Hemp Paper Rolls Needed

Where could I buy huge rolls of hemp paper? Please let me know, I’m bouncing some ideas around with some people. Nice vision. John Vescovi

5 responses to “Hemp Paper Rolls Needed

  1. This is the closest thing I could find..http://www.ecopaper.com/content.cfm?n=products&cat=28
    very cool site, coffee & bannana paper too.. yum!

  2. http://www.wendymatthews.net – to order hemp toilet paper and other products/foods

  3. i searched the net for a roll of hemp paper and there is none! It´s unbelievable as it must be not only more ecological but more efficient to produce this kind of a necessity in the life of modern homo sapiens sapiens. Isn´t there a soul making hemp toilet paper ???

  4. I also am looking for a large roll of hemp paper for an art project…I need a sheet/roll of hemp paper 6×6′.
    Yes, I mean six feet square, not inches. 🙂
    Please please drop me an email if anyone is able to help me.

  5. I was hoping you could help me, I too am trying to find rolls of hemp paper. If you happen to have inormation please conact me on the email RexMLaw@lycos.com


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