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Hemp for Soft Furnishings

I am a designer of soft furnishings and have been using antique hemp sheets to make my products from. I need a supplier of hemp fabric which closely resembles the antique hemp that I use. I mainly use  French antique hemp sheets to make curtains and accessories but I am finding less time to go out searching for good quality antique sheets around the antique markets in France where I live.  I would like to find a manufacturer of hemp fabric that mirrors as closely as possible to the colour and texture of antique hemp, preferably hand-made on old looms. Many thanks, Lynette Clarke, Confolens, France.

Hemp in China?

Does China offer, grow or supply hemp yarns and or fabric? Thank you, Heidi Cohen

China does all three. Most hemp fabric now comes from China, and U.S. hemp businesses such as Minawear of California must buy hemp grown and manufactured in China. Of course, Minawear does make the garments in the USA. Many firms do this last bit in China as well. Kenyon Gibson