Hemp to Battle Poverty

Paul Benheim suggested rather than create a charity to buy hemp clothing and hemp oil to feed and clothe the poor, a better way is to teach them to make hemp products and teach others to do the same. This not only gives the poor rewarding work, but brings tax revenues into governments that need more money to help the poor.

One response to “Hemp to Battle Poverty

  1. This message needs to be shouted to every House Representative TODAY. Initating a campaign called Hemp for Hunger could be a stabalizing way to pass the Hemp amendment to the farm bill now passed in the Senate and pending in the House. The only obstacle to passing the Farm Bill is that House Republicans want to cut 15 billion dollars more out of food stamps than the 5 billion in cuts already passed by the Senate. No food stamps/ fine; then replace those food stamps being cut to families with a bag of hemp seed, a bottle of hemp oil and instructions on how to use these products for farming, fuel, food and so on. Pre-package meals made from hemp could still be served at a lower cost than issuing out food stamp dollars. There should be zoning involved allowing hemp grown in prime farmlands to use for food and the other areas of America open to industrial hemp use. This will help avoid the conflict between food and fuel that corn ethanol experienced during the drought of 2011.
    We have until the end of this month to write and lobby our House Representatives and get a reasonable compromise with the Senate underway. The health of the planet is literally at stake.

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