Yield Per Acre

Can anyone help by telling me how many tons of raw material can be harvested from one acre of industrial hemp?

Thank you, Shrestha

12 responses to “Yield Per Acre

  1. Very interesting.

  2. I’m trying to find out how much money hemp oil, meal, straw and fiber sells for?

  3. What does a pound of fiber sell for and what does a gallon of oil sell for?

  4. How much does it take to water 1 acre of Hemp?

  5. how many plants of hemp can be grown in an acre

  6. How many yield per acre?

  7. I am all for Hemp and if farmed in the USA the harvest and production of all uses could bring many jobs to our country. The farmers, contractors, manufacturers, labor for production, retail and much more, I’m certain but, it sounds to me, already, these possibilities will all be out sourced to other countries simply for cheap labor. Another loss for the USA.

  8. Thank you . Why can’t I grow Hemp in texas

  9. Can anyone tell me how much yield of Trifolium Alexadrinum or also called Egyptian Barseem,per acre is possible in irrigated and non irrigated farms and,on an average, how much revenue it generates in one acre per year.

  10. What is normally done with the leaves? Do they become part of the straw? What is done with the straw when the fiber has been removed? What part of the plant is used to make protein powder, and how is it processed?

  11. @Ray is this grown in Canada? Would people in central america get different results? The resources I came up with had different numbers, but I am still new to this and would love the help. thanks

  12. Hemp as an Agricultural Commodity
    Congressional Research Service
    To maximize production of hemp fiber and/or seed, plants are encouraged to grow taller in height.
    Cultivated plants become a tall stalky crop that usually reaches between 6 and 15 feet, and generally consist of a single main stalk with few leaves and branches. Hemp plants grown for fiber or oilseed are planted densely (about 35-50 plants per square foot) to discourage branching and flowering.
    The period of seeding to harvest ranges from 70 to 140 days, depending on the purpose, cultivar or variety, and climatic conditions. The stalk and seed is the harvested product.
    The stalk of the plant provides two types of fibers: the outer portion of the stem contains the bast fibers, and the interior or core fiber (or hurds).
    Industrial hemp production statistics for Canada indicate that one acre of hemp yields an average of about 700 pounds of grain, which can be pressed into about 50 gallons of oil and 530 pounds of meal.
    That same acre will also produce an average of 5,300 pounds of straw, which can be
    transformed into about 1,300 pounds of fiber.

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