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Putting PT 728 Back in Action

My name is Scott Sondles and I am the Co-founder of HempStrong LLC, a hemp based consumer product company from Columbus, OH USA. We plan on specializing in hemp body care, hemp supplements and hemp clothing. I am also currently writing a book regarding the legalization of industrial hemp in America.

I am looking for a company to work with to use hemp fibers to replace the hull of a PT boat (Patrol Torpedo boat) from World War 2. My father is the head director of the Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton, Ohio and his non-profit has purchased one of two PT boats that are still in working condition. They are stripping the boat after discovering the wood under the deck had absorbed too much water.

Here is information and a picture of the boat, with more photos here. This boat is very unique in America and has gotten a large amount of press the past year including a blurb in USA Today.

These boats were originally made from wood, but the previous owner of PT 728 had redone the entire hull with fiberglass. This allows the owner of the boat to legally take passengers on board and make money. The only other PT boat that is functioning is still made of wood so it can’t take passengers (it’s in Oregon right now). PT 728 currently has half of its underside stripped and they are repairing the inner wooden ribs right now.

After learning that the owner is looking to use an alternative to glass fiber, I educated him on the possibility of using hemp and he is very interested. His museum likes the idea of possibly marketing the “Hemp for Victory” campaign since the museum specializes in World War 2. This could help educate American consumers about the potential of industrial hemp.

Do you know of any companies which could help with this project?

Thanks, Scott Sondles

Organic Hardener?

I would like to use hemp textiles as an alternative to fiberglass but I’m stuck on my search for an organic hardener as a safer substitute to epoxy. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A #1.  I just heard about natural epoxy from the east coast of Africa and I think other Indian ocean countries where they build dhow sailing boats. The epoxy is from an ancient formula and I’m pretty sure it’s very cheap with the exchange rates and it can probably be made yourself. I know it’s for gluing the planks together but I could imagine it could be used on a smaller scale to perhaps glue the short blast fibers together before applying pressure to make plywood. The individual who posted the question, please get in touch with me Jay, at licoriceman420@yahoo.com. We might really be able to get somewhere with this.