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DEA Plans for Hemp?

Dear Folks, I commend you on the work you’re doing to reintroduce hemp to American farms. I have recently heard both exciting and frightening news. The exciting news is that California and North Dakota may be the first two states to grow hemp again. The frightening news is that the DEA may be planning to only allow genetically morphed varieties of the species that don’t look like hemp. Is there any truth to this? If so, does the NAIHC have any plans to prevent this from happening? One of the best things about hemp is that it is currently a non-GMO crop. What a disgrace this would be if it was America that screwed it up! THC content will vary depending on UV exposure. If the DEA manipulates a new hybrid to not only look different from hemp, but to produce zero THC, couldn’t this compromise fiber and seed yields and quality? What are ramifications for the cannabis species as a whole if this strain “jumps the fence”? Thanks for your time. I look forward to a response. Perry Boero