Growing Industrial Hemp in Southern Africa

I am interested in growing hemp in Southern Africa, namely in Botswana and was wondering if I can find a market for unprocessed hemp and how to go about it. There is currently no hemp processing plant in Botswana therefore to make any profit on the crop I will need to export. Is that feasible, considering transport costs?

How does one go about setting up a small processing plant and what machinery is essential for that?

Lastly, what is the minimum size of land needed to grow hemp on a commercial scale in a place like Botswana?  Thanks, Sean

9 responses to “Growing Industrial Hemp in Southern Africa

  1. Dr Pieter J Louw

    I am also interested in growing hemp. I live near Marquard in the free State (South Africa) Read about growing hemp in the Eastern Cape. Would like to know where and how i can become part of a hemp growing progect or obtain hemp to grow here. Am also interested to know where the harvested product will be prosessed. Please e-mail me (Dr Pieter Louw) at

  2. you can email me at by the way 🙂

    best, Efthimios

  3. Hi Sean, I am based in Botswana and have some land available for farming. Seriously interested in growing hemp here and was wandering if you managed to get anywhere with your idea. I would love to grow industrial hemp and have 13 hectares available. Any useful information you have found out would be greatly appreciated. Best, Efthimios

    • Kevern Whitman

      Hi. Growing hemp in Botswana legal? If so, what is the process getting a license to grow hemp?

  4. studying textile science engineering,am from botswana,a good thought

  5. I have lots of interest on the subject. Plz keep me informed on subject

    South African hemp company based in the Western Cape.

  7. Hi Sean,

    I’ve been wondering the same thing. I stay in the Western Cape and would be interested in chatting privately about the matter.

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