Hemp Degree Needed?

Is there a degree you have to have to grow hemp?


5 responses to “Hemp Degree Needed?

  1. Does anyone know if they have reSearch going on in the hemp industry for automobiles? Id Love to improve on Henry Ford’s hemp car and use the technology on modern cars

  2. @Sarah, I recommend you read Doug Fine’s book, Hemp Bound, to better understand what is involved in cultivating hemp.

  3. @ yaasmyn: Try to get someone at a university in your state interested in your project and set it up as a research project.

  4. If one really desires to grow hemp,loves hard work and hemp, but hampered by the current laws, what should one be doing with ones land in anticipation of the laws soon changing to prepare

  5. No, Sarah, no degree needed — just a love for the hard work of farming, of working with the land.

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