Add Hemp to Stimulus Legislation

Hey! I was just curious why this group isn’t making a major push towards a stimulus package going towards hemp cultivation and production? It would stimulate the economy in many ways ranging from the plants ability to produce fuel (in abundance) to its ability to provide a cheap raw resource that substitutes plastics, wood, paper, textiles and food.

It is a baby industry still so the stimulus would all go towards entrepreneurial businesses starting up in hemp as well as tax breaks for companys investing in land or production. Because growing hemp at home and producing it at home is going to be cheaper than transporting it with oil based technology and oil based products, it shouldn’t be hard to get corporate investment and private investment (we are all losing our shirts anyways, might as well invest in something that has the potential to make you big bucks)

The value of North Americas energy needs is measured in something that starts with a T. I am pretty sure a local trillion dollar cornerstone industry is exacly what the world needs in this time of crisis. Thanks -Hugh

2 responses to “Add Hemp to Stimulus Legislation

  1. State in the U.S. the have passed so called laws that legalize are extremely limited on amounts grown etc…All cannabis plants have the same basic structure and can be used to make building materials etc…Although some varieties are too small in stature they too could boast a no waste product label. Sadly all Cannabis has been put in the hands of of a corrupted federal government and until the old and ignorant are replaced with fresh and informed. America will have to suffer the burden it’s own government has created.

  2. Because it is illegal to grow hemp in the USA. See and make a difference.

    Please tell your constituents (Congressman or Representative) that if they do NOT become a Co-Sponsor of the bill, you will not vote for them for any public office.

    The Bill, HR: 1866 Industrial Hemp Farming Act has only 21 Co-Sponsors and requires 100 just to get out of the committee.

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