Pelletizing Hemp?

My name is Dan Scheele, and I am a hemp farmer in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada. I am researching the possibility of pelletizing hemp fiber and I would very much appreciate information about any research on pelletizing industrial hemp.

3 responses to “Pelletizing Hemp?

  1. Avanti Polymers We have done some research in pelletzing our hemp waste. For more info contact Wally Empson:

  2. Please contact me as I am looking for hemp stalks for my sun mar composting toilet system. I would appreciate any help. thanks Paula,

  3. Mr. Scheele, I’ve just become interested in industrial hemp, and I’m not an authority on pellet fuels either. I am, however, curious about whether the pellet making process might be modified by simply cutting the narrow stalks into 1/2-inch bits. In other words, let the stalk become the pellet. I don’t know whether standard pellet stove augers could accommodate that size. You might want to speak with a stove dealer. There may also be issues concerning dryness and density. Perhaps you would be kind enough to forward any useful information you find out. Good luck, Todd Dreyer,

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