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Waxed Hemp Twine Needed

I need 90,000 feet of three mm three-strand waxed hemp twine.  Can you help?

#3.  Hello there, We are the UK’s largest retailer of hemp products and have been manufacturing for some nine years now. We can have this type of twine made up for you from scratch and if you are interested and e-mail me back, I can get that price and time line for you. Best wishes, Bobby Pugh  The Hemp Shop Ltd

#2.  Hello, Please contact us for all your hemp twine needs. Best regards, Peter Nyari, TMI Co.  http://www.trademarker1.com

#1.  If you figure out where to get that amount please… PLEASE let me know… I can’t get that much anywhere, let alone a smaller amount. Thanks, Ariel Coshun

Hemp for Knitting?

Where I could buy hemp yarn for knitting sweaters and other types of clothing. See, I can knit, and would like to knit myself some hemp clothing because to buy hemp clothing as it is, is way too expensive. Could you tell me anywhere I could purchase it in Calgary, Alberta, Canada or maybe order it online somewhere. I know lots of places to find twine and rope but what I want is hemp that is used to make clothing. Thank you very much, I looking forward to your answer.

#4. www.Hemp-Sisters.com has a large selection of hemp and wool yarn, ideal for knitting. Everything Hemp – Clothing, Hats, Bags, Bath, Food and Twine – Come Explore – Over 1,000 – Wholesale and Retail. Binghamton, NY, e-mail: info@hemp-sisters.com

. You can purchase hemp string and yarn at: http://www.kentuckyhemp.com/orders/twine.html

. You can buy hemp yarn or twine at: http://www.americanhemp.com

#1. You can purchase these items at: http://www.kenderfono.com

Hemp Horse Halters?

I would like to find hemp horse halters and rope. Thanks, Shirley Wagle

A #2. I am trying to find a source for hemp twine in order to make halters for horses and am finding it very difficult. I am trying to find out if there is any way one can get the twine from Hungary but so far have not had any luck. I make my own cotton rope and am hoping to make what is termed a ‘Yorkshire Halter’ which has a woven headpiece, and was widely used years ago and there are some people who still wish to use them. Helen Woodhouse
A #1. I am told that Yorkshire halters were woven on a loom. If this information is of any use to you.

Advice for Trinidad & Tobago

Greetings, I am presently trying to get my business , Mystic Hemp Creations, off the ground and educate my island (Trinidad & Tobago) and the Caribbean about the hemp revolution. Currently I work from home and only sell hand-crafted hemp products, however very soon I will be opening a full-blown hemp store. I am writing for two reason. Firstly I would like to know where I can buy wholesale quality hemp twine and products (besides American Hemp). More importantly I would like to know if there are any ‘hemp trade shows’ and where and when would the next one will be. I anxiously await your reply. please e-mail mystichemp@hotmail.com. Thank you, eternal love & blessings.