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Hemp for Haiti?

I am trying to find any legislation, either banning or permitting, the cultivation of industrial hemp in the country of Haiti. I am working on a paper for my parish Haiti Ministry concerning infrastructure development, environmental rehabilitation, and development of an agricultrual crop rotation that would be beneficial to both the environment and the local economy. Any information would be of huge benefit. I would also like to find any organizations or companies interested in partnering in my plan. For more information please contact Stuart Kocher

Stuart, I’m kind of in the same boat. I’m a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Eastern Caribbean and was thinking about contacting the Ministry of Agriculture on my island about growing hemp instead of relying on the dying banana market. Maybe we can coordinate efforts to get something growing (going). Please contact me or post something here! Annmarie Barnes

Getting Ready to Farm?

How would an individual get ready for the future and set up to own a hemp farm in the US (Idaho)?

#3. Our company, Ecofibre Industries Limited of Australia, has all of the information required to kick off the hemp industry in the US.  We have a germplasm of over 250 hemp strains, mill and processing information and plans for turnkey operations.  Please get in touch with me at my e-mail address for further info. Nick Veltre, Chief Financial Officer, Ecofibre Industries Limited, +61 7 3366 0889, +61 0421 38 55 31,

#2. I’m just beginning to investigate Industrial hemp as a crop for upland Belize in Central America.  I may have 2,000 acres available for production but need a lot of information before I can recommend it.  Seeding and growing practices including ground preparation, weed control and fertility needs of the plant to harvesting for both seed and fiber.  My primary interest is in the growing phase, but in order to make a case for the outlay I will need to address processing practices and costs also.

#1. I’ve been working on starting production in Prince Edward island Canada. It’s been a task but I am hoping to have 25 farmers participate in planting a predertimed total. The farming community is facing pretty hard times (beef, potato). I truly believe that hemp could be their salvation. What I am hoping is that you could help with some contact info to try and establish a buyer. Thanks for your time, Steven Arsenault

IH as Green Manure?

I am researching the use of industrial hemp as a green manure. Anybody know where I could find any data on this subject?

Hemp Textile Questions?

I’m from India. I would like to know about hemp, like how to grow it and where can I source it. As I am from textile field, I would like to know the various textiles products manufactured from it and also the process involved in production. I would be happy at least if you suggest a suitable Web site to know about all the above. Thanking you, Madhan Srinivasan

Growing Hemp in North Dakota

I’ve read that North Dakota has approved the growing of industrial hemp. What do I need to do to get started?

Seed for Growth Trials?

I am a biologist at UC Berkeley and am interested in growth dynamics and pest control with industrial hemp. It seems that the only source of seed for commercial hemp may be from Canada, due to restrictions that make little sense to me. Could you let me know whether there is any way for me to get access to legal seed so that I can do some comparison growth trials here? I am actually conducting work on ecological impacts and control of invasive riparian plants, including Arundo donax (giant reed); however, I have side interests in Arundo and other plants, esp. hemp, for their potential as fiber and biomass sources when grown in the right places. Thanks for any suggestions you can give.

A #1. See or ( GenX brand). Both sell planting seeds but you will need a permit from DEA. Start the process but expect hassles. Try contacting David West who has a permit to grow hemp in Hawaii. There are several books, including The Cultivation of Hemp by Ivan Bocsa/Karus-call 419-281-1802 to order. Also John McPartland has a great huge book on hemp – seach the net or try Regards John Roulac

Hemp Compared with Cotton

Would someone please tell me exactly how hemp is better for the soil than cotton, and how much more easily it is produced? Please give also sources to examine.

Hemp Fiber Yields vs. Trees

I was wondering if you could give me some numbers on how much fiber hemp produces per acre, compared to trees. Any information you could get back to me would be great.