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Bulk Hemp Oil Needed

We are a manufacturer of natural soap in Western Massachusetts. We are searching for a source of cosmetic-grade hemp oil in bulk quantities for that purpose. We need to contact a company which sells cosmetic-grade hemp oil in bulk and can provide us with its pricing structure. Sincerely, Matt Kelly, North American Naturals Soap Co.

A #1. At this time have approximately 1000 lb. of Finola seed for sale, which we would be ready to move as soon as you need it. Finola is an excellent Hemp variety originating in Finland. We farm in Saskatchewan, Canada. We produce Organic and non-organic (sprayed lightly with Post) Finola. Sincerely, Lynne Driedger-Enns

Hemp Canvas Needed

#1. Can you tell me where I might be able to get Hemp canvas in the UK, of a suitable quality for use in tentage, around the 12oz mark? Thanks, Alan Wenham, Albion Canvas Co., Devon, UK

#2. I really need a wholesaler of Hemp Canvas in the UK, preferably on a roll. Looking for over 1000 metres tough fabric.

#3. Can you tell me who sells dyed hemp canvas (14 oz or heavier) in the U.S.? I’m in search of a navy blue and olive hemp fabric for use in the manufacturing of a bag.

Hemp Fiber and Foam?

Hello I am trying to locate a supplier of hemp glass fibre and foam, so that I can produce a 100 percent hemp surfboard. Do you know of anyone manufacturing these materials?

A#1. Contact Art Caron at Kenex:

Organic Hardener?

I would like to use hemp textiles as an alternative to fiberglass but I’m stuck on my search for an organic hardener as a safer substitute to epoxy. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A #1.  I just heard about natural epoxy from the east coast of Africa and I think other Indian ocean countries where they build dhow sailing boats. The epoxy is from an ancient formula and I’m pretty sure it’s very cheap with the exchange rates and it can probably be made yourself. I know it’s for gluing the planks together but I could imagine it could be used on a smaller scale to perhaps glue the short blast fibers together before applying pressure to make plywood. The individual who posted the question, please get in touch with me Jay, at We might really be able to get somewhere with this.

Hemp Paint?

Anyone know of any hemp oil paint manufacturers or suppliers?

Shoes and Handbags

I want to start a small business related to shoes and handbags. Could anyone tell me where I could order or get the catalogs of these products; any brands, and make my final decisions where and which I like?

A #1. Check out They have a whole list of wholesale hemp manufacturers and you get the same price as if you go to the wholesalers yourself. Ecodragon is the only company that does pure hemp shoes as far as I know and they are great shoes! We carry them at our store.

Processing Hemp for Paper?

I am interested in getting information on processing hemp into toilet paper and hand towels. Also where you can buy the equipment needed to do it. Thank you, Don Keckley

A #5. Hi Dave, Well, if you find a way to make it… I will surely be one to buy it. Nobody has cornered this market, believe me, I have searched. A good place to look how to make it may be in the archives. I know that hemp toilet paper used to be manufactured before growing hemp in the U.S. became illegal. I am sure there must be some information there. Good luck!.
A #4. Does anybody know where I can purchase hemp toilet paper? Thank you, Marnie
A #3. I’m looking for information concerning the transformation of industrial hemp fibers. Is the processing of hemp to make paper similar to the traditional wood fiber methods? In the same sense, is it possible to transform an industry, already running with traditional machinery to make hemp paper without starting all over? Is it possible to adapt traditional machinery to make hemp?
A #2. Hi! I was wondering what the production process for hemp paper is. Does it need the same technology used for making paper from wood? Do you have any information on organosolov and biopulping of tree-free paper and would you know which is most commonly used?
A #1. I am also interested in processing hemp into toilet paper and paper towels. What kind of electrical needs would a small plant have?

Hemp Fiberboard?

I am looking for more information on hemp fiberboard/insulation. Thank you, Don Keckley

Hemp in China?

Does China offer, grow or supply hemp yarns and or fabric? Thank you, Heidi Cohen

China does all three. Most hemp fabric now comes from China, and U.S. hemp businesses such as Minawear of California must buy hemp grown and manufactured in China. Of course, Minawear does make the garments in the USA. Many firms do this last bit in China as well. Kenyon Gibson

Advice for Trinidad & Tobago

Greetings, I am presently trying to get my business , Mystic Hemp Creations, off the ground and educate my island (Trinidad & Tobago) and the Caribbean about the hemp revolution. Currently I work from home and only sell hand-crafted hemp products, however very soon I will be opening a full-blown hemp store. I am writing for two reason. Firstly I would like to know where I can buy wholesale quality hemp twine and products (besides American Hemp). More importantly I would like to know if there are any ‘hemp trade shows’ and where and when would the next one will be. I anxiously await your reply. please e-mail Thank you, eternal love & blessings.

Hemp Product Listing?

Can you list 20 products that can be made from hemp?

20 products currently being made from industrial hemp: 1 clothing. 2 paper (printing, writing, bible, cigarette, coffee filters, tea bags…). 3 soaps, shampoos; moisturizers, cosmetics. 4 foods from the seed, foods from the oil. 5 livestock and poultry feed. 6 rope, twine, cord, straps. 7 horse bedding. 8 cat litter. 9 wallets, backpacks, purses, bags. 10 fiberboard. 11 insulation. 12 walls (e.g. Isochanvre, something like lightweight concrete). 13 floors. 14 carpeting. 15 linens, blankets, upholstery. 16 furniture oil. 17 canvas. 18 seed and erosion control mats. 19 composites (e.g. car interiors, musical instruments). 20 biodiesel.

Quilting Hemp Canvas

We make hemp yoga props and are considering purchasing a long-arm quilter to make our yoga mats. Could you recommend a good machine to quilt 15-18 onz hemp canvas with batting?

Hemp Rope Comparisons?

I am interested to know the comparison of hemp ropes as compared to the other commercial ropes used in utility companies and large shipping companies applications. I have the ability to move product to these companies in a BIG WAY if the cost and value is equal to or greater than the current products. Thanks, Johnny Colafrancesco

Hemp Snowboards?

I was wondering if you could please give me any info that you can on hemp snowboards. I am really interested in finding out who makes them, how they perform, and riding one this winter.

Sausage Casings

We are a sausage casings manufacturer. Some casings are made out of viscose and for reinforcing purposes we are using a long-fiber paper which is mainly made out of hemp (abbacca fibre from the Philipines). To get a better understanding for our long-fibre-paper supplier, I’m looking for possibilities to monitoring prices for hemp (and if possible for this abbacca-fiber). Do you have some valuable information on offer for me in this regard? Wiesbaden

Seeking Hemp Pots for Growing Roses

I am in the nursery business in the East Texas area. We are growers of container roses. I read an article in Popular Science a couple of years ago about a hemp ground cloth that will totally bio-degrade in about 2 years. We are interested in growing our container roses in pots made from hemp. Can you point me to anyone that makes pots or nursery products out of hemp?

Hemp Trade Shows – What Rules?

We have started a new company. We manufacture hand-made/hand dyed hemp quilts. We are also planning to expand to other hemp accessories such as towels, purses, etc. We firmly believe in the benefits of hemp and would like to see it legalized for growth in the U.S. We, in our inexperience, recently attended a hemp festival in Seattle, WA. We believed it to be strictly a hemp festival. We were very disappointed to learn that the major theme of the show was to legalize marijuana. People were actually smoking it in public. We will never attend this show again and now realize where the misconceptions regarding hemp/marijuana come from. Our question is this, are there any trade shows that deal strictly with hemp and hemp products that we could attend? Any information would be greatly appreciated!