Plans to Grow Hemp in Zambia & Turkey

My company is looking to grow Industrial Hemp in Zambia as well as Turkey. We own farms now in both countries and we would like to switch our crops to Industrial Hemp for fiber production as well as seeds for the food markets. We are trying to get permission to grow this crop in both these countries. If anyone has any helpful knowledge regarding this, please contact me at: Robert Kimes

18 responses to “Plans to Grow Hemp in Zambia & Turkey

  1. Hi. I am working with an organization that has been approved by the Haitian government to grow industrial hemp. Now to find tropical strains..

  2. Can hemp be grown in Haiti? As a fast growing crop, I was wondering about reforestation, while selling the crop. Please let me know if it would be feasible.

  3. Guillermo Hanabergh

    I need to buy some pounds of Industrial Hemp seeds to grow it in Colombia for textile (fabric) purposes, I can receive it in Miami, Fla, Can someone quote me price per pound

  4. Tamas Ferenci

    Dear Merle,

    I can get you the finest industrial hemp seeds, with the highest fiber content you can achieve. Please contact me, if you are still interested.


    • Hi Tamas. Thank you for getting back to me. I have gotten a little seed but not enough. Can you tell me the type and how much it will cost. Where are you located and have you had any trouble getting seeds into the US? Thank you so much. Thanks, Merle in Colorado

      • Hi,
        I am located in th EU, therefore exporting will be problem free. Further info available privately, contact me via email.

    • I too am extremely interested in acquiring large quantities of certified hemp seeds, and have been searching for months with no luck. If you could please contact me with any info and pricing I would really appreciate it.

      • Good Luck. I have been approved to grow in Colorado and thought I had seeds lined up. Everytime I think I have seeds lined up, they back out for some reason. Tamas does not have any seeds. I was thinking I had some lined up with him and at the last minute he said his contact was out.

  5. Hi, i would also like to get an indepth and comprehensive info on the need to knows of industrial hemp. Am yet to propose farming of industrial hemp in Kenyan counties. Thnx

  6. You won’t be able to grow hemp in Zambia. All the approved seeds for hemp production have been cultivated above the 40°N parallel. South of that line cannabis will produce more than the regulated amount of THC which is necessary for it to be classified as hemp. It does this in an effort to protect the plant from UV rays.

  7. Hi,
    We know how to grow Industrial hemp.We can advise you from teh start.But you need to obtain the permission from your Government.
    Contact me once you are through.

    • I noticed your post on growing hemp. We live in SW Colorado and it is legal now to grow hemp here except I am having a tough time buying hemp seed. Any ideas? Thank you

    • We have received a permit in Haiti and are starting research plots this year.

      • I’d love to connect with you and network on your progress with industrial hemp in Haiti. I am in California and interested in cultivation since laws are expected to change this year.

        • We are a Canadian company that has all of the licences to grow, process and export industial hempseed. At the moment, I don’t believe US allows the import of whole, viable hempseed, only processed. We would be interested in assisting you on the production/processing side if and when you are ready.

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