House Bill 1866

Isn’t the US House bill HR 1866 in support of industrial hemp good news? Why is it not highlighted here? I’m writing a letter to all my US reps to support it.  salemguy

5 responses to “House Bill 1866

  1. Vote Hemp is on Facebook! (Just click this link)

    To write to Congress about Hemp, just enter your zip code here to get started:

  2. In these economic times it pays to be creative !

  3. I don’t know if your info is on facebook, please put your info there! If you are, please put a link! Many people are not aware of the benefits of hemp,etc..and the history behind it, or the current news about it!

  4. Yes, HR 1866 is a great opportunity for you to educate your representatives about industrial hemp. Vote Hemp has a great tool to allow you to contact your Representatives in Congress and continues to lobby Congress and the President for a policy change to once again allow U.S. farmers to grow hemp.

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