Hemp as an Energy Source

#1. Is hemp a viable energy source, and where can I find reliable information pertaining to this?

#2. Hemp Oil for Biodiesel?
Is there anywhere in North America that you can produce hemp seed oil for biofuel? Is it economically feasible to produce hemp oil as Rudolf Diesel envisioned? Regards, James Quaid,
Cave Creek, Arizona

#3.  Is hemp a viable fuel to move vehicles? How would the internal combustion engine be affected by this fuel? Would the engine have to be revised?

6 responses to “Hemp as an Energy Source

  1. Yes Hemp is solution according to David Icke.com.
    Further the air compressed engine MDI,Tata Nano car India, and the new solar system of Israel plus natural gas short term are the solution to energy shortage.Problem No will no way.The fools cannot change at fast enough rate.Capitalism will hang itself unless revolution in thinking with force takes place.Hydrogen was perfected,yet has been covered up.Air Compressed engine is revolutionary,but is play down.Economics is what makes the world go round and upside down.U.S. bank consolidation and FED are best example of no can do.ANHUI Hummer Dynamo Co., LTD China-Wind Power Systems.They have independent systems for homes, etc.Starting with wind generator H2.7-500w.Name windy boy:H3-1000w high efficiency low rate-.There is more profit in war and chaos than in logic.Power lost of elite is in the balance.What a balancing act.

    Walter E. Haas search Google.com

  2. well up here at the north pole we use HEMP to melt the ice and turn to steam to power the north pole workshop electricity why do you think the polar caps are melting besides dont need my lil elfs freezing their ears off HEMP makes a great energy source

  3. Great internet site – Hope to come back again,,

  4. Any crop that can be used to produce oil can be used as a fuel in diesel engines, called biodiesel. The question would be how much oil per acre of crop is typically produced. Additionally, if the crop can be used to produce alcohol, that can be used as fuel as well. A good reference is “From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank: A Complete Guide to Using Vegetable Oil as Alternative Fuel” by Joshua Tickell, http://www.veggievan.org.

  5. I’m researching a paper for a college class and have been able to find a lot of info on hemp as a fuel source by searching on-line using keywords “hemp biodiesel.” I use the search engine Google. There are great articles out there. The Village Voice did a wonderful piece this past summer that I suggest to everyone to read. Check out the website, http://www.VillageVoice.com

  6. Yes Hemp can provide our bustling economy with all of the energy we would ever need. There are many ways you can make energy from HEMP the three main ones are:

    * First. BioDiesel a fuel that can easily be made from the oil in the seeds and burned just like regular Diesel in fact it can be mixed at any ratio with Petrol Diesel.
    * Second Burning the solid Biomass the solid parts of the plant can be made into Charcoal and burned in our existing vast Coal power plant infrastructure.
    * The third method of getting energy from HEMP is through Methanol production from the fermenting breakdown of the Solid Biomass. The alternative methanol fuel currently being used is M-85. In the future, neat methanol, or M-100, may also be used. Methanol is also made into an ether, MTBE, which is blended with gasoline to enhance octane and to create oxygenated gasoline.

    It is speculated that we could produce all of our energy demands including industry, transportation, and electricity by growing hemp on just six percent of the continental United States. Making our farmers rich not the Arabs. Please visit http://www.infinatek.com if you have more questions.

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