Hemp Paper Factory in South America

I need a company which can establish a hemp paper factory. We have 10,000 people (with land) who can plant cañamo, and we can have a market with the government already, for all production. Any company interested? Write to me at: carlosugarte01@hotmail.com. Carlos Ugarte

5 responses to “Hemp Paper Factory in South America

  1. Hello

    We are a Kenaf producer in Bangladesh,

    we can supply Kenaf long and cutting fiber, kenaf short fiber, kenaf core, kenaf core powder etc.

  2. Has there been any production established? Curious 🙂

  3. Please provide us with some information in terms of which country or countries that are being targeted. We know of a social enterprise in Latin America that might be an ideal partner.

    • Hello Charles Sutton, I am currently planting in El Salvador, and next in Colombia, these productions 70% are directed to hemp fibers Industrial, we can provide you the raw material you need with an economic logistics from Central America to USA.
      Give me more details of the raw material you need and we study it
      Can you find me on Skype: lacasadenoah or ronaldcoquis
      The wasat: +34 655611228
      And comment on your project.
      a greeting

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