Where’s Oregon with Industrial Hemp?

Where is Oregon in the line of states to grow hemp, and how do I get started? John Glidewell

2 responses to “Where’s Oregon with Industrial Hemp?

  1. tina cridlin/Bailey

    I know where a lot of hemp grows wild. Is there a market for it?can it be harvested and sold?Where?

  2. For answers, try clicking the “Legislation” and “Growing” links in the list of Categories in the right-hand column. You will find items such as this comment below:

    Our company, Ecofibre Industries Limited of Australia, has all of the information required to kick off the hemp industry in the US. We have a germplasm of over 250 hemp strains, mill and processing information and plans for turnkey operations. Please get in touch with me at my e-mail address Nick@ecofibre.com.au for further info. Nick Veltre, Chief Financial Officer, Ecofibre Industries Limited, +61 7 3366 0889, +61 0421 38 55 31, http://www.ecofibre.com.au

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