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Short Hemp Fiber Wanted for Plaster Reinforcement

I work for a strawbale builder in Southern California, and we are looking for a source of short (3-4 mm) hemp fibers. These would be used as a filler and reinforcement for earth plasters that are sprayed onto strawbale structures. Our sprayer clogs up if the fibers are much longer than 3-4 mm. We have had the best success so far with the undigested fibers in horse manure, but this presents some large scale processing and aesthetic problems. We have a sample of 3 inch hemp fiber intended for use in paper and as a cement reinforcement but it is too long. We tried cutting it to shorter lengths but the fibers tend to cling to each other, which is probably a desirable quality in other applications but not in ours. Does anyone produce a shorter, coarser fiber that would not stick to itself so much?