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Hemp Yarn from High Himalayas

Nest Creation is collecting hemp yarn from high Himalayan range of Nepal and selling all over the world. If you need hemp yarn for any kind of purpose please mail me at fiberofhemp@yahoo.com

Ram Sharan Neupane <fiberofhemp@yahoo.com>

Hemp Yarns Questions

#1. Are there domestic suppliers of hemp yarn in both natural and dyed? If so, could you supply such?
#2. Is there an abbreviation that is used for hemp yarns that is acceptable for description purposes?

Here are some companies which provide hemp yarn:
For more information, send an e-mail to Ed or visit our web site at hemp-sisters.com

Hemp for Knitting?

Where I could buy hemp yarn for knitting sweaters and other types of clothing. See, I can knit, and would like to knit myself some hemp clothing because to buy hemp clothing as it is, is way too expensive. Could you tell me anywhere I could purchase it in Calgary, Alberta, Canada or maybe order it online somewhere. I know lots of places to find twine and rope but what I want is hemp that is used to make clothing. Thank you very much, I looking forward to your answer.

#4. www.Hemp-Sisters.com has a large selection of hemp and wool yarn, ideal for knitting. Everything Hemp – Clothing, Hats, Bags, Bath, Food and Twine – Come Explore – Over 1,000 – Wholesale and Retail. Binghamton, NY, e-mail: info@hemp-sisters.com

. You can purchase hemp string and yarn at: http://www.kentuckyhemp.com/orders/twine.html

. You can buy hemp yarn or twine at: http://www.americanhemp.com

#1. You can purchase these items at: http://www.kenderfono.com