Work-related Drug Testing

Is there any danger in work-related drug testing coming up with a positive drug result when routinely consuming Hemp seed daily in the diet. Thank you! Connie

3 responses to “Work-related Drug Testing

  1. I was charged and convicted of a class b felony for having sterile marijuana bird seed in my house. I went to prison for this and I’m still trying to make this right, but this county and this state will not or does not consider any seed legal. Can anyone HELP ME PLEASE?

  2. I tested low positive for THC in a urine test and patholgy test confirmed same for work another test was given 2 hours later and was negative. I had used a hemp seed oil moisturiser nightly the week before test. Could the use of this product produce these results

  3. Hemp Seed Nuts do not contain enough THC to fail a standard drug test.

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