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Hemp Paper Factory in South America

I need a company which can establish a hemp paper factory. We have 10,000 people (with land) who can plant cañamo, and we can have a market with the government already, for all production. Any company interested? Write to me at: Carlos Ugarte

Job Hunting

What is the best way to get a job in the hemp industry?

Timothy Cochran

Hemp to Battle Poverty

Paul Benheim suggested rather than create a charity to buy hemp clothing and hemp oil to feed and clothe the poor, a better way is to teach them to make hemp products and teach others to do the same. This not only gives the poor rewarding work, but brings tax revenues into governments that need more money to help the poor.

Oregon Chapter of NAIHC?

Please send contact info regarding local Oregon chapter of NAIHC. My husband and I want to become active in supporting industrial hemp growing legislation.
Thank you, Nadine Levie