Hemp from Belize

I have acquired land in Belize and will be growing copious amounts of organic industrial hemp in the next few months. We will also have eco-friendly shipping via sail-cargo, and bio/hemp fuel.

25 responses to “Hemp from Belize

  1. Any updates any one?

  2. Hi there, are there any updates on this endeavor? Appears to have been about 3 years now – plenty of time for a hemp grow operation to mature. 🙂

    • I have asked the same question ….been waiting for a reply. We have some contacts in Belize. What are your interests?

    • Gregory are you a buyer?

      • idontevenwantausername

        Hi Guys,

        Not a buyer, a potential grower in USA if they ever decriminalize or legalize it. I’ve been considering a trip to Belize for vacation though, and to check out property.


  3. How can I get involve I go nice humid soil

  4. We are moving to Belize from the U.S., and we are interested in hemp production in Belize. Please contact us. 805-404-3452, Jonathan and Darla.

  5. Hey there if you are still producing hemp in Belize (which I thought was illegal…). The Hemp Lady in Hopkins (Barbara) would certainly love to buy products from you as it takes away a big cost in shipping!

  6. Belize…where Chernobyl was? Did U take any radiation readings form the soil?

  7. Just wondering if there is update on your progress .

  8. What is the legal status of hemp in Belize?

  9. Hi,
    I am new to hemp as a business prospect & very interested in partnering with someone knowledgable. Can connect with me if interested at 714-655-7943.

  10. Hi,
    My friends and I are doing similar things, not fuel but what kind of numbers did you get on your research? We checked numbers from other members here, and the numbers we got from farmers were drastically different. I was wondering does it help being in a warmer climate all year round? How far are you? Do you need help?

  11. Paul Milbourn

    Hi there,
    Would it be possible to have it processed or be out into contact with someone who can make strong hemp veneers or carbon sheeting for a reasonable price to make Eco friendly skateboards and bring the real deal into the world?

    Please email back if interested or possible


  12. My concern is how are you planning to process the hemp? Shipping the harvested hemp would seem to be rather non cost effective approach. Even the harvesting requires special equipment due to the problem of the long fibers getting balled up in the cutting blades. I imagine you know all this, So how are you planning to do the processing?

  13. Hey Friend, this sounds awesome, we are here @ belize right now, and would like to see your project.
    Maybe you have a phone number or a adress that you can give us :
    Please write us within the next 2 days, we will be very happy.

  14. I would like to grow in hawaii and would like to purchase hemp bails for building …i am a green builder

  15. This is also a dream of mine. I’m currently looking into growing in Uruguay.
    Perhaps you would be happy to answer questions I have when they arise?

    Chantelle 🙂

  16. I am very interested in discussing this project with you.


    Thank you

  17. yes please! I’d like to join you! Contact me asap csakauai@gmail.com

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