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Surfboard Blank from Hemp?

Is it possible to make a surfboard blank from hemp? Does it have the qualities of strength and lightness? Thanks  James DeMaio

Hemp for Soft Furnishings

I am a designer of soft furnishings and have been using antique hemp sheets to make my products from. I need a supplier of hemp fabric which closely resembles the antique hemp that I use. I mainly use  French antique hemp sheets to make curtains and accessories but I am finding less time to go out searching for good quality antique sheets around the antique markets in France where I live.  I would like to find a manufacturer of hemp fabric that mirrors as closely as possible to the colour and texture of antique hemp, preferably hand-made on old looms. Many thanks, Lynette Clarke, Confolens, France.

Pelletizing Hemp?

My name is Dan Scheele, and I am a hemp farmer in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada. I am researching the possibility of pelletizing hemp fiber and I would very much appreciate information about any research on pelletizing industrial hemp.

Hemp as Natural Glue?

Do you know a process that can seperate the pectin and lignin from hemp and be able to use it? I want to try and make a resin or glue out of hemp’s natural “glue.” Do you know if that’s possible or been done before? Thanks for your help.

Industrial Hemp for Landscaping

In reply to questions about using industrial hemp for landscape applications, NAIHC board Member William C. Miller responds:

#1. Dear Elizabeth, I received a copy of your inquiry to the North American Hemp Council and am pleased to respond to it. I have pondered your inquiry to see what I might be able to send to you.

 I assume that you are considering the use of Industrial Hemp for a ground cover or as an ornamental tree. I can think of no other potential use unless you want to make some type of garden furniture. You must remember that Hemp grows as a tall (20 foot) stalk and it has just a few leaves. The utility of Hemp lies in the strength of the fiber which lends itself to inclusion with wood fiber into a useful wood structural material.

With Hemp’s  flexibility I suppose it might be made into a rattan type  of furniture but I have not seen that demonstrated. I can see no use for the tall stalk unless you would use it much like a Bamboo Cane break for isolation or privacy.

There is little doubt that Hemp stalks could be ground up and used as a ground cover. Hemp, along with a similar fiber Kenaf, is currently used as a ground cover in stables for the bedding of horses. I am afraid that exhausts my  thought processes in the use of Hemp in landscaping.

My field of expertise lies in the use of Hemp fibers  blended into structural lumber or in beam construction. If I can be of any help in this field, please feel free to contact me.Good luck on your project !Warmest regards, William C. Miller, Board Member, NAIHC

Waxed Hemp Twine Needed

I need 90,000 feet of three mm three-strand waxed hemp twine.  Can you help?

#3.  Hello there, We are the UK’s largest retailer of hemp products and have been manufacturing for some nine years now. We can have this type of twine made up for you from scratch and if you are interested and e-mail me back, I can get that price and time line for you. Best wishes, Bobby Pugh  The Hemp Shop Ltd

#2.  Hello, Please contact us for all your hemp twine needs. Best regards, Peter Nyari, TMI Co.

#1.  If you figure out where to get that amount please… PLEASE let me know… I can’t get that much anywhere, let alone a smaller amount. Thanks, Ariel Coshun

Hemp Rope Sources?

#1. Is high quality marine-grade hemp rope in 1-inch to 3-inch diameter available? And from where?
#2. I was wondering if you had any wholesale resources for 3mm-8mm hemp rope preferably manufactured in Japan, China, Taiwan or Spain. But any resources you have would be great. Josef Saunders

A #1. Dear Josef Saunders, Our company will be able to supply you with a wide selection of hemp ropes. Please contact us with your requirements.
Best regards, Peter Nyari, TMI Co.

Hemp Paper Cups?

I am interested in manufacturing hemp paper cups. I am looking for resources for the type of hemp paper needed for pressing cups. Or do you know of any other companies already doing this?

#1.  I will be in need of hemp paper cups and lids for my cafe, as well as hemp plastic cups, and other food service/office supplies related items made from hemp. Please contact me and let me know if you can help me. Thank you for your time! Eric Friend  or

Hemp Felt Insulation and Horticultural Mats

I am writing to enquire about needle-punched and non-woven hemp felt blankets for use in insulation and also as a horticultural growing medium. Could you tell me whether you have a distributor/representative in Greece so that I can get samples and purchase your products?

Hemp Wax?

Is there a  bulk source for hemp wax?

Hemp Paper Bags, Clothes & Linens

I’m looking for a supplier for hemp paper bags. I have a hemp shop, and I don’t want to use ordinary paper bags. I think it defeats the purpose of my shop If you know of any suppliers of this kind, please let me know. I also need suppliers of hemp clothes and linens.

#2. Hello there, We are the UK’s largest retailer of hemp products and also manufacture for ourselves and also for many other eco companies. Please mail me back if this is of help to you. Best wishes, Bobby Pugh The Hemp Shop Ltd
#1. This site has quite a number of products that may suit:

How to Coat Hemp Rope?

I found your site and hope you might be able to answer my question. I am using hemp rope to wrap supporting posts in a decorative living space and believe that it might be best to coat them for preservation. What can I coat them with? Varnish? Shellac? Wax? Etc? Thank you for your assistance in this small project, Chuck Moutvic

#1. Wax, or simply letting them be, they should last for years depending upon how much abrasion they recieve. I’d wax high-use areas though. Greg Willson
A #2. Hemp yarn can be coated with potato starch, maize starch, pve alcohol etc. Jakir Hossain, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Buds for Brewing?

I am a commercial brewer in Rhode Island. I was wondering if there are any manufactures of THC-free buds? I know that it is a distant cousin of hops, and I am trying to find a viable producer to supply enough to use in batches of legal beer!

Hemp Ink and Lumber?

I’m curious if there are manufacturers of hemp based ink for screen printing in the U.S., specifically California or Orange County. Also, any sticker stock made out of hemp? And what about hemp lumber?

Sources for Hemp Products?

Where can a person obtain hemp products for building materials, clothing, oils, etc. or info on how to do it myself. I know it’s scarce right now but also know that it is possible to get these things. Thank you.

A #1. We are always looking for raw hemp sources.Yitzac Goldstein, Hemptex, Member of the GreenChina Textile Group

Hemp Processing in Third World?

I am interested in information on using hemp to produce paper products in developing countries. I am particularly interested in toilet tissue, paper towels, and paper napkins. What kind of pulp preparation is needed and are there machines available that do it? I would also like to use the hemp fiber for clothing and other related uses. I’m also curious about seed availability, the difficulties and needs in order to become a self sufficient operation. Also, what kind of electrical and labor supplies a small processing plant would need. Information on the types and the amounts of waste produced, uses for this waste and so on. Please provide any information you might have that may help me to open this type of plant. Thanks.

A #1. What countries in particular? Here in London we are meeting with hemp farmers from Kenya and Uganda who have very similar aims. One has access to a paper plant, in fact, they have cut down the trees around the plant so they need to replace the wood fiber with something local. Hemp is especially good for thin papers. The thinnest that I know is either cigarette paper or 16gsm cosmetic tissue made by a French firm. Papers for Bibles are often made of hemp. Getting seeds is something they are working on. EcoFibres of Australia is in talks with them, though there are other seed banks, mainly in the Soviet bloc. Textile production would be ideal, but it may take a lot of time just now if you are starting out in a Third World country, and you would need to perfect the processes and have the machinery; most do not, and even here in the UK, hemp that was grown for textiles had to be shipped to Romania for processing. Presently we are putting information up at and there you can use the key word search as an index to look at what you want. You can also e-mail me at and I’d be happy to work with you further. Regards, Kenyon Gibson

Sculpture Resin Needed

I have interests in building outdoor sculptures. I had worked with ester/epoxy resins that do a good job. I am hoping for a natural source resin, preferably for this intended use. I understand there are exterior coatings that will boost the water repellency. I would hope to acquire enough resin (and coating) for a few smaller test sections. With future interests in a producing a five square meter sculpture barring a useable resin. I will combine wood for increased rigidity, hemp or kenaf/jute for fiber substance. Similar to glass/fiber composites of today. Thanks for any help.

Substitute for Styrofoam Cups?

I am requesting the name and address of a hemp business that can produce a hemp/fiber composite material to be used as a replacement for styrofoam cups used in vending machines. Please provide the name, address, phone # and any URL of such a hemp product producer who could fabricate such an item. Also,where can I contact a producer of hemp/sisal natural fiber board. I’m interested in having 12, 16, and 24 oz. insulated cups to replace the styrofoam used today. An environmentally friendly, bio-degradeable product. Thank you.

Hemp Horse Halters?

I would like to find hemp horse halters and rope. Thanks, Shirley Wagle

A #2. I am trying to find a source for hemp twine in order to make halters for horses and am finding it very difficult. I am trying to find out if there is any way one can get the twine from Hungary but so far have not had any luck. I make my own cotton rope and am hoping to make what is termed a ‘Yorkshire Halter’ which has a woven headpiece, and was widely used years ago and there are some people who still wish to use them. Helen Woodhouse
A #1. I am told that Yorkshire halters were woven on a loom. If this information is of any use to you.

Need Technical Information

My name is Andreas and I am a student of engineering and mathematics in Australia at Griffith University. I am working on my final thesis and require engineering technical information on the nature of hemp and its blending with cement and concrete. Can anyone assist me in locating this information?