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74 responses to “Q & A Tips

  1. im getting in hemp farming and we like to get the recipes that used we the U S are using the hurds of the industrail hemp for paper marking

  2. Hello,

    I have a semi truck full of great hemp stalks. Does anyone know where I can find buyers?


  3. I used a USDA NRCS grant to build my irrigation system. Is there any issue in growing industrial hemp when funded under the NRCS e-QIP program? I would like to be prepared when I walk into the Local NRCS office to tell them I plan to grow industrial hemp. Any guidance or background would be appreciated before I confront the bureaucrats!

    • it goes by State. Always look to the Dept of Ag for all things including letting them know what you need and your intentions. They will be the ones selling the seed also. Within each state are the particular guidelines for growing Hemp. With so many reasons for people growing Hemp it is hard for me to say much out of the gate. Each facet has certain parameters. I love to help others understand, 213 572 7351 anytime

      • Katherine Desmond

        NOPE the VT dept of AG does not sell nor will they help farmer procure seed.

        • well there are seed providers all over the world but conditions apply to import to the u.s. i can only help find bulk amounts usually 250lbs and many times 1500lbs or more. people who can only sell you a kilo of seeds are too new in my opinion and are usually selling for cbd production. i deal with the industrial side of hemp mostly. i try to be available @ 213 572 7351 to help others understand and find a way

  4. I’m looking into becoming a hemp farmer, my question is simple really

    Does anyone know of any company’s anywhere that would setup a contract along the lines of we agree to purchase x amount, every x ammount of months, after a certain date

    Giving me the time I need to start it up and also the confidence, I’ve been lookin into this for a while now and this seems to be the only issue

    • think in terms of operating within industry standards.
      Also, under what parameters would you sign a “tentative contract to purchase”? One must have materials in hand and systems in play to have buyers eh. In short, yes, there are buyers of materials lined up all day long and right here in the u.s.
      Sure there are also Processing Companies that will purchase your crop or baled material at the processor, or even pick it up.
      Kenaf is a plant that can let you play in the realm that people think hemp will fit in though, right now. Kenaf is legal and does everything that hemp can do here and now in the u.s.

      What you are asking is a way that business operates, now you just gotta figure out how to fit in or add definition.
      These are the very things i deal with everyday all around the world, in the realm you want to know about.
      Lucky for you im here 213 572 7351 if you need me

  5. Where can investors be found for the hemp seed oil industry? a local business needs some funding to complete a Hemp Harvestor with an inbuilt decorticator alocal company is also supplying Hempcrete, Im keen to connect with people passionate about realising the potentials with this plant/product. Can contact me via mach2 (@) xnet.co.nz

    • in my opinion it is wrong to enter the edible seed market for so many reasons. mostly that you are simply taking $ right out of another companies pocket. Best thing (if you must venture down the seed path) is to work with existing companies and expand operations. They also have the capital. Otherwise it would be very tuff for food products also due to the amount of $ americans make per hour and the costs behind food products and packaging, etc.

      Best thing to me is crops grown for Core and Fiber.
      *but with the very small amount of fibers we are really dealing with a Core crop…

      The Core can be used for SO MANY wonderful things.
      Canada and other Entities already have the edible food market on lockdown. When looking at entering the market one should first look for buyers. I happen to know the numbers behind Sales and they do not look real good for newcomers. Im a Hemp Guru and i know very few people that eat hemp seed or take legal cbd still today.

      Lucky for you im here and i prolly know most the people you are working with. I am a leader in Hemp now for a couple decades so i really can help form anyone’s intentions. 213 572 7351

  6. Question: How biodegradable is hemp plastic ? Could it help keep sea life from dying upon ingestion ?

    • wow that is a doooooozy of a question.
      First, if we do not reduce the amount of trash going into the ocean than there is no fix at all.

      Second, any plastic is only as “safe” as the binders that are used.

      If plastics are degrading and not getting to the ocean than there is less problem. Any matter that gets into the body of a fish organism that is not natural, is foreign.
      So ok we reduced pollution in your town so you breath cleaner but if we brought in 6 hemp processing companies and the air had hemp particles in it all the time now is it ok for humans?

      I work with Bioplastics and Hemplastic is a really general term.
      I can make Hemplastic tomorrow with 40% hemp and recycled content plastic. About as “Green” as you can get in America right now.

      Not sure how much this helps you but your question is a lil far out

  7. Hi.
    I would love to start importing a whole range of hemp products
    and get the word out. Could you give me a contact in China or closer to home (England) if at all possible.

  8. Could paper made from hemp fiber be used instead of glass fiber in HEPA filter applications as a sustainable alternative?

  9. I am current co-owner of a beef cattle farm in North Carolina. I think it will be legal to grow industrial hemp here soon. How practical would it be to convert fields dedicated to grazing and hay production to hemp farming? The soil here is a red clay variety that grows hay quite well with no irrigation; we usually get about 40 inches (slightly more than one meter) of rain per year. Any particular varieties/strains come to mind? Could we get seed samples for experimental planting?

  10. Wanting to purchase cases of 600 foot 1.5 – 2mm hemp cord, 3 ply waxed hemp cord balls for craft product resale

  11. Since these items are known to are able to increase Human
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  12. Wonderful Q&A’s. I would like to be filled in on the current legalities regarding the farming of hemp in the U.S. and Ecuador. Is it yet legal on a federal level in the U.S.?

    • Ecuador i dont know, but in the U.S there are many opportunities to grow now. Its really about how much $ you have.
      If you have less than 50 acres to grow it may be cost prohibitive in most cases. Honestly, it is a majorly crazy situation in the u.s. and i dont see any real positive motion for at least 5 years. that is too long.

      for real. just call me if you have interest in Hemp. The issues are far too vast to learn things from a blog.

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  14. Has anyone tried making an adhesive with hemp?

  15. What does it take to start a hemp farm .

    • too much in the U.S. all the raw materials are available from outside the u.s. for us to move forward. we must develop hemp in america and that will take more than 10 years

  16. i am wanting to learn how best to use hemp for Neuropathy treatment and looking for some one that has info, on this please looking for another way there is an oil that has gamma linoleic acid and it is helpful with pain. looking for help.

  17. name the place in tamilnadu were hemp plant is cultivated or available

  18. Hello, I am looking for a volunteering opportunity at a hemp farm in the carribean. Although the interest in hemp seems to be growing globally, I have not come across any IH farms in any country in the carribean. I am thankful for any hint! Cheers, Katharina, katha.plutta@web.de

  19. Our state is looking into legalizing industrial hemp production, if so I would like an early jump on getting certified and growing. Any ideas on where I could find guides on such an endeavor? OUr town also happens to have a paper mill, is this something I should look into as well? We have basic farming knowledge and equipment (tractor, tiller, hay equiptment) and live on a large farm with good soil, is hemp the way to go?

    • the web site starte a hemp business……he has downloadable books or you can order them, seems to have a lot of answers

    • Michelle P. Feel free to call me and discuss any matter relating to Hemp or the Eco realm in general. Also check out some info i have at Hemp Mayor on the Facebook… As for gaining insight to laws in your area, look into Law in Colorado and any other state writing law at this time.

  20. Is industrial hemp or hemp being grown in brazil? Is it legal?

  21. The Hemp for Victory programm was not made due to the ” japanese” cutting off supplies of ” manila hemp ‘ [ a sisal fiber ] ,hemp was legally cultivated until the ” Marihuana stamp tax act ” of 1937 ; that was made by a very documentable collusion between W.R. Hearst , Joseph Goebbels , the ” Duponts ” and others ,Hearst had usurped the ” rights ‘ to trees that extended from California to Washington , he wanted to produce ‘ wood pulp ‘ paper , a wasteful method ,of making paper , which creates lots of pollution , the nazis , and petro-chemical industries , plastics , etc., wanted hemp ‘ out of the way ‘ so their inferior products would sell & monopolize ! ” Hemp for victory ” was an ” about face ” done by the U.S.A. because the nazis ,and there ” associates had cut off the supplies on petro-chemical plastics , and other supplies needed for the war effort , every American was encouraged to grow at least two marihuana / hemp plants to give to the government , Hemp for Victory was crucial to the victory in WW2 !

  22. Is hemp production legal in Botswana?


    Hi !
    Writing this message from France.I am looking for primary hemp fibre.I’d like to use it in cement industry and also insulation. Looking for hemp producers, and all informations related to hemp exportations.
    Thank you very much. Wilfried CHESNEY LANGLOIS

  24. where can I buy industrial hemp seed suitable for Africa?

  25. Is industrial hemp cultivation LEGAL in Brazil? I’d be stoked to get some help on this!

    Thank you!

    • Hi Riley, did you ever find out whether hemp cultivation is legal in Brazil? Im currently trying to find out that question too

    • I too am interested in Hemp info regarding Brazil !

      • Must contact your officials. I have not seen up to date info for this area.
        Making strong relations with Officials is the best way. If no progressive law exists in the area, you can file docs with courts to show viability. There are many many ways to make things happen today. Feel free to contact me with any questions also

  26. I want to get hemp plastic for injection moulding, food-grade as soon as possible. Please advise me which suppliers/ contacts can offer such raw materials. Thank you very much.

  27. Are there any documents available on the phytoestrogenic levels in industrial hemp fibers vs the leaves?

  28. I am looking for info on hemp plastic and how long it takes for it to break down I’m looking to use it instead of polystyrene please email me at natemoyer74@yahoo.com I could realy use the help thank you

  29. Hello,
    My name is Erin Emde, and I have a vision. I want to build a community, a tribe, a village. The homes I want to build would be off the grid and would work with the environment. They would be like Earthships. For more information visit http://www.earthship.com. The community would be centered around the education and daily life of children through the implementation of Maria Montessori’s scientific method; to consciously co-create an environment to live in and thrive. In this community, we would keep bees, grow flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains, coleus, salvia divinorum, Ayahuasca vine, spilanthes, hemp, cannabis, and anything else that would help the community. I am currently taking my Montessori training in Vancouver. I am interested in the production and manufacturing of Hemp plants. I want to grow hemp, but I would also like to be involved in the manufacturing process of the plant into yarn and fabric.

    My question is, how would I go about acquiring the necessary tools to manufacture hemp, or who could I contact to manufacture the hemp for me?

    • Hemp is viable for much of what you want to do. Setting up the ability to process Hemp yourself is optimal. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have today…. I have been involved with much of this

  30. Giuseppe Sutera Sardo

    Hi, I am interested in any project for the cultivation and processing of hemp fibre plants in Europe or Africa, I know full well the hemp and its cultivation, I get a chance both economic and equipment, both for cultivation and for processing, please contact me at email: sepxx@yahoo.it

  31. I want to make sure I understand the disclaimer on the application. NAIHC does not and will not support any initiative regarding the legislation of Industrial Hemp?

  32. Ingmārs Bondars

    Hello! we are a construction company from Eastern Europe, Latvia, and we own 12000 m2 usable space- former wood cellulose factory , in which we want to produce hemp cellulose. We would like to know where and how can we get information about hemp primary processing equipment, and cellulose producing machines?

    • you may know by now, making the equipment is the best option. Hope you are doing well, but contact me if you need any assistance

  33. I am a young entrepreneur looking into investing in Hemp and Hemp Production and I am looking forward to the voting in Novemeber to legalize marijuana and industrial hemp use. PLEASE be sure to Vote YES this November!!!!

    • Hope all is well with you. Feel free to contact me if you would like any input on what is going on with Hemp in the world…

  34. I am planning a large scale hemp business/factory and need researchers to take on various portions of the research necessary for the plan. It is comprehensive and will require many hours of research per section. Ideally, this is creating infrastructure for future hemp business for all of America. Partnerships possible. NDA required. Email for details.

  35. Matt, as far as I know only North Dakota and Vermont allow industrial hemp farming. Have you had any other responses? I’ve just begun looking into the possibility of hemp farming.

  36. I have a farm with about 6-8 acres of prime land. I would like to know how to get started on growing hemp and who or where to sell it.

  37. linoleumfloordesigns

    I am an interior designer specializing in Green products and love hemp as a fabric option for its versatility. I wrote a post on my blog about sustainable products:

    • Now i am looking to start product lines made in America or Canada using Hemp and other Eco sources. Feel free to contact me for any reason.
      Check me out on Facebook also: Hemp Mayor

  38. I am looking to start a business that uses hemp for paper making as well as glue making. Where in the US can a person farm hemp for paper to start such a business. It would certainly reduce wood consumption.

  39. can hemp be spun into a cotton q-tip like cosistancy? or hepa like filter

  40. I am interested in growing hemp in Southern Africa, namely in Botwana and was wondering if I can find a market for unprocessed hemp and how to go about it. There is currently no hemp processing plant in Botswana therefore to make any profit on the crop I will need to export. Is that feasible, considering transport costs?
    How does one go about setting up a small processing plant and what machinery is essential for that?
    Lastly, what is the minimum size of land needed to grow hemp on a commercial scale in a place like Botswana?
    I also need to know what is the minimum size

  41. Looking for hemp net producers.i want to order a heliport hemp net.

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