Hemp as Natural Glue?

Do you know a process that can seperate the pectin and lignin from hemp and be able to use it? I want to try and make a resin or glue out of hemp’s natural “glue.” Do you know if that’s possible or been done before? Thanks for your help.


10 responses to “Hemp as Natural Glue?

  1. I know how to do it and it’s very simple been making for years 😉

  2. I was just thinking about experimenting with that same concept, sort of. Probably requires getting to a very hot and speciic temperture, while being pressed to extra a resin, using that resin to make some sort of glue concoction. You would want to manipulate the viscosity of the resin in that more smooth, spreadable glue texture.

  3. I red on net somebody who was made hemp glue from oil of hemp seed, hemp hull, hemp hurd flour and kaolin
    I bought all these and i mixed them, no any glue was seen. Then, I said may be they need heating but up to 120 nothing happened.
    I don’t know if I NEED the hull the veneer with its fibres or only fibres because i used fibres only.
    If any one can help quickly in my research I will appreciate his help.

  4. 1) Lignin is partly fluent during hot pressing, and
    therefore might be able to bind fibers together (Sørensen, 1997).

  5. I have been researching this myself. Depending on what you want the resin for, you might want to look at other sustainable solutions. Judging by the fact that you said “Epoxy-Like”, I am guessing you might be thinking about a fiberglass and/or hemp fiber with resin sandwich. I have found pine resin (there are farms that harvest it sustainably, like syrup), seems to be the best step forward for sustainable resin.

    If you are looking to do something like that, I have substantial research and wouldn’t mind another head to but ideas against. Let me know!

  6. Has there been any progress on this? I found a reference here to recipes here:


    I’d like to find a good, strong, epoxy-like resin or glue for an idea I have.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  7. sure you can you can make any thing from HEMP ask henry ford ,thomas edison, thomas jefferson, george washington, barock obama,nostradamus santa clause bill clinton and mr shaw just to name a few who knew and do know what HEMP can do and also its cousin mary cannabis jane I stuck a roach to the wall of the barn when i was younger it stayed there for 4 years a good glue u ask me

  8. I am also looking into this question. I believe that it’s one of the few things, that have not been thoroughly written about or known. guess it’s up to us. I report back when I have more info.

  9. Good question. Anyone got an answer? How about hemp as a source for the stuff that hold plywood together?

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