Fiberglass Manufacturers?

Are there any manufacturers of hemp fiberglass? If so are they located in the US or abroad? Wes

6 responses to “Fiberglass Manufacturers?

  1. I don’t believe many American companies are hopping on the hemp fiberglass band wagon. I found these two peer reviewed papers that show that hemp fiberglass has too much water absorption for the automotive industry. These and the fact that it is not exactly cheap to get here, makes me think people are a bit tentative in diving in financially.

    Click to access h2.pdf

  2. yes there is hemp insolastion and hemp weave witch is like class mate add apox and you have a lotus they built one of there builings from it cool in the summer hot in the winter and winter fill is coming get with the program

  3. Hi ya’ll, I’ve been working on this for a while, and I don’t think there are any specific composite-ready manufactured hemp fabrics on the market. So far I’ve found some flexible recycled polyester/hemp mixes, but I don’t yet know how those might work. keep the quest alive!

  4. Did anyone locate an actual company name or website that indicates they have composite hemp replacement for fiberglass ~ non woven stitched fabric rather than chopped matt ~ I have yet to find any Detroit based, US based, or internationally based hemp alternative “fiberglass type” suppliers.

    Any specifics appreciated.


  5. Yes, I believe there are quite a few manufacturers in the midwest. I heard of one in Detroit.

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