Where is Industrial Hemp Legal?

Do you have a complete and current list of which countries have legalized industrial hemp growing/production? Is Ecuador one of those countries? What about Nicaragua? Can you give me contact info on Growers/Producers/Suppliers in Ecuador and/or Nicaragua? Or anywhere is Central and/or South America? Please send complete Global (Legal) Growing Countries list and info asap. Thanks! Regards and Rewards, Steve Kelley

7 responses to “Where is Industrial Hemp Legal?

  1. What are those 32 countries where it is legal to grow. Where is that published?

  2. What are those 32 countries where it is legal to grow, Where is that published?

  3. Lisa Rhodes Ryabchich

    Which countries is industrial hemp legal?

  4. in Latvia i have seen large fields of hemp grown to feed livestock, so i guess its legal to grow them here as long as they don’t contain THC

  5. I did do something minor so far by thanking my congressman for co-sponsoring the bill, (HR1009),
    (Maurice Hinchey, NY ),… but more needs to be done…

  6. I wanted to check on if HR1009 industrial hemp bill introduced by Ron Paul had any progress.
    Well, I tried to look under agricultural , which you would think logical. What do you think happened?
    The bill went to a subcommittee on drug policy and enforcement. You know where this is going to to end up…. Is this just ignorance or deliberate sabotage; like happened in 1937.

  7. Currently thirty-two countries, including Canada, Great Britain, France and China, allow farmers to grow industrial hemp. Currently, hemp farming in the United States is not permitted unless you receive a permit from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. In 1999 both Minnesota and North Dakota passed legislation to allow farmers to grow industrial hemp. Hawaii passed legislation allowing for an initial research plot in December 1999. Please understand that if you do plant hemp in the U.S. without a permit, you may be subject to arrest. We encourage farmers and citizens to contact your respective state and federal representatives and ask them to change the U.S. current outmoded policy.

    SHIFTING REGULATORY AUTHORITY: Currently, industrial hemp is classified as a Class I substance by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. NAIHC is advocating that the regulatory responsibility be shifted from U.S. DEA to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

    WHAT IS INDUSTRIAL HEMP? Industrial hemp is a non-drug crop and contains less than 1% of the psychoactive substance THC. Unlike marijuana, if you smoke hemp, you get a headache, and if you smoke more, you get a bigger headache.

    LOOKING FOR SPECIFIC INFORMATION: If you are looking for specific information, we suggest that you view our web site further and search some of the hemp reports and studies as well as the link to hemp news.
    Visit our NAIHC home page at http://naihc.org/
    Visit our NAIHC news page at http://hempnews.wordpress.com/
    Visit our NAIHC Q&A page at https://hemp4victory.wordpress.com/

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