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Industrial Hemp in India?

Kindly update and advise me regarding industrial hemp cultivation in India.

#1. Yes I would like to know that too!! I am going to return to India in late Sept to start an orphanage and am looking into manufacturing garments from hemp that has been FINELY milled ( as most hemp available is really too thick as I do high end frocks from antique silk saris but would love to branch into hemp as cotton, well it just takes too much water). So I know there is a lot of organic land in Utturanchal ( a state in the north eastish of India ) and I would be interested in growing and or milling and buying finely milled hemp. Any comments suggestions further contacts greatly appreciated.Yours sincerely, Jayney Galbraith,

Formula for Hemp Plastic Production?

We are in the hemp food manufacturing business in Canada and wish to diversify into hemp plastic production. We are looking for a formula to produce the plastic and examples of some equipment applications. As a by-product of our food production we have excess oil and would like to know if we could apply the oil to form the plastic.

Waxed Hemp Twine Needed

I need 90,000 feet of three mm three-strand waxed hemp twine.  Can you help?

#3.  Hello there, We are the UK’s largest retailer of hemp products and have been manufacturing for some nine years now. We can have this type of twine made up for you from scratch and if you are interested and e-mail me back, I can get that price and time line for you. Best wishes, Bobby Pugh  The Hemp Shop Ltd

#2.  Hello, Please contact us for all your hemp twine needs. Best regards, Peter Nyari, TMI Co.

#1.  If you figure out where to get that amount please… PLEASE let me know… I can’t get that much anywhere, let alone a smaller amount. Thanks, Ariel Coshun

Hemp Rope Sources?

#1. Is high quality marine-grade hemp rope in 1-inch to 3-inch diameter available? And from where?
#2. I was wondering if you had any wholesale resources for 3mm-8mm hemp rope preferably manufactured in Japan, China, Taiwan or Spain. But any resources you have would be great. Josef Saunders

A #1. Dear Josef Saunders, Our company will be able to supply you with a wide selection of hemp ropes. Please contact us with your requirements.
Best regards, Peter Nyari, TMI Co.

Hemp Yarns Questions

#1. Are there domestic suppliers of hemp yarn in both natural and dyed? If so, could you supply such?
#2. Is there an abbreviation that is used for hemp yarns that is acceptable for description purposes?

Here are some companies which provide hemp yarn:
For more information, send an e-mail to Ed or visit our web site at

Hemp Paper Cups?

I am interested in manufacturing hemp paper cups. I am looking for resources for the type of hemp paper needed for pressing cups. Or do you know of any other companies already doing this?

#1.  I will be in need of hemp paper cups and lids for my cafe, as well as hemp plastic cups, and other food service/office supplies related items made from hemp. Please contact me and let me know if you can help me. Thank you for your time! Eric Friend  or

Industrial Hemp in Alberta?

Where is industrial hemp grown in Alberta?

Hemp Cloth Needed

I would be very interested to find a supplier in Canada (BC preferably) in order to purchase hemp cloth suitable for manufacturing flags, banners, pennants, etc.  We do not wish to use ‘synthetic’ or ‘flag’ material. It is very difficult to find information about purchasing on the Internet.
I am opening a small shop, Garden Thyme Herbs, featuring products that promote personal and environmental wellness. I will be making some of the items myself.  I am looking for a wholesale source for hemp supplies including bulk cloth that I can make product from. I am in the USA if that makes a difference.  Any suggestions you have would be most welcome.

#1.  Please contact us with your requirements for flag material. We have produced this product in the past. Best regards, Peter Nyari, TMI Co.

Hemp Fiber for Refractory Castables

We are looking for six mm length abaca fiber or hemp fibre to be used in refractory castables application. Kindly let us know some manufacturers who are making short fibres. N.U.Patel & Co, Gujarat, India.

Hemp Wax?

Is there a  bulk source for hemp wax?

Hemp Prices?

How much should I pay for hemp from India?   What is the fair market value? Carol

#1. Please let me know this :  How much? Hemp combed Sliver, Hemp 100% yarn (best count), Hemp-wool blended yarn, Hemp-silk blended yarn  from Canada or America?
#2. Hemp, Jute, Flax, Linen Textile’s World, EU,  Canada & America Market size ? Thanks, RGS

Hemp Paper Bags, Clothes & Linens

I’m looking for a supplier for hemp paper bags. I have a hemp shop, and I don’t want to use ordinary paper bags. I think it defeats the purpose of my shop If you know of any suppliers of this kind, please let me know. I also need suppliers of hemp clothes and linens.

#2. Hello there, We are the UK’s largest retailer of hemp products and also manufacture for ourselves and also for many other eco companies. Please mail me back if this is of help to you. Best wishes, Bobby Pugh The Hemp Shop Ltd
#1. This site has quite a number of products that may suit:

Hemp for Knitting?

Where I could buy hemp yarn for knitting sweaters and other types of clothing. See, I can knit, and would like to knit myself some hemp clothing because to buy hemp clothing as it is, is way too expensive. Could you tell me anywhere I could purchase it in Calgary, Alberta, Canada or maybe order it online somewhere. I know lots of places to find twine and rope but what I want is hemp that is used to make clothing. Thank you very much, I looking forward to your answer.

#4. has a large selection of hemp and wool yarn, ideal for knitting. Everything Hemp – Clothing, Hats, Bags, Bath, Food and Twine – Come Explore – Over 1,000 – Wholesale and Retail. Binghamton, NY, e-mail:

. You can purchase hemp string and yarn at:

. You can buy hemp yarn or twine at:

#1. You can purchase these items at:

Hemp for Spinning?

I would appreciate a phone call to discuss where we might find locate 100% delignified hemp suitable for commercial spinning.  I can be reached at 828-464-0367. Carolina Mills, Inc.

#1 Our company has been working with hemp processors and we might be able to supply you with hemp suitable for commercial spinning. Please e-mail or call me with your requirements. Best regards, Peter Nyari, TMI Co.

Hemp Foam?

Is there a foam made of hemp?  I’m interested in developing some products. Thanks, Bernard

Hemp Paper for the President?

I need to locate a hemp paper maker that can provide me with a 25″ by 30″ handmade document for a document that will be presented to the White House. Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Organic Zack

#1. Have you completed your project yet? I know the perfect person that would be able to assist you here in Canada. Let me know if I can help. Contact me at: Dan Scheele, Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada.

Do You Have Hemp Oil for Sale?

I can use as much Hemp Oil as possible. I own a Biodiesel Manufacturing Company that can use as much as we can get depending on the prices. Mike Robinson, President/Owner, Interior & West Coast Biodiesel.

#1. At this time have approximately 1000 lb. of Finola seed for sale, which we would be ready to move as soon as you need it. Where are you located? We farm in Saskatchewan, Canada. We produce Organic and non-organic (sprayed lightly with Post) Finola. Sincerely, Lynne Driedger-Enns

Buds for Brewing?

I am a commercial brewer in Rhode Island. I was wondering if there are any manufactures of THC-free buds? I know that it is a distant cousin of hops, and I am trying to find a viable producer to supply enough to use in batches of legal beer!

Hemp Textile Questions?

I’m from India. I would like to know about hemp, like how to grow it and where can I source it. As I am from textile field, I would like to know the various textiles products manufactured from it and also the process involved in production. I would be happy at least if you suggest a suitable Web site to know about all the above. Thanking you, Madhan Srinivasan

Hemp for Mats?

Could you tell me where I could find a distributor of industrial hemp mat with polypropylene? It is a loose mat that can be preheated and pressed. It is usually used for door panels and headliners. Any information would be much appreciated. Joe Harris

We are looking for natural fibers for mats. Please include info on hemp yarn and price per pound. Thank you.