Hemp Toilet Paper

I am an Ontario College student, in an environmental program. I am working on a term report involving reducing the stress we put on our Wastewater treatment systems. I have been trying to find Toilet Paper made from Hemp, to conduct experiments on, but it is proving very difficult. I am not even sure if such a product is actually produced! If it is and anyone reading this knows where I can acquire a roll please let me know! Chris

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  1. Hello, I am also looking for hemp alternatives to paper; especiailly paper towels and toilet paper. The above link is not working. Were you able to find a provider? Thanks, John.

  2. Hi Chris,
    In reply to your question, yes Hemp TP is produced. Versativa has it. I am a distributor. Check out this link… http://issacyesuf.versativa.org You can browse through the site and you can search for the Move product.
    Move, with hemp fiber, is not only a cleansing and detoxifying fiber blend, it also has a probiotic blend to repopulate the good bacteria in the GI track… 70% of the immune system is in the stomach. Move creates the right environment while mopping and cleansing!
    As you clean, enjoy the microscopic nature of our exclusive marine phytoplankton, there to bring nutrition to the cells of the body. Move is sweetened with inulin, which is a pre biotic to feed the growth of good immune bacteria!
    This pack includes 2 Canisters of Move, and 6 Rolls Hemp Toilet Paper!
    Hope this may help.

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