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Damaged Hemp Seed for Bird Food?

I am a biologist who has been asked by the local court to assist on a case involving damage to hemp seeds to be used as bird food in a warehouse in Malta. I would greatly appreciate if you may assist me by answering some questions: 1. Before hemp seeds are normally exported for bird feed, are they treated in some way, such as exposure to UV light, etc? 2. Would such treatment normally affect their expected shelf life? 3. From your experience, what is the normal shelf life of such seeds, as treated and prepared by export companies? What are the normal storage conditions that you may specify to your customers to ensure that your products reach the customers in good condition? 4. Do you have any information on how high humidity may affect the conditions of such seeds, and for what reason they may be damaged so as to make them unfit for use as bird feed? An early reply would be greatly appreciated.