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Hemp in China?

Does China offer, grow or supply hemp yarns and or fabric? Thank you, Heidi Cohen

China does all three. Most hemp fabric now comes from China, and U.S. hemp businesses such as Minawear of California must buy hemp grown and manufactured in China. Of course, Minawear does make the garments in the USA. Many firms do this last bit in China as well. Kenyon Gibson

Where’s Hemp Yarn or String?

Where or how can I buy hemp yarn or string?

Hemp from Nepal

Would you like to order industrial hemp materials? We “Public Group” are one of the leading hemp producers and suppliers in Nepal. Nepal is a landlocked country. Last fours years we produce hemp thread and hemp Hand Made Carpets with vegetable dye only. If you are interested to import hemp raw materials and thread and carpets please contacts us following address: R.R.Acharya, Chairman, Public Group Ltd., Thamel, P.O.Box:11943, Kahtmandu, Nepal. Tel : 00977-1-268245, 266445(O) , 421926(R) Fax : 00977-1-265455 E-mail :