Hemp Stalks Needed

I am trying to buy hemp stalks in bulk. Please let me know if anyone knows a place to get this. Bernardus

44 responses to “Hemp Stalks Needed

  1. I am also looking for stalk ( with certain specifications ) for walking canes.

  2. Looking to produce industrial hemp in 2017. Have 500 plus acres. Looking for info on production and buyers.

  3. we have 15 tons of good industrial hemp stalks, bagged and ready for shipment.

  4. Hello.We supply hemp core ,Purity over 99% in compressed bag .

  5. We are a kenaf fiber producer in Banbgladesh. can supply kenaf cutting fiber, short fiber, kenaf core, kenaf core powder etc.

  6. i will have 70 acres of futura 75 available early october. i am interested in selling stalks, stems, fibre, and most importantly cbd extract.

  7. Going to grown 15 acres of Sunn Hemp for a cover crop. Is there a Company that purchases the plant material? Just trying to find an outlet for the green material. I can plant more acreage if buyer needed.

  8. Steve Schneider

    I’m a buyer for intact “hemp stalks”.

  9. I am looking for a buyer near Southern Colorado where we plan to grow Hemp on 2-3 acres. We are start-up growers. Which product (seed, stalks or both) – do buyers want most? What is the seed of preference?

  10. I am in Oregon and looking for a source of hemp plant material for R&D purposes. Ideal if it can be legally shipped to Oregon, but can bring R&D equipment to US or Canadian source if necessary.

  11. i am currently developing a site where you can get all your hemp needs in bulk

  12. Hello, I am also interested in the current sourcing of hemp stalks. Just the stalks, though. Thanks!

  13. I am a California farmer. I’m willing to purchase the “Clipper 4.3 MMH” hemp harvester if I know there is a for-real market for clipped, dry, bailed hemp stalks….still with seed. What prices can I see from you for these products?

  14. do you need the stalks intact? I know where you can get a lot of rolled bales.

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