.
      For fiber: $184 variable, $46 fixed, $56 operator labor, for a total of $286.
      For seed: $98.50 variable, $41.25 fixed, $56 operator labor, for a total of $195.75.
      For certified seed: $98.50 variable, $65 fixed, $70 operator labor, for a total of $233.50.

    • It’s illegal to grow industrial hemp in the US, under federal law. Nothing has changed, even though something like 19 states have legalized it…but, that legalization is subject to “Big Daddy”, the US government slacking off on their prohibition.

  224. hi i’m coming to australia with a working holiday visa and i was wondering where the hemp farms are located and if there is the possibility to work there since is a life dream, if you have any suggestion i wold be so thankful, bye and thanks!

  225. Is it worth growing hemp? In other words is there a market for it?
    and if so whats the profit per acre?

    Any growers/entrepreneurs out there that can give me any advice ?

    Thank you.

    • Net return per acre for fiber is between -$116 and +$473 per acre. For seed it is between -$136 and +$604 per acre. Returns vary widely based on yield & current prices (prices are still highly volatile for these materials). Keep in mind the above numbers only account for the main product (fiber @ $125/ton or seed @ $.45/lb).

      Also remember that a former waste product (dry leaf matter @ 4461 lb/acre) is now the most valuable part. HCHO extracted from the leaf & flower material is up recently from roughly $7500/kg to over $100,000/kg recently (price depends on many things – %CBD for example). If the leaf matter has a total cannabinoid % by weight of only 1%, that is still 44.61 lbs of HCHO, or slightly over 20 kgs.

  226. can I change hemp? So say my horse is on Aubiose hemp already, could I just change to another brand even though some Aubiose is still in the bedding, so like mix it in?

  227. Is growing hemp legal?
    Would I have to get a permit before growing?

    • Growing hemp is becoming MORE legal, with many states passing industrial hemp bill, but still they are waiting for federal approval to truly legalize hemp farming. Right now the only place I know of in the US that has had a legal hemp crop (just last season – 2013) is Colorado.

  228. Jannic,
    I think that cannabis hemp is a lucrative crop for Ethiopia to invest. As an industrial crop it is well documented that there are thousands of products that can be derived from the hemp plant. It can easily be cultivated without toxic chemicals and is drought resistant. Ethiopia should capitalize upon this crop, not just as an excellent food source, but as an industrial commodity to join cotton and coffee!

  229. What is the profit per acre for growing hemp and how do you get a license for growing it in Tennessee?

    • You cannot yet get a license to grow it in TN. It has been legalized by the state via a recent bill (I’m pretty sure it’s one of the states that went ahead with it) but the state’s position is that it will still not be legal to grow until the federal ban is lifted.

    • See my above comment about profitability per acre above.

  230. Are there any internships that deal with hemp? Either in the U.S. or across seas’. Thank you very much

    ~Efrain Frost Ruiz

  231. I’m thinking growing 100 acres of hemp to help the soil . But I’d also like to sell the crop just not sure where or who is buying Hemp ? Any info would help thanks ..

    • Heck, I’d buy some of it, mainly seed, seed oil, cake, and HCHO. A lot of people and companies are buying these days. Even plastics and automobile manufacturers are starting to buy fiber & oil.

  232. Captain Feather

    Farming Industrial hemp has been redundant as everyone is growing medical grade cannabis though industrial grades are necessary for our economical and ecological coexistence. I may though be able to help locate IND HEMP in Canada. of which I have been talking to Home DePot to inquire about them contracting Canadian hemp interests here in the US.

  233. Marissa Smith

    I am a college student writing an argumentative research paper in favor of the legalization of industrial/ agricultural cannabis farming in the US. I am required to do an interview with someone who has knowledge on the subject (either online, via telephone, etc) but, there aren’t too many people in Iowa to do said interview with. Does anyone know someone who or would be willing to do an interview themselves? I’m looking for anyone who legally farms hemp in the US.
    Any help is much appreciated.
    Please email with any info at

  234. michael weppner

    Does anyone know where I could buy/ make a machine for waxing hemp twine for candles and crafting? I’m also interested in finding a reliable wholesaler that i can purchase from in bulk. .5mm 1mm 1.5mm large quanity. email me at

  235. michael weppner

    Does anyone know where I could buy/ make a machine for waxing hemp twine for candles and crafting? I’m also interested in finding a reliable wholesaler that i can purchase from in bulk. .5mm 1mm 1.5mm large quanity. email me at

  236. Hello, So very new to the Hemp production. My husband and myself currently live in Colorado. With the passage of Amendment 64 it allows people to have a hemp farm for industrial use. We love the city but love farm life even more. We want to buy some property and start a hemp farm. My questions are : What farm equipment does one person need to acquire to properly harvest hemp? Once harvested where would one take the actual fiber? We have looked into getting a press to make hemp oil but then we would still have the stock left. We are all ears any link,emails, or names of people who might be able to help more would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi I also live in colorado and am trying to find out the same thing. Although I have a farm already just don’t know where to sell it once I cut it. Can’t find any companies to buy it wholesale . I think u can get certified seed from Canada

      • Hi Alayna and Trevor! I am in the process of starting my own business in the hemp industry (soon to move to Colorado). I am looking for contacts to establish so I can get my business going once I move there, I do not plan on growing and cultivating hemp but am interested in the plants itself after all is said and done in the cultivating process. I am sure we can do business together. Email me at nicolaschristman@gmail [dot] com and we can discuss business.

        • Hi Guys,
          I am a Colorado native and plan to put some acres into hemp this season. I’m looking for partners to purchase decorticating technology for Australia that will make this an extremely lucrative crop. Hope we can have a chat and share some ideas.

    • First of all, you can’t just plant fields of hemp even in Colorado. The ONE crop that was brought in last year was by a farmer who went through all sorts of aggravation to get the proper permits. Second of all, he expects to lose money on the crop. The equipment to harvest & process the crop & the fiber have not existed in the US since the late ’50’s. Do your research before you think that you can make a bundle growing industrial hemp. As with lots of things, China is the leader in hemp fiber production…and you can’t beat their cheap labor costs with a gun.

  237. name the places were hemp fibre can buy or name some industries were this fibre is used

    • You can buy hemp fiber from almost anywhere.

      Currently there are a heck of a lot of industries either using now or beginning to use hemp.

      Various industries use hemp to produce everything from food, beer, cooking oil, cosmetics, lotions, body products, paper, textiles, cordage, currency, household furniture, paints and varnishes, home floor coverings, fiberglass replacement products, mulch, animal fodder & bedding, cat litter, construction materials, and insulation (acoustic & thermal).

      It is also used industrially for waste water processing, soil purification (both chemical & nuclear), and agriculturally as nontoxic weed control.

      The automotive industry is a huge new sector – automotive parts, composites, plastics, & biofuel (diesel & ethanol) are produced from hemp. Ford, GM, Chrysler, Honda, Mitsubishi, Saturn, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Porsche, and Lotus all now use hemp to produce automobile parts.

  238. im looking into starting up a small hemp oil and flour company i need some advice on what equipment im going to need any thing i need to know specifically like licenseing and such to get it started

    • You don’t need licensing if you’re not going to grow it. In the US, the only place I know of to get a permit is Colorado (and maybe Washington). All you really need to do is buy seed, an oilseed press, and possibly a hulling machine.

  239. I really would like to know if anyone can help me with growing hemp in portugal. My family has about 20 – 30 acres of land that used to be used for farming when my great grandparents where alive. If there are any contacts that I can speak to and or contact It would really help. At this point I am fairly new to all this but have known about hemp products for a very long time just not sure on how to start a hemp business in portugal and go about it legally and would like to know all info I would need.
    thank you
    any and all information would be greatly appreciated even by any neighbors near by as my family land is near spain.
    thank you again.

  240. I actually Believe blog post, “Ask Your Question | Industrial
    Hemp Q&A” ended up being great! I reallycould not see eye to eye together with you even more!
    Finally looks like I personallylocated a blog page truly
    worth browsing. Thanks a lot, Vilma

  241. What gov web site would I find THC allowable content in de hull hemp seeds (or dehull hemp)

  242. what kind of international law on hemp is there to grow on a 3rd world country

  243. What is the yield per acre for hemp. and how many pounds of hemp will it take to build an entire house with it? ( walls, insulation etc)

  244. Alexander Mantheakis

    Hi, developing a hemp project in Tanzania. This project aims to offer cheap and sustainable hemp products for the local market. Keeping in mind that the projects goal is to develop a new industry that would bring work, sustainable products and a better future for Tanzania. Looking for information on processing equipment, Seeds adequate for the local climate and anyone willing to share information that would help me finalise this project. With hopes of creating alliances for the future of hemp in our society.
    Thank you.

  245. Can you grow hemp in Cost Rica?

  246. Hello, I am looking into starting up my own product line using processed hemp leaves in the United States. I am just having trouble figuring out a few kinks such as, what are the legal complications of this? How would i get the hemp leaves so that i can process them and produce my product? Also will there be anything i will have to do to make my product sell-able once I have manufactured it? I appreciate any help anyone can give me or any information i can use to contact someone who may be able to.
    Thanks again!

  247. Contact North American Industrial Hemp Association (NAIHA)

  248. Hello, I am looking for hemp seed hulling equipment in Canada or the US.
    Does anyone have contacts for me for who might be building and selling this type of equipment?

  249. I have read on various websites that hemp contains low levels of thc. Can hemp contain no levels of thc? example hemp products like milk or other like protein? do these products have any amount of thc in them?

  250. Hello! This post could not be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my good old room mate!

    He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this page to him.
    Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

  251. hey, I d like to ask if is possible to grow hemp in Purtugal and if so
    how to find companies that could buy it.
    thank s

    • Just wondering if you ever got any info on growing hemp in portugal as I want to do the same ? Any help would be great thank you.

  252. Hi Raj please contact me and i will help you out if you can provide me with necessary details. Thank you. My e-mail is I am starting my company and I need some help as well but we can help each other out. Take care.

  253. anndrea.hermann is the foremost Hempologist I know. Find her on facebook.

  254. i am looking for fibers to mix with lime to make hempcrete i live in the usa

    • Hemp, Kenaf, Jute, Abaca, Flax, Agaves (Yucca, Phormium, Sisal, Bowstring hemp, Henequen), Bamboo, Coconut coir, Milkweed, Nettles, Hoopvine, Ramie, Esparto, Kapok, Dogbane, Papaya, Umbrella plant, and dry agricultural straws like wheat, oats, barley, rye, sorghum, and even corn can be used as ingredients in hempcrete. Hemp provides no structural support in hempcrete, so fiber strength & length are not factors.

  255. Depends what form of hemp
    We sell hemp seeds, protein and oil by the tonne

  256. where do you buy hemp in large amounts by the ton if possible .

  257. I am currently an intern at a French concrete research institute (, and I am helping devellop a structural, zero carbon, cement-hemp concrete for the use in masonry blocks.Unfortunately my internship will end soon. Do you know of an american or Canadian research centre or company where I can apply to continue this research?

  258. Lovemore chirindo

    Im a qualified builder from in botswana 15yrs exprience self employed.the question is how can i get my bussiness bigger whom can i connect with.also im qualified bio gas tanks constracter with a setificate.if anyone does hve any informatio regarding my question my email address

  259. Can you direct me to a company that does injection molding with hemp plastic?

  260. Marilyn Flint

    Hemp is a good biofuel. I read articles on these 5 sites about hemp fuel. If you can’t access the articles, email me and I will attach the documents themselves in an email to you.

  261. We are currently battling to get hydro fracking banned in NY State. We are attending a number of local meetings and whether pro or anti fracking, it seems that most everyone have some basic needs in common. I see this issue coming down to money. Thats when I industrial hemp entered my mind. With the wealth of products that can be manufactured from hemp, it seems like the industry that we are currently lacking. Has anyone done research between natural gas production and hemp used for fuel purposes? We need an alternative to fracking for economically depressed areas. Is there any update on where this issue is with the federal government? What can we do to try and get industrial hemp legalized?

    • Until someone perfects cellulosic fermentation, plant sources will never quite be price-competitive with mined sources of energy (at least until oil, coal, and natural gas get scarcer). Industrial hemp can be a valuable source of ethanol & biodiesel, but right now oilseed varieties just don’t produce enough per acre to compete with regular diesel and gasoline.

      Planting recreational varieties (selected for flower production) would produce much more seed per acre than current oilseed varieties. Not to mention that varieties with greater than 1% THC produce much more oil per lb of seed. Legalizing the cultivation of ALL cannabis varieties would make the fuel produced much more economically viable.

    • Hemp fiber is already now used by some energy companies as a biological adjunct material (along with hay, corn stalks, and other animal & vegetable material) to combine with coal in furnaces to produce energy. This improves their emissions and provides another material for combustion.

  262. Does anyone know any hemp manufacturing companies in south-eastern Canada? I live in the U.S and would like to visit some hemp manufacturers for a future clothing and body care company. Feel free to respond here or email me at Thanks a lot!

  263. Hello,
    Recently i have been reading more into hemp, the industry and it’s potential. I live in East Africa, Tanzania, and was interested in growing hemp on my family’s farm. To get straight to the point i was wondering what is the potential for hemp on the international market. Since i can’t just decide to grow Hemp on several hectares and expect loss. What is the potential of exporting hemp globally? What is an easy way to precess hemp into a product suitable for the local market? and if hemp can be made into a cooking fuel suitable to replace the traditional use of wood into charcoal?
    Any answers would help me understand the great potential of hemp, and maybe establish a environmentally friendly plantation.
    Best regards,

  264. Joan Harrison

    Hello, We are flying on a commercial airline tommorrow and are wondering if we can take hemp twine in our carry-on luggage. Thanks for any help.

  265. Please, does anyone know any hemp farm in UK or Portugal which provide hosting for a WWOOFer in change of work? Many thanks for your help.

  266. CHESNEY LANGLOIS Wilfried

    Hi !
    Writing this message from France.I am looking for primary hemp fibre.I’d like to use it in cement industry and also insulation. Looking for hemp producers, and all informations related to hemp exportations.
    Thank you very much. Wilfried CHESNEY LANGLOIS

  267. What is the usefullness of hemp plastic as a submarine hull?

  268. Shannon McMakin

    Looking for a source to purchase hemp stalk in the Oregon/Washington region. Anyone know of any industrial farms?

    Many Thanks!

  269. We are looking for any information on starting a IH farm business in Oregon. Any information on the supply, distributor chain be helpful. From the farm to store and everything in between.

  270. Aloha!!

    I was wondering if anyone knew how many acres yield how many yards of fabric??

    I have prospective farmers in India that are excited to work with me and my project (starting sustainable organic cotton and hemp farms for clothing) and one big piece of the puzzle is how many acres and/or hectares produce how much material textile usage!!

    Any advise on this topic would be so greatly appreciated!!

    I look forward to sharing what I learn along the way!!!


    • I’m sorry!! Not organic cotton and hemp. But organic bamboo and hemp!!!

    • Hi there Lauren!! This is Elston from Bangalore!!, I wanted to start selling and production of organic hemp foods and products here in Bangalore, India and I can’t seem to figure out whether it is legal or illegal here. I know I maybe asking for too much but I was wondering how you obtained farmers and cut a deal with them? I haven’t spoken to any as of yet as this is still a taboo subject in India and I really want to show people how useful hemp will be in their lives and how we can form a sustainable economy just by making people understand. Any information will help me out a lot as I’ve hit a dead end from 2 years figuring out how I can start and eventually produce hemp. Please Lauren, we can help each other out in the future as well, I never forget the people who help me and I will be glad to help you. For anything, please contact me on and this is my Indian number +919986050625. I’m not hesitating to give out my contact information as I don’t care who contacts me, as long as it is healthy information which i can use!! Your help will be greatly appreciated

  271. Phan thi thanh luyen



  272. Dear All,

    I am looking for organic hemp seed to grow in North India. I would really appreciate if someone could provide me the contacts of organic hemp seed providers. I would also welcome partnership proposals if someone is interested in Indian market.


    • Hey Preet! this is Elston from Bangalore! I’ve been searching for hemp products for some time now with no luck, also, im not sure whether it is legal to sell in india even though it contains negligible levels of THC. Pls do get back to me, we can really start something here!!! Contact me on 9986050625. Thanks Hope we talk soon!!

  273. hello ,
    I am looking for a company who makes hemp fabric 4 t -shirt in Europe, somebody can help me ?
    Thanks in advance

  274. What is best hemp variety for seeds? Finola?

  275. Mike- There is no bill that has been passed in NY yet to legalize industrial hemp farming. There are bills in VT and ND that were passed in 2008 but they are only recognized by the state. Similar to medicinal marijuana in CA, it’s not a law in the eyes of the federal government so they would be able to come in at any time and bust you. Hope this helps Mike!

  276. i live in upstate ny and want to grow industrial hemp what are the necessary steps to do so.

    • Mike,
      I am also in upstate and am interested in growing IH. I am most interested in its viability as an alternate to hydro fracking. I think this would get the money back in local hands instead of gas corporations. This needs to be legalized, somehow. Let me know what you think.

  277. I`m new hemp grower from Eastern Europe. I have 30 ha land. But I have problem finding hemp decorticator manufacturers where I could buy machinery to separate fibers from stem. Any ideas? Also, I would like to find any contacts of European certified seed suppliers from Europe.

    • Hi Robert. I am looking into starting hemp farming/production in Eastern Europe. Which country are you located in?

  278. kenneth olav haga

    I am looking for someone who can make construction ,like larger sheets size 4mtrs x 8 mtrs. about 40 mm thick . one side needs to be very smooth. the other side could be used as reinforcement to keep the strength . To hold what ever that is on smooth side.
    needs to handle temp, from -60 to 100 degrees celsius .

  279. Hemp packaging needed

    Does anyone know of a company that makes hemp packaging? I’m looking for something along the lines of paper coffee bags and feed/seed bags. Thanks

  280. Is it not unfair to grow hemp for foreign export in Ethiopia where all arable food producing land should be kept to feed the population?

    • I know it’s been a while since you asked your question, but I felt that this question should be answered.

      (1) Ethiopia is a HUGE country (435,200 sq miles) with a great variety of growing regions.
      (2) The population of Ethiopia is only 84 million (That’s only 193 people per sq mile compared to New York State 366 people per square mile).
      (3) There is not a shortage of land, nor is there a shortage of food. The hype about the world being over populated is just that–hype.
      (4) In the past decade a great number of rose farms have been established in Ethiopia. These farms export the great majority of their product. These farms now employ thousands of Ethiopians.
      (5) The problem in Ethiopia is a lack of jobs! Foreign export crops give jobs to people so that they can afford food and improve their lives.
      (6) What would be “fair” about limiting a nation to only the production of food products? Why should they not have the same opportunities as other nations to improve their standard of living?

      So to answer your question–NO! It is not unfair to use arable land to grow textile produce.

  281. How is Hemp woven on industrial machines? what is the warp and weft strategy to this? thanks 🙂

  282. Hi, after the hemp fibres are taken from the plant, washed put through the machinery, cleaned, carded and condensed, how are the fibres then changed into the thread usable for weaving to make textiles? thanks 🙂

  283. Is it possible to get hemp plastic storage containers for liquids and seeds? how expensive is maufacturing? thanks.

  284. I am hoping to buy 3/4″ hemp braided rope in at least 500ft rolls, does anyone know of any Native Canadian Co that handles this that can ship to the USA? An if yes, why cannot we grow it here for this purpose? I found out that a Native Indian tried to grow it an the crop was destroyed by the Gov’t an they couldnt understand why either…. well, I always try to help buy products from native based industry’s first before I go looking elsewhere. I am 1/4th Abenaki Indian. Anyhow, please if anyone knows where to buy it at, respond! Thanks!

  285. Hi im wanting to start a a cause our charity calld hemp for the hungry now that would include clothing and hemp oil and such for to eat now can u tell me if this is gonna be a substantial amount of money or do i have a chance to make a difference! Please let me know your thoughts and ideas

  286. Hi Matt,
    Today it is farming, and small scale oil press. There is production facilities being engineered that will be incorporated next year (in the plan) for other products.
    Hope to see you at the Hemp Farm sometime soon!

  287. Paul – Looks great! guess i’ll have to start savin up my money now to get over there as early as I can. Do you know if they just do farming or do they also manufacture the hemp on site?

  288. Hi Matt

    There is a hemp farm business (and available Franchise) in Australia and one soon in New Zealand.

  289. Hi, I think, the website is interesting for geraman speaking people. Its a video and text blog abaout hemp. Legalize it fast, I want to grow!

  290. Hi, I’m a recent college graduate who’s interested in starting a hemp farm a little later on in life. I know a bit about how hemp is manufactured but would like to learn a lot more. Are there any hemp farms in the north east US or eastern Canada that I would be able to visit and take a tour of? I am in the process of writing up a business plan but I have a lot more to learn before I can take any actions. Thanks a bunch!

  291. You may want to reach out to Hempire Building Materials Ltd (Ireland) This group has deep experience in developing this building technology and in training others how to use it.

  292. hello,
    i live in israel and am interested in working with hempcrete. does anyone know if such a thing exists here, what is it’s legal status and if i can import it cheaply and easily?
    thank you!

    • Hi Ehud, I am interested in whether you ever learned whether industrial hemp — the basis of hempcrete — can be legally grown in Israel, and whether you know of any places in Israel where it is being grown (and hempcrete being utilized)? Thanks, Michael

  293. Are there any published studies of performance and characteristics of hemp straw as an animal bedding for cattle operations?

  294. i was wondering if there was a way to buy the stem of a already cultivated hemp tree i have an idea for a new product

  295. im from tamil nadu,india im studying technology) im in need of hemp fiber for my project. where in tamil nadu i can get it. please refer me.

  296. I am looking for a hemp plant in the US that press oil, and would have hemp seed meal for sale.

  297. Dear all,
    I was wondering if the fields used for hemp oil production are planted mixed, that is to say both male and female. Stalling the time before the plants get fertilized makes the buts grow bigger. Does this mean that the possible yield of hemp oil increases?
    If so, is it possible and worth wile to use feminized seeds for the production of hemp oil.

  298. I still dont hear it is leagal to plant inMt.

  299. was looking for buyers for wholesale oil and seed all organic certification

    • Hemp Foods Australia sells retail and wholesale seed globally.

      Checkout their website for organic certified dehulled seed, whole seed, hemp flour and hemp oil also available. Checkout the website that contains nutritional analysis, information and history.

  300. im trying to sell hemp oil and dehulled seed wholesale wonder if anyone has any leads?

  301. I represent CannaBANK, a new company entering the industrial hemp industry and I was hoping to get into contact with NAIHC to gain and contribute information on a variety of subjects relating to the industry, as well as to discuss the possibility of our company becoming a member of the organization.
    Specifically, we are looking to get in contact with suppliers of industrial hemp seeds for cultivation (not end-user consumption) or possibly researchers to help us develop our own strains.
    I would prefer to e-mail a contact within the council directly, but I could find no direct contact info on your website. Please contact me by e-mail with any information, we look forward to furthering the mission of NAIHC and improving our own company.

  302. I have heard the ability to grow hemp legally in the four corner states is protected by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. But the thing is why listen to the U.S. Government? They have no jurisdiction over human beings…just persons. It would be good to have an awakening throughout the country to get back to the same government that the founding fathers (who grew hemp) started. That is exactly what the Republic for the united States is. I encourage you to denounce your U.S. Citizenship and become a sovereign individual that operates under common law, not within the jurisdiction of the United States Government. The government isn’t there to force you not to live free, it’s there to protect your unalienable rights. Life. Liberty. The Pursuit of Happiness.

  303. What is the latest successful progression of the NAIHA’s plan to recommericalization of industrial hemp? You don’t have any information about it in 2011 on your main page.

  304. I just wanted to know where does one go to start selling the Raw hemp plant at? We are located in Northern Cali

  305. I need some intensive help picking seeds. The main issue is I don’t know what questions to ask. I would like to pick essential varieties for storage as a security measure. Please pardon me, I’m a bit of an apocalyptic thinker. Thank you.

  306. I am looking to produce hemp fiber for medium density fiber board, and I am going to need a large amount of hemp bails in order to accomplish this. It has been arduous finding out the needed information of where I can get the hemp bales I need in order to get started.

    • basically what I am asking is where and how do I get hemp bales in the US, or do I have to take my operation outside of the border in order to accomplish this?

  307. I also am looking for hemp as insulation for our drafty old house. I went to this site listed ; and the 2 distributors mentioned – one did not have a working website, and the other did not have hemp as insulation as a product for sale.

    I am in New York and would like to know if there are any other distributors in the US specifically selling hemp for insulation which could be used to insulate an attic.

  308. I just got on probation in Colorado for 4 yrs in which I will be required to submit to UAs. Im 44 and was told my knee should be replaced due to my development of osteoarthiritus. I aquired my MM license prior to my sentencing and was using marijuana to manage my pain. Im in the process of petitioning the court to allow my medical use but in the mean time, I was wondering if the marijuana salve will leave THC in my system.

  309. Hello, I am based in Botswana and have 13 hectares of land that is available for farming. It has a good source of water and I am looking at the possibility of growing hemp. I love the idea of growing a plant that requires no pesticides and it is tough enough to withstand the intense sun. Please email me at, it would be great to find out what the potential is.

  310. I have in full intention collected all neighbor growers’ stalks, and fully intend to build with it. Yet I need the industrial methods to process these crops. Where would I send abundances’ of said stock for processing or where can I access the equipment necessary to achieve my goals.
    and this is my art.

  311. The fact that everyone is mentoring the health benefits as well in the building materials sector with hemp. But what amaze’s me is that there is no research on the internet I can find about health risks in building materials. With hempcrete the fact you use lime to make it the hard substance.

    What are the health effects to both environment and construction worker using the lime in the hemp fiber mixture?

    When they say hempcrete or other building materials are mold, insect, fire & water proof resistant, it is not clear on these informative sites as to if there are chemicals being used in addition to prevent this. Such as formaldehyde materials & fire retardant chemicals.

    When living in a 100% hemp house, what is the air quality like? Is there any forms of gases like the traditional radon gases emitted from concrete basements?

    When you go green or environmentally safe it means no harmful chemicals, or gases to the human & environment. I think more research has to be put into place and inform the public more about it. This is probably why most governments do not want to allow hemp farms to grow hemp for these purposes. Besides the obvious fact it puts a damper in the their pockets such as oil crude. Don’t get me wrong I think it is an excellent idea, but there should be a lot of research from scientists, engineers, construction workers etc.. Everything has some form of danger in one way or another due to chemical imbalance during processes.

    • Hi Jay,
      Maybe you are overwhelmed by the claims made about hemp housing? It does seem a little too good to be true. Like hemp in general I guess. I find many of the claims made for hemp are a little exaggerated. I appreciate the opportunity to address some of your concerns. Firstly I must share I am part of so I guess I have a specific point of view, from experience.
      Health benefits for construction workers: Yes, dealing with lime does require care. You need to wear a basic face mask. This is standard OH&S in such construction methods.
      Health benefits to householders: Hemp walls breathe. This is my personal favourite pro for hemp building. They breathe far better if you consider other alternatives and the other pros and cons. Therefore, the air quality is superior.
      The fire, mold and insect resistance is mainly due to the lime content. No additives. The fire resistant properties may be improved by additives, but these too are non-toxic minerals.
      In our ‘how to build a hemp house’ book we summarise all of the above from 15 years worth of research (our own and others), plus we include the technical details scientific drawings.
      There is a lot of research about this, and this is why hemp building IS working and many people around the world are building a house of hemp today.

  312. How much more hemp paper can you produce in a year compared to tree based paper and how much hemp would be need to produce enough to make paper?

  313. I live in Montana and am intrested in growing hemp, but dont know where to start. I just have land to use.

  314. The location is in northwest Ohio, great soil

  315. I have 25 areas that i would like to start a hemp farm. How do i get started?

    Thanks Steve

  316. I need ~ 50,000- 900,000 feet of organic 2mm 100% hemp, waxed with 100% bees wax. It would be preferable that the wax be organic as well.
    Thank you all for your time.

  317. Are there any forms of hemp plastic being manufactured that would be safe if accidentally eaten by an animal?

    Thank you,

  318. My wife and I have been looking out for farm jobs (and possibly volunteering posts) all over the world. The initial idea was that we find a piece of land in Costa Rica or something and grow our own food and be self-sustainable. We later realised that while we’re still saving up, it’s be much wiser to work/volunteer at other people’s farms where they already have a piece of land and will provide food and/or accomodation for us for free.

    However, most farms in the WORLD requires that people who work there do not do ‘drugs’. Now, I only drink occasionally and my wife doesn’t at all. Neither of us smoke tobacco. We are, however, cannabis smokers…. Neither of us are super heavy smokers but we like our daily smokes. I can give it up if I wanted to but my wife has had a long problem with her stomach and she’s seen all sorts of doctors for it but the only thing that helps her is cannabis. We also wanted to grow our own hemp for all sorts of purposes along side with veggies . However, that’s obviously not an option for volunteering on a typical farm.

    So basically I’m just wondering where we can find some work/volunteer opportunities on hemp farms. We’re interested in working in any region where cannabis is decriminalised.

    • Doon – contact me through website

    • Hoola! My name is Alberto, I`m almost 20 yo, from the Caribbean side of
      Costa Rica but since 1 year ago I live in The Netherlands with
      my family. I´ve been recently going deeper and deeper in research
      for the possibility of starting an education and awareness foundation or campaigns for the proper use and promotion of permaculture and hemp cultivation, interrelated with volunteering programs on the Caribbean province of Costa. By now I´m constantly collecting information, connections and founds on my own to give my best try on 2013´s spring and summer to make run a Bio-dynamic garden in a small piece of land belonging to my family to which I have total access, and hopefully growing one of the very first educational hemp plantations of the country, this if the Legal wall is climbed.. Please guys let me know about you interest in spending some time and work in my country, and btw, any knowledge on climbing the legal wall for hemp importation to CR will be highly appreciated. Would be great to meet you guys! Adios!

      Greetings from

  319. Our company is setting up a hemp pulping operation in the southeast asia area. We are looking for a cultivator to supply us raw, unretted material in considerable quantities. Anyone that could help on the matter or point us in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


  320. I was wondering if you knew of any suppliers of hemp fabric (canvas if possible) with a waterproof backing.


  321. Hi Piotr,

    You may learn all the answers about Growing Hemp For Profit at – this will answer your questions about growing.

    For information about building with hemp I recommend for the best technique (least machine requirements).



  322. Dear Employee of Hemp4Victory

    Im from Poland , i was searching some informations about hemp machines /technology
    Seedrill ( how deep must be ? for fibers how close can be plants ? where i can buy it for hemp ? Cost of it ?)
    for cut i know only clipper
    but what with collect and/or make rolle stalk hemp ?
    Machine to break stalk and seperate hurd and fiber ?
    ( How it works ? )
    Machine to roll fiber
    Hemp Spray machine for bulding home material

    Please help me if you know something about that ( websites of that products /machines )

    Yours faithfully

  323. I would like to find a Hemp insulation producer for the Canadian market.

    Guy Fortier

  324. Hello,

    My name is Rebecca and I am a current student looking for new opportunities. I am interested in getting into the hemp business, weither it be farming for a new company, investing, or research. I want to be a part of the hemp movement in the United States and would love some advice or connections!

    Thank you!

  325. I am looking for hemp lumber. specifically hemp composite board for a plywood or drywall replacement. does anybody know a north american supplier???

  326. I am curious to the potential benefits of having industrial hemp regulated by the department of agriculture. Would Canada, for instance, benefit from exporting industrial hemp to the U.S., if it was legal, for the production of various materials that hemp is known to produce? If a change to government policy regarding industrial hemp were to be implemented, what change would that be?

  327. Can anyone send me the names of companies making thin hemp tissue paper ?
    Thank you
    Tom Connell

  328. I’ve got some family in the state of Virginia, I’ve been trying to get them to grow hemp but they don’t know what the regulations are. I do not either, is there some kind of directory for rules and regulations per state or at least a number that I can call to ask? I can’t get someone to give me a straight answer.

    • Not sure of the latest, but my files show the following for Virginia.




      Laws and Resolutions Authorizing Hemp Research

      Year Passed: 1999
      Summary: The Virginia Legislature approved House Joint Resolution 94 “memorializing the United States Secretary of Agriculture, the Director of the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy to permit the controlled, experimental cultivation of industrial hemp in Virginia.”

      West Virginia

      Laws Authorizing Commercial Hemp Cultivation

      Year Passed: 2002
      Summary: The West Virginia Legislature approved Senate Bill 447 recognizing industrial hemp having no more than 1 percent THC as an “agricultural crop.” This legislation also establishes licensing procedures to allow local farmers to “plant, grow, harvest, possess, process [and] sell” hemp commercially.

  329. The “medicinal” strains of cannibis are indicus and sativa. If hemp is a strain of cannabis, what is it’s nomenclature? Such a term is essential when differentiating cannabis in legislation and litigation.. If hemp is cannabis,Could we even RENAME Hemp ? ThnQ

  330. Found search function. Remaining question:

    Is CBD approximately evenly distributed in male and female plants or is it more like THC in recreational marijuana that is primarily in the females?

    Thank you

  331. I cannot find a list of categories nor a “search” function in the Q & A section (nor anywhere else) Is this site functional? I have several questions about possible medicinal component of industrial hemp i.e. CBD.

    Thank you!

  332. aloha! i am writing from Hawaii where i own a retail smoke shop. we cannot 3mm WAXed hemp string for lighting water bongs. all local distributors are out and we want to be the largest hemp string suppliers in Hawaii. Q: alot of companies advertise the hemp to be coated with a light layer of peanut oil, wax? but when u get it its just hemp string! I need the hemp to be coated with wax so you can light things. let me know your ordering process and if you can get back to me? if you deal with a company that does bulk out america let me know. Sincerely, maurice rosete (owner/operator)

    • Hi Maurice,

      Thanks for the letter. Yes, we do sell this type of hemp twine. Ours is coated with Bees wax very thick, and can easily hold a flame. But the thickness is only 1mm. We have found this thickness is the most popular. We ship out of Los Angeles, and can easily send to Hawaii by priority mail.

      Spool of Twine – 1MM Waxed
      Item#: TWINEBALL-1M
      Price: $10.00
      This spool of hemp twine has been covered with bee’s wax allowing the twine to hold a flame like a candle.

      Thickness: 1 mm
      Test Strength: 20 lbs.
      Length: 700 ft.
      Weight: 300 g


      10 Spools (Box)

      100 Spools (Case)






  333. hello,
    Can some one help me out with this.

    I am trying to find if it is legal to grow “industrial hemp” in chennai, TN, INDIA.
    We are a design firm into product design, Architecture, Apparel , marine design.
    We’ve been investigating on hemp for our recent project : eco friendly leisure boat. We are trying to develop the body panels and hull with hemp based FRP.
    Are there are suppliers of hemp fibre in INDIA.
    my contact:

    Thank you 🙂

  334. no – the best way to see uses of hemp plastic is at (I know this website will be (majorly) updated with new materials and information next month (September, 2010)

  335. Can you make a (heavy) plastic bag, the kind that contains soil at your local garden center, from hemp?

  336. Looking for Hemp Building partners to host a workshop.

    We are looking for hosts now globally for a method of building hemp that is completely unique in the fact it does not require any major processing of the hemp stalk.

    This method is totally legal in North America, Europe, Australia etc.

    Why build with brick veneer when hemp lime construction is more ecofriendly, a better insulator, has low embodied energy, is cheaper, has better flexural strength, is less toxic and locks up carbon!

    If you host an event we will build (at least part of) a hemp building on your land.

    1acre of hemp = 3 bed home!

    Contact us at if you are interested

  337. how do i make hemp rope? and how much would i need to grow

  338. Are hemp protein powders gluten free?

  339. I’ve seen the question asked a few times about in which countries it is legal to grow industrial hemp. So far there doesn’t seem to be a clear comprehensive answer anywhere. What I would really like to know is where I can find a complete and detailed list that distinguishes countries where it is legal to grow IH WITHOUT ANY GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE WHATSOEVER. (No licensing requirements or anything) Does that even exist? Which countries are left that haven’t signed drug war treaties with the US?


    Excuse-me for my poor english.. I’m french..
    I hope you’ll understand.

    I want open a little factory of hemp for make Essential Oil.
    I need have “dioïcal?” (dioïque in french) seeds of hemp 0,2%THC maximum certified for make Essential Oil.

    In france, there is uniquely 1factory how have the autorisation and certification to sell 0.2%THC maximum seeds the FNPC.
    The FNPC don’t want make dioïcal seeds for me because I’m too small (I have uniquely 3hectares: 30000m²).
    I’m blocked! I NEED DIOICAL SEEDS!
    For respect the french law, I need work with Officials Factories who have official certification of 0%THC seeds (0.2maximum).

    DO you know witch societies, factories can sell to me dioïcal hemp seeds (I need uniquely 500 000 seeds)? Have you their web sites?

  341. Our family farm is covered in naturally growing hemp. My cousin is a law abiding farmer and is afraid to cut it down because he heard he could get arrested. The problem is, its taking over, covering more than just several acres.

    Is there anything we can do? I want to help him get rid of it, but we do not want to break the law. I would also like to find a way for a company to use this hemp, as the stalks grow higher than 6 feet and I imagine is of significant use for ropes or what-have-you. It would be a shame to let it go to waste.

    Our family farm is in Iowa. I can not find laws or policies about cutting down the hemp. ANY references or help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

  342. Where can I buy some hemp plastic in stock form for manufacturing? I want to machine a computer case out of hemp plastic.

  343. I’m doing a report on the anti-bacterial properties of hemp for my summer class, but I’m having trouble finding good scholarly articles / reports. Could someone point me in the right direction?

  344. I’m looking for an epoxy resin made from hemp suitable for fiberglass repair work.

  345. Philip McCready

    I am looking to source/price the purchase of Hemp stalks which are typically waste in medical marijuana industry farming.

    – I am working with a brick maker in Colorado and we plan to use Hurds in construction blocks. So am seeking steady sources for larger quantities of stalks once production begins.

    Hurds are the part of the the short fibred inner woody core of the hemp plant. They comprise 70-80 percent of the stalk and are composed of libriform fibres which are high in lignin. Traditionally hurds have been considered waste as they are the by-product from bast extraction .

    Developing a marijuana construction industry as a by-product of medical marijuana farms will help legitimize the medical marijuana industry.

    Thanks … look forward to any feedback.

  346. I Am in dire need of hempcrete and epoxy please helpb thank you

  347. How does hemp absorbe oil?How does hempcrete take co2 from the air?

  348. shirley sensimilla

    anybody???? we really need to act on this NOW soo once again anybody know how i should go about getting hemp to be used in the oil clean up in the gulf?

  349. shirley sensimilla

    yes Hemp is used as a building material the ECO-Elise’s manufactufing warehouse was built of hemp including the car they build in it. Hemcrete (i believe is the spelling) is a company making a hemp/lyme mixture that could replace concrete and absorb CO2 from the atmosphere to naturally insulate.
    check out this website:

  350. how do we go about getting hemp to be used to help absorb the oil spewing into the gulf?

  351. Is it legal to grow hemp in Portugal?

  352. I live in MT where it is legal to grow industrial hemp. I am all about going green with the earth and think that hemp could help solve a lot of our earths problems. The only thing is, that i dont know how to get started. Please tell me what i need to do to get started growing industrial hemp.

  353. Hello there,
    Do you know if there is a tubing 4-5″ inside diameter made from hemp. Similar to cardboard tube or pvc pipe.Intended use is non load bearing, non fluid conducting. Final product would need to be waterproof[ed]for exterior use. If this product is not available could one make it yourself by forming 1/4 hemp mat over a form with some kind of forming/binder?
    Any info is much appreciated, Allen Cady

  354. are you starting an industrial hemp business?

  355. Who could I contact concerning growing industrial hemp in illinois? Also, where are the annual meetings located?

  356. I live in montana and was thinking about getting a medical marijauna card so that I could then grow hemp. My aim would be to just make a small amount of hemp products, like yoga belts or something, with the limited plants that I would be able to grow. I think this could be a way to start growing industrial hemp and help the movement in the USA. I would not be smoking or using medical marijauna. anybody have any idea, bad or good? Anybody know where i can get low thc content hemp seeds that would be good to use for making a good fiboruos plant?

  357. What is the reasoning for tanning lotions to have Hemp in them? I can only find, “is also used in body care products”. Why?’, decrease/improve wrinkles, texture or color? Help?

  358. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could put me in touch with an expert on hemp paper manufacturing. Im curious about the process, and if anyone knows where I could purchase the necessary equipment please inform me. Thanks

  359. David from Florissant

    I am a college student approaching graduation and am in need of advice from Industrial Hemp supporters about what I should do with myself after earning a bachelor’s degree. I need help quick!

    I want to and believe I have the potential to cause great change in the world, and I want to do so using industrial hemp. What is my next step? DO I become a botanist and learn about the plant? Do i study Agricultural business and leave the US to start a plantation?

    Advice from NAIHC would be appreciated.

  360. I want to have a book published using hemp paper.

    Does anyone know if that kind of publisher exist?

  361. I have a farm with about 6-8 acres of prime land. I would like to know how to get started on growing hemp and who or where to sell it. In BC!

    • I live in northern Washington and want to find suppliers of industrial hemp suppliers to make paper, cloth and plastic educational suppllies. If you can find out how to grow it, I will find out how I can legally import it.

  362. hiyo! I’m from british columbia, and am in developement of my own hemp farm. I have anearly completed the paperwork, and have been approved, but am interested in beginning study on harvesting tips, and the price of a hemp processor. I’m attemping to have this business grow to a larger scale, and hopefully rescue this town. Also from what I have read it states that a Bulk Storage Facility is required and must be registered, yet I find no information on requirements for building your own facility. Any information would be greatly appreciated, via email please.

    We are making the change
    Steven Brooks

  363. Is it legal to grow Hemp in Nebraska?

  364. princessstrambler

    My girlfriend has read an article on hemp milk.Unfortunetaly she can’t remember what was about hemp milk only that it is healthy for you.Can you enlighten me on this information?

  365. Where is hemp located?

  366. Hi,
    Can You tell me, where can I buy Hemp reaper machine, and how much it is cost?
    Thanks, Maris

  367. Legal Medical Marijuana growers in Colorado have a waste product (stalks). These can be composted & used for vegetables/landscaping, etc. Can the stalks be used for hemp production and if so, who would be interested in purchasing this product? What quantity would be desired? How would the product be transported?

  368. I am interested in learning more about using hemp to produce charcoal. I have read elsewhere that it is possible to produce charcoal from hemp bails created by modified hay bailing machines. Is there anyone doing this? Where would I find info on this application for hemp?

  369. If I were to grow a crop of hemp. where would I be able to sell it, who in the us buys most of the hemp out of the ground?

  370. How do I find hemp insulation rope? I want to insulate between the wideboard floors of my 200 year old house and heard about it on the radio but can’t find a source. thanks!

  371. I am an Ontario College student, in an environmental program. I am working on a term report involving reducing the stress we put on our Wastewater treatment systems. I have been trying to find Toilet Paper made from Hemp, to conduct experiments on, but it is proving very difficult. I am not even sure if such a product is actually produced! If it is and anyone reading this knows where I can acquire a roll please let me know!

    • Hi Chris,
      In reply to your question, yes Hemp TP is produced. Versativa has it. I am a distributor. Check out this link… You can browse through the site and you can search for the Move product.
      Move, with hemp fiber, is not only a cleansing and detoxifying fiber blend, it also has a probiotic blend to repopulate the good bacteria in the GI track… 70% of the immune system is in the stomach. Move creates the right environment while mopping and cleansing!
      As you clean, enjoy the microscopic nature of our exclusive marine phytoplankton, there to bring nutrition to the cells of the body. Move is sweetened with inulin, which is a pre biotic to feed the growth of good immune bacteria!
      This pack includes 2 Canisters of Move, and 6 Rolls Hemp Toilet Paper!
      Hope this may help.

  372. I am Native American and returning to the reservation. As we all know, the unemployment rate on such said reservation land varies to as high as 85%. My question is a sovern nation, is it possible for the Native American to produce this product on Indian lands(specifically) ? Of course following the criteria pertaining to quality of the hemp. It is my personal opnion that this is a viable product that would work well for various reasons. One being the production of products (which number 25,000) that would generate many jobs for reservation people,Natives as well as Whites who reside here. We have legal gaming that employs a limited few. Something of this size with unlimited possibilities, I think would be benifical to Indian Nations. How and where do I begin? This could be the difference in our existance in keeping Native peoples home, verses moving to other areas for employment.
    We are not lazy we merely want what was promised to us by the US Government so many years ago..a chance, an opportunity to live like everyone in this Great Nation.
    Thank You

    • Hi Melody,

      Saw your comment on the hemp web site and thought I would share with you my dilemma. I am a doctor who wrote a mind/body health book of poetry and want to have it published using hemp paper. You probably already know the powers controlling the government which won’t let that happen.

      In any case here is the first poem of the book for you. Hope we both in our lifetime see improvement for native peoples.


      The Washington’s president wants to purchase this land.
      Is it to sell those peaks with valley these rocks with sand?
      This is a white man’s whim can you buy Presence hold a sky?
      This is a strange idea to a red man; do all these strangers lie?

      Beauty is in everyplace you can see it above to below.
      It’s Mother’s Native Ways that wild living Hearts know.
      See Great Spirit everywhere; Being is Mother Nature’s rife.
      Children of the planet’s Creator every being here is wildlife.

      See little sister forest, her rainbow meadow has hillside flowers.
      In her plants and trees is life a sap giving blood with its powers.
      See our big brothers the eagle, the deer and the bear.
      On this beautiful planet, with the insects, we all share.

      Great Spirit’s caring for every being, while Nature feeds and mends.
      Her living rain flows in streams and rivers to invigorate and cleanse.
      The mountain rivers quench the living through and through.
      They feed our children with fish the waters carry our canoe.

      Great Spirit flows in the plants and animals its natural current unites.
      Blood is pulsing in everyplace; you can see it in far distant starlights.
      Life’s body heat is in animals in every child, woman and man.
      Creator’s Presence is in Nature with Spirit’s wonderland clan.

      Our ancestor’s blood memories are buried here within this earth.
      With these living spiritual rituals we all come from a sacred birth.
      The living ground remembers all, our villages with their past ordeals.
      But people’s reverence is still expressing, because each life reveals.

      Grandfather’s reflection, the sight of his coming speaking with a ghostly voice.
      Saying the selling of life’s song is neither a wise nor even a God given choice.
      All of life is precious; you just have to experience, it’s Nature’s vim.
      To harm our Mother’s life with our Creator’s contempt, will be grim.

      If you buy our land please you must remember thus.
      All of life here on our Mother Earth is precious to us.
      Your God in the book is strange, with all the powers of strife.
      Realize it must be the same Great Spirit that’s with all of life.

      What befalls on all our people, in their struggles after birth.
      Befalls on all of God’s children living here on Mother Earth.
      Earth belongs to the white man is your Manifest Destiny’s thought.
      All beings and peoples belong to Earth our Great Spirit has taught.

      Can human beings weave a Nature’s web? We believe, they cannot.
      People are merely strands in a web, which some people have forgot.
      The strands in our web of life, we ourselves have wrought.
      It comes from a cause with effect to its human’s onslaught.

      The white man’s destiny, it is a real mystery to all of us.
      Our land its rivers to the ocean with its sky, is our truss.
      All children learn a life is expressing the Great Spirit’s family tree.
      Earth is Mother; She is life in the land and in the living of the free.

      So we say, love this Earth, as the newborn does with the mother.
      Children always recognize the heartbeat of their significant other.
      Please care for this Earth, while you are all here, and living astir.
      And please love Mother Earth just as we have always loved Her.

      Teach your children as we have taught ours; know Nature’s Way.
      The plants and animals express the joy of Great Spirit’s interplay.
      Can you taste the winds from a life’s spring-sweetened meadow?
      It is food and medicine, express respect for life’s abundant show.

      At birth onto the grandfather came the first wind, becoming his breath.
      Life is created, until the last sigh chilled in a moment before his death.
      Look, it is ending, the living giving way to the beginning of survival.
      God’s native lifestyles with their sacred world, civilized by the rival.

      When the red man’s wilderness vanishes into a white man’s money tree.
      Our beautiful ocean shores with their forests will soon be only a memory.
      So viewing now our shadowed land from the great mountain steeple.
      Chief Seattle, what is happening? Where are Mother Earth’s people?

    • email me back please.

  373. I am a proponent of Industrial Hemp. I believe that educating the public between the differences of Marijuana and Industrial Hemp is extremely important if we are to begin to exploit this diverse plant once more and gain the acceptance of the general public…as well as law enforcement. But Law enforcement, in their attempt to be cute and hip can sometimes get in the way of that education. Take the example from Michigan Police who created Operation Hemp. – “Help Eliminate Marijuana Planting.” Though this Acronym is catchy it does not help to educate the general public about the difference between Hemp and Marijuana and I would argue that it actually hurts the cause by confusing once again the differences between the plants.
    – Article –

    • Here is the article from Michigan’s Daily Press. GWINN –

      – More than 1,200 marijuana plants were seized during recent fly-overs conducted across the region, announced officials from the Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team (UPSET) Friday.

      As a result of the investigation, arrest warrants are pending on six individuals suspected of manufacturing marijuana and other drug violations, said Jeff Racine, UPSET Commander.

      Street value of the 1,200 pot plants is estimated at $1,000-$2,000 each, or $12,000-$24,000 total. Several weapons were also seized in the sting.

      The drug bust was part of UPSET’s “Operation HEMP,” which stands for “Help Eliminate Marijuana Planting.” Because of this year’s longer growing season, more pot plants than normal were seen from the air for this late in the year, Racine said.

      Operation HEMP covered 12 of the 15 counties in the Upper Peninsula, in search of marijuana plantings, he said.

      “This year we had four helicopters so we were able to cover all 12 counties that were covered,” Racine said. Helicopters were provided by Michigan State Police, Michigan National Guard, and U.S. Customs.

      Other agencies assisting in Operation Hemp were law officials from the Drug Enforcement Administration, Alcohol-Tobacco-Firearms, the Federal Forest Service, and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Local agencies also assisted in the recovery of plants.

      Though many plantings were seen for this late in the season in the U.P., officers are reporting statewide that marijuana planting sightings are down somewhat this year overall, Racine said.

      Police across the state are saying this is because more pot plants are being grown indoors as a result of the state’s new marijuana laws allowing medically-authorized patients to grow and use marijuana, he said.

      Some patients, as well as some caregivers who are allowed to grow pot, are abusing the law and obtaining permits through fraud, said Racine. This deception is creating more problems for law enforcement in Michigan and the other states which have enacted medical marijuana laws, he said.

      In addition to the marijuana seizures and the related pending arrests, UPSET also confiscated drugs and arrested 17 drug suspects from across the U.P. this past week, Racine said.

      Nine of the suspects were arrested in Delta County, two in Schoolcraft County and one in Menominee County, Racine said Friday. The remaining suspects were from Marquette and Iron counties. Additional arrests are pending and could double the number of current arrests, he added.

      Charges relate to the delivery and possession of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and prescription drugs.

      “We’re seeing a lot more drug use and abuse across the state,” Racine commented. “With that comes more violent crimes and more property crimes.”

      To report illegal drug activity, contact UPSET at 1-800-882-8202.

  374. Am very interested in starting a small,local garden for the sale for medicinal marijuana clientele. Am a holistic practitioner and would love to know what I need to do (ie. applications, registrations, etc.) to start this process! Betsy

  375. you get hemp seed stock from canada i dont have the link handy but search around winnipeg thats where the company is from

  376. Oregon has legalized hemp farming.

    Where can we get seed stock?
    Please don’t say Monsanto.

  377. If industrial hemp has THC levels lower than some store bought products why do I need permission to grow it? How can I get into the hemp industry? I am willing to relocate if I can get a job, do you know where I should look?

  378. idan berdichev

    my name is Idan Berdichev , and i’m 22 years old from Jerusalem , Israel.
    i was born in U.S in 1987 so i’m also a U.S citizen.
    for long time i’m looking for details about working in hemp farming , but i’m living in Israel and i don’t know anyone from Canada that can help me.
    would you give me few details about jobs in hemp farming?
    thanks , Idan

  379. Is there any danger in work related drug testing coming up with a Positive drug result when routinely comsumping Hemp seed daily in the diet.
    Thank you! Connie

  380. Hey!
    I was just curious why this group isn’t making a major push towards a stimulus package going towards hemp cultivation and production? It would stimulate the economy in many ways ranging from the plants ability to produce fuel (in abundance) to its ability to provide a cheap raw resource that substitutes plastics, wood, paper, textiles and food.
    It is a baby industry still so the stimulus would all go towards entrepreneurial businesses starting up in hemp as well as tax breaks for companys investing in land or production. Because growing hemp at home and producing it at home is going to be cheaper than transporting it with oil based technology and oil based products, it shouldn’t be hard to get corporate investment and private investment (we are all losing our shirts anyways, might as well invest in something that has the potential to make you big bucks)
    The value of North Americas energy needs is measured in something that starts with a T. I am pretty sure a local trillion dollar cornerstone industry is exacly what the world needs in this time of crisis.

  381. Will ingestion of hemp based products, (such as seeds, hemp milk, hemp oil, hemp ice cream, hemp cereal, etc.) cause a false positive on a urinalysis test intended to determine if a person has cannibis alkaloids in their body? I have a commercial driver’s license in the USA and the DOT requires random UA’s.

  382. 1:What Climate Is Needed For Cultivation Of Industrial Hemp?
    2:Where Can One Get Seeds To Grow Industrial Hemp From?
    3: An Area Of About 100 Acres Would Grow How Many Industrial Hemp Trees?
    4: How Is The Fibre Taken Out From Industrial Hemp and What Is The Process Of Taking Out Oil From Industrial Hemp?
    5: How Much Time Does It Take For A Tree To grow?
    6: Which Part Of Industrial Hemp Tree Is Used For Medicinal Use?
    7: Have These Big Names Like Georgio Armani, Mercedes Benz Really Entered Into Producing Products From Industrial Hemp?
    8: Can I Know The Whole Process From Sowing The Seeds – Cutting Of The Tree For Industrial Hemp?

    Thank You Waiting To Hear..

    • Wednesday, 4/18/2012, 5:35 PM (HST)


      Did you ever receive a reply to your questions on January 15, 2009. I would particularly be interested in any response to your second question, “Where Can One Get Seeds To Grow Industrial Hemp From?” I realize that it has been more than three years since you asked that question, but I am also looking for industrial hemp seeds for planting and growing and I have had no luck in finding them at a low enough price to plant on my three acres here in Hawaii. There are books on how to grow industrial hemp but first you have to have seeds to plant. Hopefully you still remember any responses you may have received to your question. I know that it is still technically illegal to grow industrial hemp in the U.S., but I’m willing to take the chance. I just need a source for the seeds. If you can assist me in this, I will be eternally grateful.

      Jim McGuire
      email address:
      mailing address: HCR1 Box 5792, Keaau, Hawaii 96749

    • Hi Manoj,

      My name is Raj and i am planning to start a hemp harvesting company. I see you have posted for this question long back. I am just curious to know how far have you reached with this business and do you think it is profitable to get into field like this.

      Your help and suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

      Awaiting for your reply,


  383. Can you tell me the THC levels in all of the food items made from industrial hemp?
    hulled seeds
    unrefined oil
    Given the results of recent research regarding the effect THC might have on Alzheimer’s patients, I thought there might be some beneficial effect on those patients if they consume appropriate levels of THC.
    See Maia Szalavitz’s article “Marijuana’s Memory Paradox” based on a paper published in the Neurobiology of Aging” that published on 1/10/09.

    • Hi Bob,
      Unfortunately ‘industrial’ hemp, by definition, contains less than 0.3% THC and has no psychoactive properties. Even the seeds of cannabis bred to produce a high THC content do not themselves contain THC, as it is only produced by the flowers of the mature female plant.
      Hemp foods do contain a perfect balance of omega 3, 6 and 9, which are essential for health, so eating them would benefit anyone.
      You are correct about consuming THC possibly being beneficial to Alzheimer’s sufferers, but they would have to vaporize, eat, or smoke the flowers (or resin from the flowers) of the plant.
      Loads more info here: (nutritional hemp) (medicinal cannabis)
      Hope this helps,

  384. can you use a hemp glue on silk thread and if so will it keep the knot and not change the color of the silk also how fast will it dry?

  385. Has hemp been considered as a source for Bio Diesel? It seems to be an excellent candidate for this, given the density per acre the crop yields and it’s eco friendly growth.

  386. I would like to produce non THC hemp for food, paper bags and rope. I feel the bag market would be huge. I have access to hundreds of acres of previously used pulled and vacated apple orchards which are in a climate ideal for hemp production. Is there a place in the Continental US that can process hemp for this application and what, if any, federal laws would I have to comply with to take on a venture such as this? It seems that the powers that control paper, cotton, plastic by product would fight a venture such as this solely on a base fear drug platform as they always have. Please, anyone with any information please contact me. thanks.

    • Ronald Coquis

      Hola mi nombre es Ronald, soy empresario exportador hortofrutícola, represento a la empresa CAÑA y RETAMA S.L. la cual está buscando agricultores que quieran entrar en medianería con mi empresa, o desarrollar el cultivo por cuenta propia, (obteniendo más beneficios), en el desarrollo del cultivo del cáñamo Industrial.
      Llevo desarrollando una industria de transformación del cáñamo Industrial en fibras 5 años.

      La mayoría de la demanda es para Aislamientos, Cuerdas, e Hilos Textiles además de celulosa para fábricas de papel, que es la principal demanda de nuestros clientes en Europa y América, además estamos estudiando el crecimiento industrial de otras materias primas como aceites, hilos, semillas, Horchata, etc.

      Comentarles que en estos momentos, hemos desarrollado unos METODOS de enriamiento de las fibras de cáñamo, que nos han permitido, darle mayor suavidad y así, llegar a obtener unas fibras que son admitidas por las maquinas de Cardas del Algodón, o de Lino, etc. obtenido las mechas que nos permiten estirar hasta obtener el hilo textil del Cáñamo Industrial, y podemos hilar en estos momentos los calibres de N16 a N30.

      Aceptamos un mínimo de 40 hectáreas, para que el agricultor haga sus pruebas con diferentes semillas, ya que según el clima de la zona, algunas se desarrollan mejor que otras, pero estoy buscando más de 300 hectáreas, por zonas.

      Después de las pruebas, tenemos dos referencias importantes, la primera por parte nuestra, saber qué tipo de semilla se germina mejor, y el rendimiento de la tierra por hectárea y la segunda para el agricultor, que ve la rentabilidad económica de su producción.

      Dispongo del mejor precio de la semilla, certificada para su uso legal en Europa en la transformación del Cáñamo Industrial en sus diferentes materias primas, además de la Maquinaria con la tecnología para la Siega y para su procesamiento.

      Lo más importante es que firmamos un contrato de transformación, donde al agricultor le aseguramos la comercialización del total de la materia prima, obtenida por las maquinas procesadoras de nuestra fabrica, acordamos un precio mínimo por su producto, para garantizar el beneficio al agricultor, pero pueden varias a mejor, según mercado, podríamos hablar de unos beneficios aproximados de 4000 a 5000 euros por hectárea, de dos campañas al año, para el agricultor, siempre que se hagan cosas correctas.

      Si estas interesado y cumples con las condiciones, puedo darle una estimación económica, de tus beneficios como medianero, así como las responsabilidades de la empresa hacia el Agricultor.

      Un saludo
      Ronald Coquis
      Departamento Comercial.
      00 34 655611228
      Skype: lacasadenoah

  387. I am looking for a supplier of 1/4 or 4mm inch hemp rope.
    Can anyone give me any suggestions.
    Ecolutions has been out for months and doesn’t even have the product to produce it at this time.
    Lynne Gaither
    434 Pumping Station Rd
    Hanover, PA 17331


    may be a source for hemp-based paper. they are located in oregon. check it out!

  389. Does hemp yarn shrink or is it pre -shrunk?

  390. Can anyone help me source a manufacturer of hemp or hemp blend tissue paper? Also paper that can be printed on to create decorative papers for designing with? I am getting lost with lots and lots of information.

    many thanks

  391. I am distressed to watch Planet Green and hear hemp in every other sentence. Not because I have a problem with hemp, but because they never mention the fact that all the products they feature are made from imported hemp.
    I have yet to see anyone comment on the unfair persecution of industrial hemp in our country, by our government.
    Could NAIHC get a show, a spot on a show, or even a commercial on Planet Green network to let people know that hemp could be grown in the US by local farmers?

    • Marilyn Flint

      North Dakota gives licenses to grow it, and Vermont just passed a law that will allow it.

      • All such loosening of state law is subject to seeing what the federal government does. One ONE crop has been grown commercially, last year is Colorado…and the farmer had to jump through big hoops to get the permits. Plus, he expects to lose money and the equipment to process hemp for fiber don’t exist in this country. The law is the law, right or not. And, BTW, the 9th Circuit interpretation that CBD isn’t hemp does not trump federal law. Only a US Supreme Court decision can do that…or an action by Congress.

  392. Can anyone please tell me where to get hemp webbing?

    • Rehan Akbar Khawaja

      We are interested in growing industrial hemp in Pakistan. Please help/guide us. Please send us detailed scientific literature on the following address. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated in this regard.

      Rehan Akbar Khawaja
      64-Rasool Park, Lahore-54600
      Land line# +924237586914
      Cell # +923333119911

      • Did you find infotmations you needed for growing hemps

      • michael weppner

        Do you begin growing hemp? im interested in purchasing .5mm and 1mm hemp twine

      • Ronald Coquis

        Hola mi nombre es Ronald, soy empresario exportador hortofrutícola, represento a la empresa CAÑA y RETAMA S.L. la cual está buscando agricultores que quieran entrar en medianería con mi empresa, o desarrollar el cultivo por cuenta propia, (obteniendo más beneficios), en el desarrollo del cultivo del cáñamo Industrial.
        Llevo desarrollando una industria de transformación del cáñamo Industrial en fibras 5 años.

        La mayoría de la demanda es para Aislamientos, Cuerdas, e Hilos Textiles además de celulosa para fábricas de papel, que es la principal demanda de nuestros clientes en Europa y América, además estamos estudiando el crecimiento industrial de otras materias primas como aceites, hilos, semillas, Horchata, etc.

        Comentarles que en estos momentos, hemos desarrollado unos METODOS de enriamiento de las fibras de cáñamo, que nos han permitido, darle mayor suavidad y así, llegar a obtener unas fibras que son admitidas por las maquinas de Cardas del Algodón, o de Lino, etc. obtenido las mechas que nos permiten estirar hasta obtener el hilo textil del Cáñamo Industrial, y podemos hilar en estos momentos los calibres de N16 a N30.

        Aceptamos un mínimo de 40 hectáreas, para que el agricultor haga sus pruebas con diferentes semillas, ya que según el clima de la zona, algunas se desarrollan mejor que otras, pero estoy buscando más de 300 hectáreas, por zonas.

        Después de las pruebas, tenemos dos referencias importantes, la primera por parte nuestra, saber qué tipo de semilla se germina mejor, y el rendimiento de la tierra por hectárea y la segunda para el agricultor, que ve la rentabilidad económica de su producción.

        Dispongo del mejor precio de la semilla, certificada para su uso legal en Europa en la transformación del Cáñamo Industrial en sus diferentes materias primas, además de la Maquinaria con la tecnología para la Siega y para su procesamiento.

        Lo más importante es que firmamos un contrato de transformación, donde al agricultor le aseguramos la comercialización del total de la materia prima, obtenida por las maquinas procesadoras de nuestra fabrica, acordamos un precio mínimo por su producto, para garantizar el beneficio al agricultor, pero pueden varias a mejor, según mercado, podríamos hablar de unos beneficios aproximados de 4000 a 5000 euros por hectárea, de dos campañas al año, para el agricultor, siempre que se hagan cosas correctas.

        Si estas interesado y cumples con las condiciones, puedo darle una estimación económica, de tus beneficios como medianero, así como las responsabilidades de la empresa hacia el Agricultor.

        Un saludo
        Ronald Coquis
        Departamento Comercial.
        00 34 655611228
        Skype: lacasadenoah

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