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Hemp Marketing?

I sell a few hemp products in my store and recently had an ad censored from a Liberty-published Western Illinois University paper, The Western Courier, whose editor wouldn’t publish the word “hemp” in an advertisement. What is the difference between hemp and marijuana and do you have any suggestions about how to market it?

A#1. You might show the editor the [March 2002] editorial from the San Francisco Chronicle, a highly respected newspaper. This editorial strongly endorses industrial hemp. Click Here for a link to the March 9th editorial.

Seeking Raw Hemp and Processor

I am looking for info on machines to process hemp or info on a company that can do it for me . I also would like to know were to get pure hemp before its processed.

A#1. I’d like to know about the processing end too. That seems to be a big problem with hemp farming — not the growing so much as where to get it processed — and by what methods. As pure as possible, hopefully. And transportation to the processing. I wonder if some form of on-site , portable method could be developed. Similar to the portable sawmills used in the timber / forestry business.

A #2. Hello, my name is Dan Scheele.  I am a hemp farmer and have produced both fiber and seed hemp plants.  I may be able to help you with your questions, but I am unsure if you are speaking of seed or fiber?  In terms of seed hemp in Canada, raw seed is a prohibited substance and is regulated under law by Health Canada.  This is mainly so that people don’t grow it themselves, because it is similar in appearance to marijuana and the law enforcers would go nuts trying to differentiate the two.  Fiber hemp, on the other hand, once it is harvested, is not regulated and is considered crop residue, or straw by the laws of the land.  So, you can do whatever you want, like use it for textiles, mix it in cemet, grind it up for various industrial applications, and the list goes on.  Please contact me via email if I can be of more assistance.  Dan Scheele